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Childhood trauma and diseases

https://bmccancer.biomedcentral.com/art ... 019-6481-8 there’s lots more articles but this was really scary I’m terrified now that how i was treated as a child by others could cause my worst nightmare please tell me t isn’t true this makes me feel like giving up there no point in anything of this is really happens
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I am done

It came out in an exchange thru text that my sister has (all of these years; she's 49, I'm 47) always believed I was gravely at fault when me and my mom had it out and I finally, for the first time in my life, stood up for myself and I hit her back. She said I was beating my mom. I remember stopping her hand from beating me over and over again, and telling ...
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What drugs were forced on you as a child?

And what were your experiences with them? (If you feel open to sharing specifics.)

Does this still affect you now?

I was given many (weed, alcohol, cocaine, molly, date rape drugs, poppers, viagra, probably other stuff...) to make my abuse easier, and I still really like drugs. I got sent to rehabs for teens but it's really pointless...
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Sometimes I hate myself

I hate myself, why? Because I always feel like I'm faking it. Sometimes I think about things (what little I remember) from my childhood and something feels so wrong, like somethings missing. I hate it because there's no reason I should feel this way.I know I can't remember much at all but that could be for a number of reasons, but for some reason my brain defaults to *repressed memories*. I know I didn't have ...
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas you my forum family. We love you, don't let your old family get you down.(and if they do, well there is always tomorrow) .
Hope you all have a great new year.
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Sometime I feel like such a failure

I am closing down my business which I have run for 41 years. Yes I am that old. I will be writing a book soon, maybe publish it or just put it online. It made me think about my life and of course my mother whose actions formed my life. When I started my practice as a public accountant my wife and I were broke, I had just been fired for the fourth time in ...
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******trigger warnings******

So to start, we were an only child growing up. Always very lonely. so one was the places our parents would take me to "play" was my cousins. I was often left there while our parents needed to do things. However they are not nice people.

I was treated like a toy by my cousins. Made to dress up and played with like a doll. Treated like an animal and fed like one. ...
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Did my first interview yesterday

A local online news source was doing something on Child abuse and they got in touch. I sent them a synopsis first, with obvious questions and answers, like: "why did you not run away ?" It cuts down the early questions and lets them draw their focus.

It was very interesting, had some expected consequences (first nightmare in a year and a half - they have morphed and although troubling they do not terrify like ...
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name calling to a child

my mom called me ugly when i was little i think she did it to hurt me what should i do ?
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Can someone be abusive without knowing?

I believe it is possible, but what do the rest of you think? Often the things I read about abuse is that it is intentional, maybe even premeditated. And while I definitely agree that there are a lot of abusers that know what they are doing and do it on purpose to control others, I also think there are many abusers who aren't aware that what they are doing is considered abuse. Maybe they do ...
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