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Blacked out

I blacked out my abuse for a very long time but had nightmares to remind me it happened. It was only wen I accepted it happened n went to police that I actually started to come to terms with it. Anyone else been thought the same thing?
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How to let go of the pain

I’ve been hurting bad for as long as I can remember.
As soon as I got away from my parents, I started looking for something to fill the void, something that could give me back what I had lost.
It took me almost 20 years to find out I couldn’t do it that way: I couldn’t GET, couldn’t TAKE anything that would make me whole.
But there is something I, any of us can do. ...
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how to let go

how to let go and be happy. i'm 30 already n time is flying. the therapist said you only have so many summers ahead of you and it's also true for my mom.

but how do i let go of the fact that it really could've been so much better... should i just pretend that it never happened, go watch movie, eat some chips, listen to some song and laugh out loud...

my mom was ...
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conversations with people

whenever i talk to anyone, i end up steering the talk toward philosophy, psychology and stuff... does this happen to you... eventually it ends up into a heated debate... n i guess the other person gets fed up if my serious talk all the time...
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to not have expectations is not helpful advice

when people say dont expect anything from anyone, i think thats not helpful advice.

we expect stuff all the time. i expect this laptop to work. i pay for internet connection, i expect it to work. i go to buy medicines, i expect it to work. as a child, the child expects the parent to take the child for vaccinations.

we cant live like a robot with zero expectations. even when i buy food, i ...
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Toxic parenting

My relationship with my mother has improved through the corona lockdown. It’s easier to phone than visit. I don’t have to go back to where I grew up so many years ago. I don’t feel like she is still looking at me, turned 50 and thinking I have disappointed her. Quick chat on the phone, make sure she is ok, and I can make my excuses.

My single mother enabled abuse by someone else. Was ...
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Any Term for 'ownership' of a child?

Is there any psychological term for when a parental figure wants 'ownership' of a child as in what they will do in life? My aunt and a few others decided that it would be best if I or my younger sister would move in with her at the age of 18 as to be the companion to her as my aunt had to her own mother. Younger sister cut all contact and I got stuck ...
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I feel like I was abused

I'm not sure how to word this properly so I apologise if this is all over the place. For many years, I've had it in my head for some reason that some sort of trauma or abuse happened at nine years old but I have no memory of anything ever happening at that specific age. I know sometimes you can repress your memories and I wonder if repressed memories from when I was nine.

For ...
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Why Am I So Scared?

I have DID. I was dx 1.5 years ago. So there's quite a bit of trauma that I know of, and then there's amnesia for a whole bunch of my life as well. I have regained memories as an adult, but there is still more missing. This is some of the easier stuff for me to talk about and I'm just now exploring the fact that maybe it had a serious impact on me.

For ...
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what exactly is abuse

at times i think i put all blame of my life issues on my caregiver. i mean sure she had major issues. but is it not just me being lazy n putting all blame of my life on her. when does my responsibility toward my life n my mistakes start?

i dont talk with her now n think i'm being cruel to her by doing this.

its not like she was always toxic and unbearable.
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