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Finally sleeping well

Monday last week my mother finally passed on. She was cremated two days later with no service and no family present, no acknowledgement she had ever lived. I received the phone call at 10.25pm from the nursing home, and I guessed I moved into some state of disassociation soon after. Possibly lasted until four or five days later. Found myself over working here at home and becoming more and more exhausted. This culminated in a ...
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I grew up isolated from the society until I was an adult

Hi, as of the time of writing, I'm almost 23 years old, Male, from Asia. I grew up in an emotionally abusive household and there were also other things that are irrevelent here. My abusive mother died almost a year ago, but I still live with my dad. I want to share something strange that spanned the entirety of my childhood and adolescence: I was pretty much locked up in the house and not allowed ...
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will i ever get better

i am so so tired. day in and day out i think of what ifs, of the past, if only.
my emotions go from:
--rage toward caretaker, abuser, old friends who didnt support me as much as i wish they had, teachers...
(i get angry toward anyone who ever harmed me, i its volcano anger)

-- sorrow to the point where i have no desire left to live :( ...
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So what do you want to do when you grow up ??

I had problems in high school. I behaved, did not break rules but I think teachers did not like me. I did very poor academically.

"if you could live at any time in history when would you live" - 1492 as a mercenary knight operating out of Germany where I could kill, rape and plunder - sir" - I read a lot as a child.

"What do you want to do when you grow up" ...
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Physical health and growth after child abuse.

I have an eight year old daughter who had been physically and sexually assaulted. There was even an attempt on her life resulting in a coma and on a life support. All this at the age of 4.
She has only spoken once to me about an incident where she had been thrown down stairs, the guy tried to make it look like an accident. She told me she wished he was dead and I ...
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I can't live anymore

Memories of child abuse are horrible. I called my mom yesterday. I did out of obligation. she's like I got house painted for you.
I don't want that house. It's how she's always been. Forcing things on me. Never listening to me.
Since last night I've been raging. But if I tell her she'll start crying.
Drama n lies they all are.

I just want to die. It's frustrating to have such a parent
If ...
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Childhood trauma and diseases

https://bmccancer.biomedcentral.com/art ... 019-6481-8 there’s lots more articles but this was really scary I’m terrified now that how i was treated as a child by others could cause my worst nightmare please tell me t isn’t true this makes me feel like giving up there no point in anything of this is really happens
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I am done

It came out in an exchange thru text that my sister has (all of these years; she's 49, I'm 47) always believed I was gravely at fault when me and my mom had it out and I finally, for the first time in my life, stood up for myself and I hit her back. She said I was beating my mom. I remember stopping her hand from beating me over and over again, and telling ...
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What drugs were forced on you as a child?

And what were your experiences with them? (If you feel open to sharing specifics.)

Does this still affect you now?

I was given many (weed, alcohol, cocaine, molly, date rape drugs, poppers, viagra, probably other stuff...) to make my abuse easier, and I still really like drugs. I got sent to rehabs for teens but it's really pointless...
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Sometimes I hate myself

I hate myself, why? Because I always feel like I'm faking it. Sometimes I think about things (what little I remember) from my childhood and something feels so wrong, like somethings missing. I hate it because there's no reason I should feel this way.I know I can't remember much at all but that could be for a number of reasons, but for some reason my brain defaults to *repressed memories*. I know I didn't have ...
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