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You are entering a forum that contains discussions of abuse, some of which are explicit in nature. The topics discussed may be triggering to some people. Please be aware of this before entering this forum.

Strange Abuse That Has No Reason? Repressed memories?

Warning: Very brief drug use, abuse, sexual abuse?? Drowning, puke, just a lot of upsetting things I don’t know what specifically I’m sorry jsut tread with caution here

Hello, I’m not sure how to start this but lately I’ve been having very severe flashbacks involving my father, and recently around last night 2 other relatives on his side. My family has come from a long line of severe abuse, my mother having tendencies of abuse ...
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Where Child abuse rates in society's priorities

I have always known this and maybe you do too, but everyone else out there who has not lived this will tell someone otherwise. We run some awesome workshops here (Australia). Around 40 people with two moderators. Life changing stuff. Mel and Jane really know their stuff. We have a city of 4M people. We run one a year. We get part govt funding for a telephone help line, but we have to run the ...
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Trauma I can't remember/am unsure of

Just a warning this goes a bit into explanation on memories and sexual abuse things.

Hi all!

So I've recently come to terms with the fact I had abuse in my past. For a while I thought it was physical and emotional, I had a couple of strange experiences that make me really question otherwise.

One was realizing I have a system, undiagnosed currently but definitely multiple personalities/alters up in there. I became aware they ...
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Specific Accent Reminds Me Of Abuser

I know that people with the same/similar accent that my abuser has can't help it, but I just can't stand being around people who sound like they do or use the same words that they do.
It's specifically a Cornish accent- I have nothing against people from Cornwall, it's a lovely place and full of lovely people I'm sure, but hearing that accent or most other accents from England just... angers me? Even if it's ...
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I hate my mom so much

she was always proud of her anger n shouted at her kids all the time. we were scared to use the toilet for she'd shout at us for that. the memories trigger me. i became a beggar of validation. all she ever did was demand n shout. n i hate her for this.

her emotional manipulation n blackmail messed my head. i just want her to die. she expects n guilt trips me to be ...
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Living in a Parrallel Universe

How I feel. Discussed it with others as well. By 10 I realised I was all alone.Parents separated and left with someone who was extremely cruel for no reason. It changed me much more than I thought. Yep by high school (12 1/2) I felt older than all the other kids, as my problems were very different than theirs. Their issues seemed so childish. It was becoming the eat and sleep priorities. I was bullied ...
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How concerned should I be?

My grandchildren's father makes his 4 daughters (triplets 7 yrs. old and a 5 yr. old) lay on top of him while he's laying on the couch while watching tv. It creeps me out and makes me wonder if he's grooming his daughters, he was also convicted of aggravated sexual abuse at the age of 20 against his girlfriend (16 yr. old) at that time and spent 7 yrs. in prison, he's 47 yrs. old ...
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What kind of abuse is this?

Is anyone aware of a name or category, or anything I can look up for the following?

1. Growing up my parents kind of "cheated" with words so to speak. They used manipulative language, because I was a kid so they felt they could just hide things from me (even the most trivial things).

2. They manipulated me but I couldn't say anything because verbally it all checked out and sounded like there was nothing ...
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Childhood abuse...

It's not something I talk about because I did love my brother and I feel like I'm betraying his memory.

It wasn't his fault either. He was abused by his horrendous mother and it was like he was doing the same thing to me. He used to beat me with sticks and as I got a bit older his mother would tell him to abuse me in front of people to humiliate me (I can ...
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Was I molested when I was very young?

I don't remember any specific incident. And I had left it at that for the longest time.

But I remember having vivid sexual dreams involving myself and adults when I was around 6. It would be very triggering for me to describe them in detail. But suffice to say they involve "correct" prescient knowledge of some adult sexual activity, even though I was never exposed to that kind of information.

Whenever I had those dreams ...
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