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Sometime I feel like such a failure

I am closing down my business which I have run for 41 years. Yes I am that old. I will be writing a book soon, maybe publish it or just put it online. It made me think about my life and of course my mother whose actions formed my life. When I started my practice as a public accountant my wife and I were broke, I had just been fired for the fourth time in ...
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******trigger warnings******

So to start, we were an only child growing up. Always very lonely. so one was the places our parents would take me to "play" was my cousins. I was often left there while our parents needed to do things. However they are not nice people.

I was treated like a toy by my cousins. Made to dress up and played with like a doll. Treated like an animal and fed like one. ...
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Did my first interview yesterday

A local online news source was doing something on Child abuse and they got in touch. I sent them a synopsis first, with obvious questions and answers, like: "why did you not run away ?" It cuts down the early questions and lets them draw their focus.

It was very interesting, had some expected consequences (first nightmare in a year and a half - they have morphed and although troubling they do not terrify like ...
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name calling to a child

my mom called me ugly when i was little i think she did it to hurt me what should i do ?
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Can someone be abusive without knowing?

I believe it is possible, but what do the rest of you think? Often the things I read about abuse is that it is intentional, maybe even premeditated. And while I definitely agree that there are a lot of abusers that know what they are doing and do it on purpose to control others, I also think there are many abusers who aren't aware that what they are doing is considered abuse. Maybe they do ...
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Is this normal or dysfunctional? (TW)

I'm not sure whether this is a normal thing or not, but just in case, I wanted to include a trigger warning because I don't want to upset anyone if this is abusive. Also, I may end up deleting this before the time to do so runs out so if it vanishes that's why.

I don't want to be graphic about this at all because it does gross me out a bit. Basically, I've had ...
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My mother was a narcissist and my father an enabler

This is my first time posting here.

I'm now 46 years old and still reassure myself every day in order to know that I'm not crazy- because my entire childhood whenever I tried to communicate about the things that were hurting me I was treated as crazy. And unfortunately that effort to protect myself- that effort to reassure myself- actually made me crazy. It is a curse to constantly have to reassure myself that I'm ...
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Merry Christmas everyone

Can be tough for a lot of us as it can bring back painful memories or force us to play happy families with our abusers and enablers, but to all of us here, I hope you get through it okay, I hope there is something special you can enjoy and let's all hope for a better new year.

(and now to copy and paste this in Domestic and sex abuse)

See you all after Christmas
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over 40 years ago

This has been on my mind for a while since I recently found a picture of my former stepfather on the internet. My mother divorced my father (a wonderful man) when I was four. She quickly remarried my first stepfather. They argued all the time and divorced after 3 years. Step #2 was nice to us kids but was physically abusive to my mother. After the divorce, my mother married stepdad #3 when I was ...
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"Educated fools with money on their mind"

Lyrics from a song I have just plagiarized however as some of you know my little obsession is "child abuse Cushings syndrome -- yes it does exist - just look at me from crying out loud, human bodies don't look like mine without a reason.

Okay got that off my chest - now for the laughs ..

This is a quote from a scientific study of children with Cushings Syndrome, which is actually very rare. ...
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