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world turning upside down

Before I begin, I just want to state that I’m going through what I think is hocd (not what I’m going to write about) and my great grandma just passed away two days ago so I’m not exactly in the best state. So Where do I even start? Last year my friend group was leaving me out of events and I didn’t take it well because I complained about it and needed up losing my ...
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When people don't know they are bullying?

I am a survivor of chronic emotional abuse. One place is full of bullying is online. And people normalize it so much, when I point it out publicly and get offended by condescension or other Narcissistic like tricks, 1. the room divides, or 2, Everyone gets quiet and the bully goes on bullying me. And here and there a person will contact me privately to say they see the bullying to and are sorry, and ...
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Is he being too critical?


I am new here. I have a boyfriend who I strongly suspect has Aspergers, although he has not been diagnosed. I have worked with people with Aspergers and I see similar patterns regarding social behaviour. I am going to post this in the Aspergers forum and in this forum too because I want to find out if I am being bullied or not. If I am , it is not very severe bullying but ...
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My bully father threatened to kill me, now he has cancer

Hello everyone. My relationship with my father is very complicated, I see him as the biggest war in my life and in my brain. Mom and dad got divorced when I was 3 and he didn't give us any money at that time even though he had much more than we had. He has a very dynamic personality, he's been drug addict for a long time. He's a kind of man that adores every mafia ...
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Covert Family Bullying

I have a family that was lead by a male narcissist. And now I'm staying with a sibling that has narcissistic traits here and there. They may have learned some of this from their now spouse of like 30 years. I feel like a horse has kicked me in the stomach when they say things to me that make it clear they don't care if I end up completely without housing and die outside. It's ...
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Advice for handling an extreme bullying situation

It all started when I started this Autumn semester and I recently changed majors to transfer to a University. There were some bullies who had a vendetta against me and they followed me to my classroom to learn my schedule. Everything was smooth then and we were just getting started on our syllabus. Afterwards there were students making fun of my appearance because I'm overweight, and were making fun of my mental illness that the ...
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Confused, I think that my Spanish professor humiliated me?

I'm not sure if this the right subforum to post this, I'll just put it there, since I need advice of clarifying this.

Well, I'm a freshman at my first quarter of my university. I'm always responsible with my work, I didn't have any problems with any of my professors. That's until one day, when my Spanish professor, did something that left me thinking if this wrong or not... Note that is my first time ...
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New laws passed: Anti-bullying in public housing

Massachusetts and Missouri, USA, have passed anti-bullying laws for public housing. Is your state working on this issue? Bullying/mobbing/harassment are huge problems in senior, disabled, and public housing in the United States. It seriously affects not only people's housing options, it also can cause them mental and physical health problems. I assume in other countries, but don't know for sure.
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Bullying-need advice


Since I started working at my current place of employment last year, I have been the target. My first week there, I heard a couple of my coworkers talking about someone else. I thought to myself, they are going to talk about me too and I accepted this fact. Soon enough, they began talking about me. I knew it was happening and knew it was going to happen. So I did not let it ...
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What should I do about my old bully?

When I was around 15 years old a bigger kid gave me a "wedgie", he pulled so hard from my boxers that I was a couple of feet in the air then I fell to the ground, no one did anything, I didn't tell an adult. It's been 10 years. This happened in a gym change room. I could've told the teachers or my family and my cousins or brothers would've taken action but I ...
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