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Sibling bullying

I am being harassed by a sibling. I wrote this in March. It was a request for help but I got no replies.

ButterflyCoaster wrote:I was experiencing harassment since 2015. It came from the fallout of a sibling. I had a row with her in 2014 but it wasn't planned. It was just something that happened from a period of work related stress. She was passive aggressive after that. She was ignorant and intimating. I did ...
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Bullied by staff members and blamed, am I hysterical?

I was in one Christian forum for about six months and I was bullied by an anonymous user. She used her “opinions” to discriminate my experience on something in particular. When I went to report the user to a staff member, I accidentally sent it to the wrong person and she started to yell at me and accuse me of stepping over her boundaries, I told her that she’s not being very nice and I ...
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Washing Machine and Dryer Hogger/Bully In My Laundryroom

Suppose You really needed to do your laundry when this laundry room bully/hogger always, I mean ALWAYS, has their stuff in the machines. When you try to talk to them, they still make you wait hours and say they are too busy. When I have taken their clothes out and put them in a bag, to do my own, they sneakily stop the machine or take mine out half washed. The landlord made rules, but ...
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Long term effects due to sibling bullying?

I suffer from low self esteem. Now I have been trying to figure out the root causes. Im not gonna sot here feeling sorry for myself, but I was wondering, did I suffer from sibling bullying (emotional/mental, not physical)? My brother was constantly putting me down (especially when we were young adults) , calling me ugly fat, stupid and other mean things. One time in the car with my parents, he berated me to tears ...
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Anxiety breeding more anxiety

Hello community. I hope this is the right subforum. This is about anxiety breeding more anxiety.

I am in my mid-forties, have anxiety, ADD and am diagnosed as autistic. About ten years ago I was traumatised by bullying as well. Luckily I am married with kids and we have a dog.

I live in a small, rural town now. I generally keep away from people but since I have a dog I have to leave ...
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thinking bullies were my friends

i struggled with standing up for myself. at office, once i stood up to a bullying behavior by a colleague n some other colleague grabs my shoulder n says: cant u take a joke?

after that i stopped hanging out with them n not one of them asked me how are you...

often i used to think they were in right n i was wrong in being hyper sensitive.

now i realize they were ...
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I grew up with racist bullying

I'm Native American and when I was a little girl, I would get kids in school making fun of me for it. They'd do the stereotypical whooping while dancing around me and call me names like "wagon burner" and "savage". To this day, whenever I see someone doing that stupid war whoop thing, I get triggered. It's highly offensive to me because it brings flashbacks of those kids who'd tease me. ...
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Harrashment for speaking out about being trafficked, raped

So I never been one to "let it go" But I have been harrashed for the past five years for speaking out against the sexual abuse, physical abuse and exploitation of my nephews from my sister, as well as the trafficking that happened to me in *mod edit* while drugged as well as the rape and things that have happened recently and just want to know has anyone else dealt with gang stalking???!!!
Harassment techniques ...
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Bullying neighbors

For three years I was bullied by my back neighbors. Then I moved to take care of my Mother. She is now nearing end of life, and I will be returning to my previous home, back around the bullies. I don’t have the financial ability to do otherwise. Does anyone have any ideas for how to approach a neighborhood that has grown over the last 12+ years but still contains these two married bullies? I ...
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bullied till i got bdd

Many years ago I was ok with the way I looked. However I was constantly called ugly
by class mates in elementary school. It would go in one ear and out another. One day when
I was about to turn 13, i started to think i was a hideous monstrosity. Eventually I
began crying every day, and using bandanas, masks and bandages to cover my face. Many
times I did not want to leave the ...
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