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bullied till i got bdd

Many years ago I was ok with the way I looked. However I was constantly called ugly
by class mates in elementary school. It would go in one ear and out another. One day when
I was about to turn 13, i started to think i was a hideous monstrosity. Eventually I
began crying every day, and using bandanas, masks and bandages to cover my face. Many
times I did not want to leave the ...
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Bullied due to miscarriages.

In the past I've suffered many miscarriages. I had had cancer and as a child I was molested. I suspect these unfortunate things from my past may have caused me to miscarry all those times. IDK.
I am of a strong personality and I don't put up with crap from people. But..my family gave me so much to hurt over when I lost my babies(unborn while pregnant), it was like they blamed me or that ...
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Is my aspie a bully?

Please read all of this before you form any opinion ..

I am a woman of 63, I am physically disabled with bad health, this is a condition I have for life.
It started five years ago, before that I was fine. I have to cope with it by being housebound, it is hard to get out, I rely on my aspie partner to take me out sometimes. Othewise I am stuck at home
having ...
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Want to get this bully story off my chest

I finished High School quite a few years ago, but there is a little story I just want to get off my chest.

I had a bully.

It wasn't your typical popular Jock sporty kid bully either. She was not at all popular, in fact, most in our year level did not like her. She also had a minor physical disability. I have the same minor physical disability that she had. I was a very ...
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Freud the Ego and the Id

The most poignant part of the book is when Freud discusses how people can become accustomed to a negative response, and respond that way even when treated well. I was wondering if there is a name for such behavior besides obsessional neurosis?
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I'm being cyberbullied for over a year. People are targeting me, leaking my video files and spreading them somewhere without my consent. They are also preventing me from posting about bullying online. I can't figure out who is doing it and why. No one is helping me. They're committing a crime. I told my parents about it and they wont believe me.
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Institutional abuse - the last four years

I've lived alone for twenty-five years, broken up briefly with engagements in 2004 and 2007. In 2011 there was trouble with a violent neighbour which the local authority and police here (UK) handled so badly that it escalated into serious misconduct, unlawfully coercing me to return to my home when I was not safe and then lying about the meeting at which the coercion took place, which sadly I can't challenge due to having no ...
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Stopping people trying to socially dominate/humiliate you

So many times whenever I hang out/meet with people in social situations, whether its in groups, or just 1-1, or at work, I always end up being dominated/humiliated in the conversation/interaction.

People say hurtful things or jokes that make me look stupid or weak, and this has led me to having a complex where when I am with people, I am sweating with anxiety, whether they are about to say something hurtful or humiliating or ...
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Why do people bully?

I often wonder why peoe are bullies.

I've been accused of being a bully myself and it gives me pause for thought and I do my best to change my approach with people. It's not that I intend to bully people. I don't get anything out of making people feel like $#%^ and I like to be fair to people so if I'm pulled up for my behaviour towards other people or if I notice ...
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Bullied for Life

I guess I’m looking for some kind support or other people who relate to my experience.

I’ve been bullied for most of my life and at 45 it has seriously affected my mental state to the point of wanting to give up and finally leave this evil sick world. I have a lot of depression, insomnia, and developed social phobia and to some degree agoraphobia. I rarely leave the house accept when absolutely necessary. This ...
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