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Institutional abuse - the last four years

I've lived alone for twenty-five years, broken up briefly with engagements in 2004 and 2007. In 2011 there was trouble with a violent neighbour which the local authority and police here (UK) handled so badly that it escalated into serious misconduct, unlawfully coercing me to return to my home when I was not safe and then lying about the meeting at which the coercion took place, which sadly I can't challenge due to having no ...
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Stopping people trying to socially dominate/humiliate you

So many times whenever I hang out/meet with people in social situations, whether its in groups, or just 1-1, or at work, I always end up being dominated/humiliated in the conversation/interaction.

People say hurtful things or jokes that make me look stupid or weak, and this has led me to having a complex where when I am with people, I am sweating with anxiety, whether they are about to say something hurtful or humiliating or ...
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Why do people bully?

I often wonder why peoe are bullies.

I've been accused of being a bully myself and it gives me pause for thought and I do my best to change my approach with people. It's not that I intend to bully people. I don't get anything out of making people feel like $#%^ and I like to be fair to people so if I'm pulled up for my behaviour towards other people or if I notice ...
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Bullied for Life

I guess I’m looking for some kind support or other people who relate to my experience.

I’ve been bullied for most of my life and at 45 it has seriously affected my mental state to the point of wanting to give up and finally leave this evil sick world. I have a lot of depression, insomnia, and developed social phobia and to some degree agoraphobia. I rarely leave the house accept when absolutely necessary. This ...
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Aggressive Aggressive!

I know a lot of people are passive aggressive but I'm aggressive aggressive.

I leave the passive part out of it because I just think it's only fair that people are 100% clear that I am for certain directing my aggressiveness towards them.

I've actually never seen this as an issue for me personally but I have been called a bully for it.

In my experience I see passive aggressiveness as bullying.

I'm actually working ...
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old bullying is back to the present

hi i am a 22years old guy.

when i was 17yo in high school i had some problems with a classmate , he was calling "gay" and insulting me with bad words , that time i didn't know what to do also i was so religious that i can't insulting him back and i didn't want to make troubles in school.

A day i was alone next to the stairs and he came with his ...
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Bullied or not?

At my works there a man and we get on OK. We're a similar age and we can have a laugh sometimes.

Anyway, every now and then I can go too far with a joke and he has on occasion turned really aggressive with me. The first time he accused me of being a racist and then there was another time he turned as well. He's a big fellow of over 6 feet tall and ...
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How to repair broken friendships?


I am a older teen who has damaged his friendships due to his toxicity, I have a terrible self esteem, and temper due to my nagging parents, and school bullying/rumours. It has taken a toll on my mental health, leading me to become someone I never wanted to be, a rude, horrible, and constantly venting toxic person. I want that to change, I want to earn my friends’s trust back, I will do anything ...
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Bullied by the FBI

Do you have any idea what is like to be bullied by an agency as the FBI? It's a living, never-ending hell!

I can't go anywhere without having many drivers making their too obvious passes, or seeing certain vehicles parked along my riding routes, or agents planted along sidewalks, or suffering all sorts of attacks online like everything I write becoming misspelled.

I would not wish this hell on my worst enemy.

*mod edit- link ...
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Survivor's guilt

In my realm, there are 3 main groups of folks please at this time take a lot at your respective leads and make sure that you aren't anniverisary bullied! What this means is that you have a right to attend at street corner or business without any knowledge of them being fore warned at all. So the GPS and find a friend on facebook means just that for a few people. Don't allow the chris ...
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