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Help! Can't stop purging :(

Hi, so a little about me...I had bulimia for 10+ years from the age of 14. I told nobody until I turned 25 and eventually got help. I went to counselling for 6 'month and I overcome it. I was clear of it for just over 3 year without one incident. I then had a couple of relapses but managed to take hold of it before it got bad. However the last month or so ...
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Need help

Hi, I suffer from Schizoaffective Disorder type Bipolar, which is difficult to explain but has features from both schizophrenia and mood disorders, in my case, type bipolar. Because of the impact it has on my life I'm heavily medicated so I gained a lot of weight. I felt really unconfortable, but I couldnt stop eating. But then I fet so guilty I woud stop and spend days on water and coffee alone, and then I ...
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Is What I'm Doing Considered Bulimia?

I've got a large appetite. After eating, and sometimes before and during eating, I just feel really badly about myself. I feel upset with myself and anxious/guilty. I generally eat a lot but these feelings at times result in me not eating much at all. I hate feeling this way and I really wish I didn't. I am terrified to gain weight. I also don't like eating in front of other people; I'm not sure ...
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Felling hopeless about ever managing to not be 'bulimic'

I never write, or say much openly about what's going on with me, i hardly know, 'i should be better by now' but desperate is i. Anyway. My situation is; i'm 33, always struggled or had an unhealthy attachment to food; corrupted mind, with a body that's still like a separate and disgusting/ distressing 'thing'. Anorexic to the point of needing hospialised when i was in my teens (driven by disturbance with changes/ judgment, numbers, ...
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eat chocolate as acure for africans with bullimia

africans with bullimia may be able to cure it with chocolate. i know this is really strange but this is true. chocolate is from africa and i think africans may have a bitter taste in their mouth when they eat and the chocolate may cure it. so eat chocolate. it helps. espcially cute chocolate. african culture really needs to change from violent to "cute" like the japanese. big eyes, dark skin, sweet...that's what you need ...
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Zofran -- Miracle Drug?

I have recently had a return of my bulimia after 21 years in remission. My psychiatrist is very concerned because at my age my body just can't take the abuse any more. He prescribed the drug Zofran, an anti emetic given to cancer patients going through chemotherapy. It helps their nausea and keeps them from throwing up. I take this 3 times a day. My purging has stopped. I don't understand how this drug works, ...
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After Years of Recovery Bulimia Rears Its Ugly Head

I am 56 years old suffered from bulimia for 17 years from the age of 16 until I was 35. I made great strides and the bulimia has been in remission all of this time, taking its toll on the state of my hair, my teeth, etc. I have some childhood trauma issues which recently have come back to the surface and I have found that I am binge eating again and have started throwing ...
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Male, I think i may be relapsing? BULIMIA

Hey guys I'm now 22, My eating disorder started when I was 13 I was chubby at school got called fat all the time.. I was depressed about it, the depression turned into an obsession with perfecting my image, I was so embarrassed to be in my own skin, I started to binge and purge / occasionally completely starve myself. I was *mod edit* and I'm *mod edit*, I got down to *mod edit* in ...
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Pretty scared to be on here but i am..good or not..im not sure...

i've been classed as bulimic by my doctor/eating disorder team about a month ago now..and i'm not sure on it...

Am I? yes I do throw up when i eat anything..big or little food..everything comes up.

I get told oh dont do it..you dont need to change, but for me i do. they dont see how i see myself and in ...
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Hey, I have been struggling with bulimia for like 8 years, and it used to be multiple times a day, now I binge and purge once every 8 days or so. Lots better, but I still need help. In the process it has helped to talk to people who are struggling too. So yeah, ah awkward lol
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