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Day 2 no b/p some hope

After identifying my main trigger about 4 weeks ago I became afraid of it and went on a bender. I didn't think I'd ever surface. Now I have two days b/p free which is a small miracle. I feel more willing and equipped to feel the feelings. So far I have only had to endure the empty feeling for short durations which feels manageable. It was a definite fight the past two days but I'm ...
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I'm just here for some advise and help?

About 3 years ago I lost a considerable amount of weight, and since then I'm obsessed with calorie counting, all I think of is what I'm going to eat / when I'm going to exercise etc.

I have always binged one day a week and ate normal throughout the week, well keeping to a certain amount of calories

About 3 months ago, I still have my ...
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Gained weight (tw)

Today I found out that I've gained quite a bit of weight when I was at the doctor's office. I was panicking internally when I found this out and ever since I got home, I've cried about it three times and I am still crying as I type this. I'm overweight and I know that I need to do something about it but I have nowhere where to start nor do I have the motivation ...
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New to Forum but BNis my oldest friend or foe

One of my favourite quotes is By Erica Jong " Eating is never so simple as hunger ". It says it all in such poignant few words.
My story: I love the smell of butter. The milky, creamy aroma and soft, velvety texture leaves me literally intoxicated. Add some warm freshly baked bread and I am lost. I can feel my body responding if it were cocain. It might as well be. I feel just ...
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Extremely triggered and cut off from support

I am feeling like I want to b/p to save my life. I have home renos being done so I have no privacy to call the crisis line. The power is off so I have no internet except on my phone. I can't read my kindle. I feel like I am gonna lose my mind.
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Bulimia Psych Evals. (TW)

Anyone else struggling with bulimia go to a psych evaluation and feel like your disorder affects your treatment for other things? Like, I'm Type 2 Bipolar as well as bulimic, and they regularly prescrive Abilify to people like me because it helps the most. But because abilify makes you gain weight, they won't prescribe it to a bulimic. My head spirals and I feel like I'm not getting optimal treatment and it makes me sad... ...
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Hope fades fast, strength wanes

I was struggling not to b/p tonight and called a crisis line. The volunteer was amazing and I felt hope. Felt like I could let go of perfectionism, build slowly on my small successes and allow myself to feel. Now, only an hour later, the urges are back, I want to be numb, and I feel like giving up. I don't know how to do this. I feel destroyed.
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New to the forum. 29 years of ED

Hi. I have been fluctuating between AN, BN and BED for 29 years. I am 41 and currently bulimic. I am so unbelievably frustrated. I've been trying to eat a moderate amount and not b/p since November...never really tried to recover before. But the most I've been able to stick to it was two weeks and then went on a bender of b/p. Right now I am on Day 3 and it has been a ...
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purging without trying

Im new here so hi! Theres something thats been bothering me for a while and im curious if it happens to anyone else.
I first developed eating problems about 6 years ago. At a point the bulimia got so bad i was purging 1-3 times a day. Now it cycles in and out in terms of severity, but sometimes after I eat a good-sized meal and feel particularly guilty, the food will come up on ...
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Hii im new :)

Hii i'm new here and i actually am not diagnosed with any eating disorder, only ocd. But my friend says i need to get help for my eating habits. And she's worried about me, so i would want to know what you all think. So ill make a list of my eating habits.
- I try to eat less than 500 kcal a day, if i go over it i feel like $#%^ or i ...
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