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Resources in Eastern Europe

I am trying to find resources for a bulimic in Eastern Europe (Ukraine). Does anyone know of a good reference website for that information? I would be particularly interested in finding someone who directs a group therapy session, as I feel there would be value in having a group of girls who can support each other.
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Is it Bulimia if....

I'm "recovered" technically.
Old habits die hard I guess?

But recently I find myself half-ass purging?
Like I'll eat too much... and then purge just enough that I don't have that really full feeling...
But not enough to get that empty feeling.
It's not related to anything emotional this time around.
I just eat too much mashed potatoes or something...

But like... I don't wanna fall back into old habits...
I just don't know if ...
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I am trying to stop b/p without shaming myself. I listened to a lecture by Brene Brown called Shame Sheilds and she said that eating disorders and addictions cannot be shamed away because shame is one of the causes. So I am trying to stop calling myself names. I noticed that when I am bingeing the name calling stops briefly. No wonder it is so attractive. If I could say "to hell with the judgements" ...
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Eating contests.

I was reading about Joey "Jaws" Chestnut breaking his old record yesterday: 72 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Why is some of society fascinated by this life-threatening, painful and sick behavior. Where does this come from?
It is promoted and sponsored by big business, so there is the backing of serious money and media coverage. I guess it is news.
I know about the pie speed-eating contests where you can't use your hands and those ...
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after 9 years-free of bulimia

Hi everybody.
I am 28 yeras old female and since I was 15 I went through 'few' diagnosis like depression, anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating, anxiety and recently BDD.
The one I was fighting with the longest was bulimia-almost 9 years. After countless attempts to recover from it (with many kind of medications, many psychologists, 5 weeks in psychiatric institution) without success, I thought I am sentenced to live with it for the rest of my ...
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Bulimia and Bipolar Disorder

I find that my bulimia cycles with my bipolar disorder.
When I'm manic/hypomanic, I don't binge and purge. When I'm in a normal mood, I binge and purge once a day. When I'm depressed I binge and purge 3+ times a day.
Does anyone else with bipolar disorder and bulimia have this pattern?
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I think after years bulimia it's comming back

I used to suffer from bulimia since I was 17 years old. The disease worsen during college and than I meet my future husband and suddenly I stopped.I think is related with my emotions and my fears to fail.It has been 15 years since I stopped but now I feel that I am going again in the wrong path,and I am thinking it s related to my heard work in the past months.I never ...
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Hi. I am new here. I am a bulimic in recovery.I have been suffering for around 10 years now, probably in recovery for the last 4. I have been doing good in the past but this past year was really stressful I have changed my goals and my life completely and dealing with my eating disorder has just become tougher and tougher. I have a loving boyfriend with a loving family we even live together ...
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Relationship with Mom

Hi there,
I'm new here. Long story short, I'm finally (at age 46) dealing with pain caused by my emotionally distant mother. I struggled with Bulimia when I was in high school through college. It crippled me big time. I lost my ability to stay in college and I lost a long-term relationship. I finally moved out of state for several years and that is when I conquered bulimia. Being far away from my mom ...
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Is this an ED symptom?

A friend of mine has consistently had this symptom ever since I met him about a year ago and I have been starting to see a pattern emerge, which seems to be consistent with his constellation of mental health issues (which are not diagnosed and not immediately apparent; he seems to think he is just weird). I don't want to get into his other issues here, I am only interested in this one possible eating ...
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