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Long Term Bulimics?

Are there any people out there that have had problems with bulimia for many years, but also have gone for long periods of time apparently better? Like when I was pregnant, I stopped throwing up. There are other times when I felt better about myself that I didn't do it. But eventually it always comes back. I've been really bad for a few months now after not doing it at all for several years. I'm ...
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bulimic for 3 years.....help?


i've been bulimic now for nearly 3 years, but not for the whole time, and there have been months i havn't purged. recently though, like the past 5 monhts it more frequent and i'll overeat ridiculously large amounts then throw it up so it wont get digested (i eat so much crap that i can't bear the thought of leaving it in my stomoach).

my hands have ulcers on them from throwing up, my ...
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Helpful workshop

I saw this I thought it might be helpful. I know my friend who is battling an eating disorder thought it sounded helpful. It’s a workshop called “Compulsive Eating as an invitation to Soulful Living”

“This one day workshop for compulsive eaters examines the truth behind the realities of appearances. The disconnection between the heart/soul and the mind supports illusions and tangled belief systems that often manifest in the physical as a disconnection from ...
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For Family/friends/lovers of an Eating Disorder Sufferer...

I posted this in the Bulimia, Anorexia and the Binge Eating board as it didn't seem right to just post in one place..

Anyway, a friend of mine has recently made a message board for people who know somebody with an eating disorder.
He made it with the idea of giving family, friends or loved ones of eating disordered people a place where they could come together and discuss things.
Its a Pro-Understanding, Education, and ...
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binge and purge the whole day through

HELP ME! I feel like all I do is binge and purge constantly! I used to be ana now I'm mia and I HATE myself for it! I just want the control of anorexia I once had. I HATE myslef for this dirty lifestyle. I feel like I accomplish nothing but binging and purging! It sickens me! I feel like I should be gaining weight as a penalty, but I'm loosing weight. I know that ...
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Is it?

I've been told that this is a non-purging bulimia. I haven't ate "normal" in forever. I either binge....anywhere from 1500-3000 or I dont eat(fast) When I binge its usually followed by fasting for 2-3 days. then I end up binging again and it just repeats itself. Is what people are telling me true or whats going on?
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who am I ?

where am i? where was i all before these?.. it seems like i was born with it, i was all the time an idiot who carry herself to the toilet to throw out everything in her. crying is not a solution. i cry but i don't know why. i don't know the way out. i can't see it.

if only i could find "why".. i need a fairy coming out of somewhere in my life ...
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Bulimic-have some q's

i just read the information on Bulimia and I had a few questions

i dont binge and honestly i dont know what it is exactly, i mean how much is too much...

I want to know whether i am anorexic or bulimic...i dont eat ALOT, i have 1 or 2 meals a day, no dinner, perhaps alittle breakfast and lunch...and i throw up after lunch, or sometimes when ppl insist i eat ill eat some ...
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Chronic Bulimia

I have been a Bulimic for 25 years. Used laxatives excessively and vomiting to control my weight.
I do not eat much but because of this my metabolism has slowed down so much that if I do eat anything I tend to put on weight.
I desperately want to stop , but I dont know what the affects will be on my body if I suddently stop taking laxatives.
Will my body be able to ...
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Quasi-sexual element to bulimia

Hiya, I have suffered from bulimia for over two years now, and am worse than ever. I have been researching it on the Interent, and recently came across a bunch of studies done that put forward this theory that bulimia can be likened to a sexual experience in the way it provides instant gratification. etc. I'd be really interested to learn more about this theory; can anyone provide help with this? Anyone heard of it ...
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