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how do i get help?

im bulimic but very overweight
ive asked for help and have said
i need help but appear not to be
do i have to do something bad
to get the help?
there has to be a better way
does anyone have a suggestion?
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How to be taken seriously about having an ED when overweight

I’m overweight, but I think I have bulimia, which has become worse this year.
I rarely eat more than one meal a day and regularly force myself to vomit or eat heavy dairy that I can’t digest (I’m lactose intolerant) because it makes me feel “full” (ie: sick). Everyone compliments me on my weight loss (a significant percentage of my body mass). Nobody takes my rapid weight loss seriously, especially my family. I grew up ...
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Someone help me understand

Hi everyone. This is my first time on an online forum of this nature. Not sure if anyone will even comment on it but I figured it would just feel good to let it all out. I am a 25 year old female social worker. Yeah... social worker but yet I can’t get a firm grasp on how to maneuver or identify what I am going through. I’ve been purging since maybe age 17 or ...
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Struggling with bulimia. Need help

I've been struggling with bulimia for the past 7 months and i REALLY need help. I went to my GP as soon as it started and she referred me to the eating disorders service. I have been waiting for the last 6 months and i STILL have not got an appointment with them. I have called them several times to ask whats happening and i was told that the therapist is currently on leave. I ...
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Does anyone here suffer from drug addiction along with the ?

This is my first post so I’m nervous. I can’t wait to get feedback if at all and I just ask you not to judge me for the poor choices I’ve made and keep making because I am trying to change.

I’ve been bulimic since 14 and I’m 33. I’m really worried at times and u break out in panic attacks lately when I think about how bad I’ve messed up my body and constantly ...
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Difficult time of year

Is anyone else finding this time of year difficult?

It seems that so much of the celebrations revolve around food. And there are so many treats and things in the shops. I'm finding it really difficult not to binge lately.
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my psychology teacher thinks that bulimia is...

my psychology teacher thinks that bulimia is only a result of the media and magazines and models. He believes that a bulimic solely wants to look thinner to fit in with societal standards. He doesn't believe that someone can develop bulimia as a result of stress or abuse etc.
I feel really invalidated, so i beg everyone who developed bulimia nervosa NOT as a result of magazines and thin models to please reply to this ...
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Is is possible to accidentally form an eating disorder?

I will try to be short. Over the past 10 months, my eating habits have changed a lot due to financial issues and I made the decision to shorten that (food) expense. My symptoms:
-stomach grumbles but the thought of food makes me nauseous
-stomach grumbles but will have no mental appetite
-after taking a few bites of food I am either full (1 or 2 bites can do the trick) or I am nauseous ...
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GABA Relationship to Bulimia

There are some interesting studies that show that patients with bulimia have higher numbers of abnormalities in the genes/SNPs related to the neurotransmitter GABA. For example:

Does anyone know of a study that tries to administer GABA in its free form as a powder, or GABA in a lipid form as an under-tongue spray, to observe its effects on patients with bulimia? It's not clear to me from ...
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Trying to Understand Eating Compulsion

Can someone here with long-term bulimia help me to understand the nature of the compulsion that leads to overeating sweets and carbs? Is this like some kind of obsessive/compulsive habit? Or is it more about suffering from a period of starvation, and at some point the hunger becomes unbearable and you respond by massive overeating of calorie rich foods?

Is there a good online resource that would describe the actual thinking process - as well ...
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