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Holidays and eating

So im starting to get really nervous about the holidays coming up and eating around family. Especially Christmas, theres always a huge dinner and lots of snacks which are hard to resist. I dont want to be "the odd one out" not eating but i also dont know if i can trust myself to eat :roll:

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Who's struggling with covid eating around others?

I've found this so hard, even tho I live alone my bf keeps bringing me food n expecting me to eat it. Plus wen I visit my mum she keeps giving me food. I'm overweight atm so having trouble eating much esp in front of ppl. Anyone else feeling the same?

Huge hugs
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Will crisis line send ES for eating disorder?

Hi all.

I have been struggling a lot lately with eating disorder related things, as well as other stuff.

If I were to contact a crisis line and tell them about my destructive eating habits, would they send emergency services?

Thank you! <3
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I ve been a bulimic for 12 years now . I am 27. I need help. therapy does not work. I really want to get over this but whenever the urge come with a bunch of unwanted emotions I just cant control myself. I need some views on what I can do . I am a very independent person thus I actually don't cry for help to anyone . My family knows but ignores the ...
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Binge fast anxiety

Hi everyone, I used to suffer from orthorexia, which became a form of anorexia, then during recovery, I started to have bulimia. That was until about 6 months earlier. I was still struggling a bit with food but it was pretty much ok. But now it's about 3 weeks I started having anxiety, panic attacks, and a kind of depression, and with that, my eating disorder went back. I threw up once and it made ...
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May this be a sign of bulimia?

The most days, I don't eat anything until the evening. No breakfast, no lunch, but around 7-8 PM, I eat much and fast. No problem to eat about a kilo of food... :oops:

For about a half year ago, I was investigated for diabetes and I told my doctor about my food-consuming. But the only thing she said was: -Stop with that.

But it's not just so ...
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how do i get help?

im bulimic but very overweight
ive asked for help and have said
i need help but appear not to be
do i have to do something bad
to get the help?
there has to be a better way
does anyone have a suggestion?
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How to be taken seriously about having an ED when overweight

I’m overweight, but I think I have bulimia, which has become worse this year.
I rarely eat more than one meal a day and regularly force myself to vomit or eat heavy dairy that I can’t digest (I’m lactose intolerant) because it makes me feel “full” (ie: sick). Everyone compliments me on my weight loss (a significant percentage of my body mass). Nobody takes my rapid weight loss seriously, especially my family. I grew up ...
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Someone help me understand

Hi everyone. This is my first time on an online forum of this nature. Not sure if anyone will even comment on it but I figured it would just feel good to let it all out. I am a 25 year old female social worker. Yeah... social worker but yet I can’t get a firm grasp on how to maneuver or identify what I am going through. I’ve been purging since maybe age 17 or ...
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Struggling with bulimia. Need help

I've been struggling with bulimia for the past 7 months and i REALLY need help. I went to my GP as soon as it started and she referred me to the eating disorders service. I have been waiting for the last 6 months and i STILL have not got an appointment with them. I have called them several times to ask whats happening and i was told that the therapist is currently on leave. I ...
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