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Nightmare Nigh Terror Dreams

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Long term Bulimia

Anyone else had Bulimia for a long time? Ive had it for over 27 years now and its not as bad but still there.

Anyone relate?

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My story

Hey, just thought I would do a quick post about my life with an eating disorder......

I began wanting to lose weight at 13, I wasn't overweight but I was bigger than others my age. First I started restricting then after a few months I ate a massive amount of sweets/cakes etc and felt so guilty that I made myself sick. That was the start of it.

This went on for a few years and ...
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Stomach issues

Ive had eating disorders for most of my life (mainly Bulimia) and have had some issues with my stomach off and on including reflux and gastritis (also something else i cant remember the name of).

Just recently the gastritis has gotten so bad and i have had to go to hospital for iv medication. Im on oral meds for this but it just seems to have stopped working. I was prescribed new tablets but they ...
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Struggling to eat

Anyone else find it hard to eat after receiving bad news? My bf isn't too happy with me because I didn't eat much of dinner but I've had a lot of bad news last few days and can't face eating (especially in front of others)

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Holidays and eating

So im starting to get really nervous about the holidays coming up and eating around family. Especially Christmas, theres always a huge dinner and lots of snacks which are hard to resist. I dont want to be "the odd one out" not eating but i also dont know if i can trust myself to eat :roll:

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Who's struggling with covid eating around others?

I've found this so hard, even tho I live alone my bf keeps bringing me food n expecting me to eat it. Plus wen I visit my mum she keeps giving me food. I'm overweight atm so having trouble eating much esp in front of ppl. Anyone else feeling the same?

Huge hugs
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Will crisis line send ES for eating disorder?

Hi all.

I have been struggling a lot lately with eating disorder related things, as well as other stuff.

If I were to contact a crisis line and tell them about my destructive eating habits, would they send emergency services?

Thank you! <3
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I ve been a bulimic for 12 years now . I am 27. I need help. therapy does not work. I really want to get over this but whenever the urge come with a bunch of unwanted emotions I just cant control myself. I need some views on what I can do . I am a very independent person thus I actually don't cry for help to anyone . My family knows but ignores the ...
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