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A potential snoring fix... Has anyone else tried this?

Hey everyone,

If you can't or don't want to wear MADs(Mandular Advancement Devices), I just wanted to bring to your attention a potential fix and ask if you have any experience with it. I can't really bite down on a MAD - and even if I could, it is really hard to get past the sore jaw (for me, at least). It seemed like there weren't any other options, really, so I began to have ...
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Bhronchial Asthma induced need for heavy breathing

Hi. When lying on my side in bed I need to think about breathing and breath heavy to get to sleep. Shallow normal breathing or using the unconscious mind to control it does not bring me sleep. Do I have to take my Ventolin before bed? I haven't listed it in the signature. I have Tourette's Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Cyclothymia, ADHD, Psychosis, Back Problems, Kidney Failure and Reflux and all these contribute to a ...
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Maybe apnea, CPAP intolerant

I have had problems getting enough sleep for year, but I recently found I could get to sleep by using a cool pillow. Yes, that's very strange, but it seems to work for me. I now get 7 or even 8 hours of sleep per night, but I still wake up tired, and I lose energy in the afternoon. I snore like a MAC truck coming down grade with a jake brake. I have had ...
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Snoring problem

Hello everyone, i am new here and i join for the reason that i can't help stop my snoring disorder, has anyone have an advice? Pls do share, Glad to hear it.

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i started useing a CPAP last week how long dose it take to stop feeling tired in the day it dose help me to get a better sleep i only wake 1/2 times now to go to the toilet :?: :?: :?: :?:
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breathing and sleep

I cant sleep until late at night because I start hyperventilating before I go to sleep. I dont know why I do it but I think its psychological. I get scared and I cant go to sleep because of it. Anyone help?
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Hi I've got an enquiry about something I experience when I'm dropping off to sleep and wonder if anyone's heard of it.

I have this experience like I stop breathing and suddenly wake in panic trying to tell myself to breath. I think I 've had it a while 4-5 years I think I'm 33 now. It's quite scary. I have one of these most nights but it appears once I'm fast asleep I don't ...
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Sleep Apnea Diagnosis?

I believe my dad has sleep apnea as I can see him stop breathing and then half wake up all of a sudden quite a lot when he sleeps. He's on a fairly high dose of Amytryptiline which I read can cause this sort of thing. My question is how hard would it be to get him a diagnosis? I might have trouble getting him to go to too much effort to get it done ...
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asleep or awake? unsure

i used to have strange things happening to me when i was asleep/awake? sounds odd, but as i was waking up, i felt as if i was paralysed i couldnt call out or move,it felt as if a weight was on my chest,at the time i put it down to me using lots of amphetamines,but it continued even after a few years of not doing them, the last time this happened to me was last ...
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Sleep Apnea

Just checking to see how many people who have gained weight due to medication have also developed sleep apnea. I did. I gained 55 pounds and started falling asleep at work. I had the sleep test and it revealed that I had an apnea 120 times an hour (30 times is considered severe). They threatened to take my driver's licence away. The net result is that now I am on CPAP and can't imagine being ...
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