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Living with BPD

I am a 40 yr old male that has been living with BPD and until recently, understanding what has caused me so much pain and agony throughout my life. Not only have I dealt with BPD but also depression, anxiety and also PTSD. I came to terms with being diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD but something was still missing, thinking why can't I shake these emotions off? I would attach myself to negativity ...
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Feeling lost, and I don't know how to keep trying

I'm not suicidal, I never have been, I just always wanted the pain to end but I really want to keep living. How do you even pinpoint the problem when you feel like all your problems are so large when youre angry but then when you're sad it feels like I'm bothering people by having issues? I dont even know where to begin. I have such low self worth and self of identity, I can't ...
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when my friend slapped me

i was super depressed, broken down, and my friend (knowing fully well i'm depressed) slapped me on my head.
he knew i dont like fist bumps n stuff... he slapped my head knowing fully well i wont be able to retaliate.

hate myself for befriending him. hate him. the red flags were always there, yet i befriended him. till i was all right this friend would whine about all his problems to me (for a ...
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Internally Unstable Relationships?

Hi all,

I highly suspect I have BPD. I'm hopefully getting a proper diagnoses of whatever is wrong in a couple months, and I have a question.

So one of the criteria for BPD is "unstable relationships", and whenever I'm asked if my relationships are unstable I'm not sure what to answer. Having an outside opinion would be really helpful.

A lot of my relationships, I finally noticed, tend to be very intense inside my ...
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lost so many years

i was 23 when i had a breakdown. around 22 i knew something was wrong n was suspecting its bpd. it's been 7 years now n i still wish bpd hadnt happened. lost so many years to it. do any of u guys ever feel the same? does bpd ever get better with age?
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BPD - no help from CMHT/Counsellor/Doctors

I'm new to this site, I'm new to believing i have BPD so bare with me.
In a nutshell i have manic depression/anxiety and have been in counselling for years, i show nearly all the symptoms of BPD and my doctor, referred me to CMHT 4 times and each time they reject me, my counsellor says i'm too 'risky' for her help and my doctor doesn't know what to do.

i cycle through suicidal thoughts/actions/attempts, ...
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struggling to find purpose in life

i'm tired of this question. have been obsessed since 2013. i keep on blaming that if my childhood were different... i wouldnt have nervous breakdown.
cause of nervous breakdown: made gay pass on a friend

i've been making excusing for my action ever since 2013. that i blame it on my past, childhood n etc...

how do i accept it for what it was... i dont know how to get over it n be happy ...
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Intense guilt

We're in the middle of a global pandemic where social distancing is key, and I kissed someone. We've both been cautious to keep a good distance from everyone else for the past few weeks, including each other, but we ###$ up and made out. Now they're a little upset with me for pulling back and want me to come over to their place to hook up since we already broke the social distancing seal. I ...
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Empathy fluctuations/covid 19

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while.

Basically, it’s like the title says. I am confused.

Does anyone else have massive fluctuations in empathy levels?
I do. I either care about things far more than I should or not at all. I even find myself empathising with sociopaths sometimes.

I go through stages where my empathy is so low and then it goes right back up again.

I think it may be some kind of survival ...
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Safety warning to fellow borderline women on the forum

To fellow borderlines, there is a male member on this forum who targets borderline women. He finds our emotional pain and anguish exciting and likes to masturbate over it. I learned this the hard way in private messaging. I don't want any other women to have to put up with this predation. Be careful if a forum member private messages you *mod edit*.
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