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*DISCLAIMER: I know no one on this forums has the ability to or can diagnose. I am not asking for that. I would just appreciate some outside perspective on the issue.*

Hello, some of you may know me as an on and off poster on this forum for a few years now. I was officially diagnosed as being Borderline last year when I was admitted to the psychiatric ward for suicidal ideation. However, before my ...
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Abject Terror of Abandonment


I'm sorry if this is the wrong way to go about this but I am in a total state and am desperate for someone who understands to help me.

I am in a terrible way, dissociating, unable to sleep or eat, unable to rationalise or think logically, in floods of tears at work having been unable to even go to work yesterday. All because I am TERRIFIED I have been abandoned. Absolutely terrified to ...
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do i have Bordline personality ?

so for a while now we been saying hi to each other and its been going good we also fist bump and then say bye now i do work for a school but i am not a teacher or anything like that and am 23 male and he a male I know we can't have friendships so please don't tell me that i already know that. i find it strange that this is all ...
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Why are all my relationships destined to fail?

Like seriously... why can I not have one relationship where it won’t fail and I won’t be rejected, abandoned, used or won’t have to abandon someone else first? I feel like I was only put on this planet to be a laughing stock or some sort of weird sick joke that others could watch self-destruct and ruin his life.

I want love. I want someone there for me. I feel like I will never get ...
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My wife went out of town today to visit a cousin and won't be back until tomorrow. I can't sleep. What if she decides not to come back? I've been depressed these past few months (caused in part by some bipolar meds I've since been weaned off of) and I've made her life difficult lately, right when she needs my support. I'm being irrational, she loves me, but the thought of her choosing not to ...
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Feeling utterly worthless...

I just really cannot drop this feeling. Everything seems hopeless. It feels like I have no one, and that I will be alone forever. Being stuck with my thoughts is purely unbearable. I just want to scream, and gauge my own eyes out.

I hate being like this, because I know the outside world finds me most unlovable in these states, but I can’t ######6 help it. Everything hurts so much, and I don’t know ...
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Hallucination or a defense mechanism?

I am writing an article, of sorts, on the topic of BPD, and I am hoping that some people in this forum can help me by providing an opinion.

I was in a personal (or intimate, romantic, or whatever you want to call it) relationship with someone suffering from BPD. Towards the end of our relationship, we got into an argument in which she broke something of mine. I got angry at her, and while ...
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Debilitating Social Anxiety/ Agoraphobia

If you have social anxiety/avoidance/agoraphobia as well as BPD or BPD traits...

Have you ever looked around a crowd or a store and wondered where are the "low functioning" people you hear sharing their struggles online, and why does everyone you see in real life seem fine and casual if someone talks to them and no one is in fight/flight/freeze?

Many of the people who talk about their anxious/paranoid behavior online have jobs, so they're ...
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Needing validation?


It was my birthday last weekend and I went out with my boyfriend, my friend, my boyfriends friend and his partner. Anyway, I hardly slept the week leading up to it and spent nearly nearly £900 on my credit card ordering clothes for my birthday night out. I got so worked up and felt so under pressure to look good for this night out. I didn't want to embarrass my boyfriend in front of ...
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Feeling Like the bad guy whenever you express.

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering how others with BPD, cope with expressing themselves to their family or partner. Whenever I try to let them know that I’m finding something they’ve done distressing or hurtful I always get treated like I’m a bomb about to go off. It’s like they automatically act like it’s my mental illness acting up and not just myself addressing an issue. I try and say that I do not feel like ...
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