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Just a ramble because it makes me feel better

So my BPD is a lot less intense than it used to be say, 10 years ago. I guess the one major remnant is my forming attachments to FPs, but in the past years, although they’ve come with emotional ups and downs, these have been mostly private feelings that I’ve learned to live with, and the actual relationships have been great, and when they end, it’s either that we stay close friends, but I ‘fall ...
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books to read to try to help myself

Hi all.
My diagnosis is mixed personality disorder mostly BPD,and I'm struggling by my own since 2015 year.
In last few weeks I have severe sucidical thoughts.e
I didn't get any help from ######6 shrinks,they just gave me stupid meds,and here in Bosnia there are not at all specialits for this damn stupid diagnosis,and only in Serbia and they charge damn too much for it,and I'm at the edge of loosing 4th job.
My diagnosis ...
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Finding an online counsellor/psychologist/psychiatrist.

Dear Forum members.

How can I find a counsellor who is specialized or have good experience with BPD online. I live in the Middle East I have found few counsellors online but none was addressing my BPD directly.

Can you please help.

Thank you
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I need help figuring out which PD this symptom belongs to

I've been diagnosed with HPD, BPD and DPD.

I have a symptom that I can't quite figure out which personality disorder conjures it, so if you experience this emotion/emotional response in similar situations please let me know which personality disorder you have, or if you know something about it at all, its appreciated.

Whenever I see people (strangers) making friends, whether in public or just in my presence, I feel a sense of worthlessness and ...
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How can you overcome extreme anxiety

I can become extremely anxious within minutes. As a newly diagnosed person with BPD I have only just realised how quickly my anxiety escalates. I've been doing that observing yourself in the moment thing. How can you counteract this? I'm on 150mg Zoloft, was prescribed 25mg Quetiapine temporarily by a psychiatrist post ED admission. Apart from meditation which I can do when I'm like that and breathing techniques don't seem to help either, what can ...
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BPD/Relationships/Anxious Attachment

I am looking for some insight and encouragement

Little background from my EX and separation. I was diagnosed with BPD 8 years ago, and went through 2 years of DBT, So for the most part I didnt have any issues, but its always been struggled with attachment during breakups. Has anyone found a good type of therapy that works best in this area"?

I am 45 (never married) and she was 46 (divorced for 3 ...
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rant on self diagnosis

oh my god im so done w these ppl saying they have bpd because tiktok spreads so much false ######6 information

im gonna start off with MY stuff, for context:
im 19 and i started DBT when i was 13 because i was already EXTREMELY reckless (its kinda crazy to think about it now),, i didnt get formally diagnosed with BPD until i was 18.
i was sent away to a residential treatment center out ...
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How are people instructed to detach from pwBPD?

Hi folks,

I'm hoping some of you might have experience that could help me understand something going on in my life at the moment. For those of you who have separated from someone with BPD or taken steps to detach (either permanently or perhaps as a means to reset the relationship, set boundaries, etc), or those with BPD themselves who had someone do this with you and later explained their actions, what advice were you ...
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Maladaptive Daydreaming

I'm not sure if this is the right forum for my question, but I suppose the moderators can move it if need be...

I will start by saying I do NOT have a BPD diagnosis. I do have some BPD behaviors, but I don't believe I have the disorder. I will be speaking to my counselor about a personality screening to be sure, though. I do, however, have depression, social anxiety, and OCD. So here ...
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What the hell is wrong with me?! *TW*

*trigger warning*

Before I go on my little big tangent, I would just like to state that English is not my native language so please forgive me if some of the things I say are grammatically incorrect or just plain wrong.

Gosh, where do I start. I think I'll start with my childhood because I've felt different ever since I've had an episodic memory, that is ever since I can remember things.
With different I ...
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