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i don't want to be around people

i want to be alone.. people can't say things to hurt me when i'm alone
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Got into an argument with someone about mental health

So last night I got into this argument with a guy I met on a dating app about mental health which ended in me cursing him out and blocking him. I just felt as though he was being extremely condescending and trying to tell me I didn't know anything about mental health, when A I ######6 deal with it every day and B I am currently a psychology and sociology double major in college. Pretty ...
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Sense of self struggling

Hello. I was diagnosed in childhood with Asperger's (I'm 38 now), later on diagnosed with depression, OCD, and GAD. Two previous therapists who disagreed with the Asperger's expressed "suspicion of quiet BPD." Btw, yes I realize one can have autism and BPD.
I am here because I struggle with "who am I? What are my career aspirations? I want to relocate to a distant state or country, I think I'm mostly heterosexual, but not entirely ...
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Is my father narcissistically abusive?

Obviously I’m not here to ask you guys to diagnose my dad. I also would like to make it clear that when I say “narcissistically” I mean that as in a trait or pattern rather than saying he is in fact a narcissist. But I would also like some insight into this issue.

My father has never been physically abusive (unlike my mom) so it’s been a lot harder for me to tease out whether ...
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Thank you

Thank you guys for being nice to me and helping me with my issues on this forum. I also want to apologize for some of the instances of vilification and devaluation when I wasn’t getting responses right away. How is everyone today?
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Boyfriend and my bpd

Hi im looking for some advice please i have bpd and im struggling alot i have been with my partner for 10 years and 6 weeks ago we had a arguement and i packed his bags and he went down to his new house i regretted it and tried to get him back he said no a break will do us good it was always on his terms when he would phone or come up ...
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BPD or desire for black and white simplicity?

If someone does something bad to me, I see him or her as a bad person. I started seeing everyone as bad because nobody is a saint.

I wanted to be either a saint or a sociopath. It didn't matter which, as long as I was polarized. I wanted to either own a company and selflessly benefit the world, or be completely selfish.

I wanted to either be submissive or dominant in sexual fantasies. And ...
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Living 'on the edge" - what have I done?

Please, no judgement. I already know i'm messed up.

In 2018 I was pregnant and had my son in August 2018. (This is important to understand my anger). Anyways, SIL (sister in law) and I have always had a rocky relationship. 100% my doing, I was/am jealous of her. She has a perfect house, two kids, a perfect job and a perfect marriage. I hate her for it. I played nice and had her on ...
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I’m a terrible person I should kill myself

I don’t deserve to live. I want to die everyday because I’m such a horrible person. I push everyone away on purpose because I’m just so sick of being disappointed and feeling abandoned. I say and do horrible things on purpose because I want to punish everyone around me for hurting me, but then I feel bad and then I want to kill myself. I’m such a terrible person, I just want to take a ...
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Feeling like I’m gonna fart

I feel like I have to fart really bad. Also I feel like a chicken nugget. I feel good and delicious but I’m actually bad for you. I wanna poop. Ok bye
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