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is my mood disordered or is it just me?

sometimes all i can do is feel, but there are other times that im overwhelmed with this chronic emptiness that seems to swallow me up and keep me away from myself and everyone that i love. i constantly wish i was dead. it would be so much easier to feel nothing than to have to flip back and forth between feeling everything and feeling one miserable consuming sadness. I wish i knew what was wrong ...
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Seizures and Mood Disorder Medication

I take Mood Disorder Medication
Mood Disorder Medication causes Seizures
so i take Anti Seizure Medication
Anti Seizure Medication cause Mood Disorders
So the docs say "more mood disorder med"
...and more

Wellbutrin works great at moderate doses but over 150mg BiD causes occasional seizures (one episode every couple of years). so i piggyback it with amitriptilyn 50mg BT, it helps me with headaches and sleep and mellows out the wellbutrin. to help clear my ...
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Overwhelmed with my mood. please help!

Hi I'm 19 and I'm having trouble stabilising my moods. I've been through a traumatic time the past couple years with my health etc and was diagnosed with G.A.D couple months ago. Anyways recently I've been feeling very unstable both mentally and emotionally. I get mood swings all day long. I start the day sometimes more tired or stressed feeling than before I went to sleep. I go to college and I'm usually complaining or ...
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I have been looking up on Bipolar and i feel that many of the symptoms relate to me.

I have been depressed for 18 years and i feel like its becoming a problem in my life. Iv now admitted to having an anger problem with Adults that frustrate me, when i dont like the way someone talks to me or likes something they say i dont talk, i shout and scream (also aggressive). Things spiral ...
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Amazing Book for Mood Disorders

I recently found a book which was the most amazing book I've ever read. It's called The Sculptor in the Sky by Teal Scott
It works on thought therapy and reprogramming. I found it so comforting and helpful I can't tell you enough.
The woman who wrote it, spent many years drowning in the mental health industry.
Now, she is totally healed.
You should all see what you think of it.
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Free full preview of my self-help book on depression


This book describes techniques for improving mental abilities such as attention control and impulse control, fluid intelligence, speed of thinking, as well as understanding and getting along with other people. Regulation of mood and antianxiety treatments are also discussed. The methods are mostly biological and include various "smart diets" and hydrotherapy (brief cooling or heating of the body). Particularly, the book proposes an "antidepressant diet" which is a safe version of a raw high-protein ...
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