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My bdd is really wierd...

Hello readers , hope u dont get annoyed with long post...
I cant help but think that even if we all posted our pictures here , i would the most ugly of all , Whatever i see in me disgusts me sooo much , actually yesterday our family was veiwing the old photos , my mom showed me his uncles and cousins when they were my age , It saddened me to no end that ...
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Wanting to die cause i am ugly

Hello people of this forum. I feel like trash, have been feeling like trash and I usually just bother my friend about it. But don't wanna bother people I love anymore so I'll just bother random strangers on the internet. No one's probably even gonna read this so who cares I'll just scream to the void.

I have severe body dysmorphia. Or maybe not who knows I may just be as ugly as I feel ...
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I have bdd, does this mean i have a faulty view of my looks?

Hi guys!
I'm a girl, 22 years old, currently eating antidepressants due to my bdd which was caused by a bad haircut. Last weekend I got enough and finally went to a hairdresser who made an exellent job. My hair is shorter and I don't obsess over it as I did before.

I have always, always been so damn dissatisfied with my face. So as I now don't obsess over my hair anymore, my ...
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Hate the way I look


I am a 22 year old male, I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember and I have been diagnosed with OCD a few years back.

Sometimes I can live life without a worry and then sometimes I will go through a phase of extreme anxiety.

Lately I have been obsessing over the way I look and how others see me. Throughout high school I got bullied and got told I ...
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I am convinced my problem is real....

I dont know if anyone here has heard about Lookism.net . I spent some minutes there and it was brutal , they accurately poimted out many things which i had no idea were making me unattractive , I mean those people were very right .... And from there i think its the reality . Some ugly people like me , just have a hard time accepting that we got lower end of gene pool , ...
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Not sure where to start

Hello everyone.

You can call me Rain, as this is the name I choose to go by in most online environments. As a side note, I could probably be posting in a few different forums, but this one felt most immediately appropriate.

A little history about me and my weight. I am 29 years old. I am currently just under 5 ft tall and approximately 117 lbs. This is technically a normal weight for my ...
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I feel like the lowest form on this Earth..

Some days are really bad , some are nuetral , but i can only be happy as long as i dont look in the mirror as soon as i look there is something that stabs me in the stomach , My long face , recessed cheek bones , narrow face , skinny body , bumpy nose , oval forehead ... I start getting this tightness in my head , a feeling og weight , dread ...
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The cold harsh truth......

Hello all new member here , i hope u all are doing well.....
Im an 18 yr old boy , most of my life i couldnt look directly in the mirror , but i have improved alot . But the depressing thing is , its not me who thinks im ugly ... its the other people :/ Let me explain :\nThere had been numerous rejections in my life by girls , and before u give ...
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BDD and Dating

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with BDD last year when I was 41. I’m male. I knew I’d had it since I was a young child (under 10) as I was always obsessed with trying to improve my appearance, mainly elements of my face. I still have trouble with self-image purely on some of my facial features, mainly my eyes, and hair loss is a big concern for me (I’ve lost a little hair, not ...
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