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The cold harsh truth......

Hello all new member here , i hope u all are doing well.....
Im an 18 yr old boy , most of my life i couldnt look directly in the mirror , but i have improved alot . But the depressing thing is , its not me who thinks im ugly ... its the other people :/ Let me explain :\nThere had been numerous rejections in my life by girls , and before u give ...
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BDD and Dating

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with BDD last year when I was 41. I’m male. I knew I’d had it since I was a young child (under 10) as I was always obsessed with trying to improve my appearance, mainly elements of my face. I still have trouble with self-image purely on some of my facial features, mainly my eyes, and hair loss is a big concern for me (I’ve lost a little hair, not ...
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Anyone else irritated by platitudes about looks?

What I mean is those things family and friends say in an attempt to make you feel better about your appearance, that end up making you feel worse somehow...'It's what's on the inside' (does not help my situation), is one that drives me up a wall. Of course personality counts and yes, it should matter more, but it's not realistic to act like society isn't hyper focused on appearances, and some of us really struggle ...
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Returning to acting - everything crashed.

Hey all,
I haven't been on here for a very long time because I've been alright. I stepped away from acting many years ago and watched my BDD dissipate.

Numerous years later, I feel the need to give it another go to get it out of my system. I'm 43 and feel good about myself. I'm fit, in shape and told I look great for my age.

However! Yesterday I see myself on camera and ...
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Didn't think I was illusional about my looks until now!!

Hi everyone!
I'm a girl, 22 years old who struggles with Bdd related to my hair. My hair is my obsession and I'm trying to correct it everyday (it looks horrible after I used hairextensions).

However, I just want to share something really interesting that I saw today which makes me believe that I might be a bit illusional when it comes to how I think my hair looks.

I usually only look myself in ...
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Asking for opinions for my experiences

Hello. I am a new member of the group and it’s amazing to interact with people who are diagnosed with BDD like myself. I have only been diagnosed with BDD, minor OCD and social phobia about a month or so. Only had about 4 psychological meetings so far. Although I have been asking the same question I still don’t understand how “illusions” work. How is it possible to see your face different from others? If ...
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dying inside

Hello everyone and happy new year's Eve! :D
This is my first time really getting on a board and getting it all out, although by reading even a handful of your posts I can see that I have found my people. I didn't realize how theraputic it would feel to get this all out on a discussion forum, especially because my motivation to even do the ...
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I feel like there's nothing special about me, anyone else?

I do not know why, but I always and most of the time feel pretty sad. I feel like there is nothing special about me. I have plain brown eyes, brown hair, and white pasty skin. I am not pretty at all. I am a small height. I have a large nose. I wish I could be an actress...but at the same time I know I will not enjoy it.
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Hi guys for a while now i have been struggling eith something body wise and im not sure what to do or even where was appropriate to post as i am not diagnosed with BDD and not actually sure i have it but here goes . So i have 5 children and before my last baby my breast size was a B cup although now i am no longer any bra size.. its that bad ...
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