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Hi guys for a while now i have been struggling eith something body wise and im not sure what to do or even where was appropriate to post as i am not diagnosed with BDD and not actually sure i have it but here goes . So i have 5 children and before my last baby my breast size was a B cup although now i am no longer any bra size.. its that bad ...
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BDD has ruined my life

Hi there,
I was just diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder...When I look at my face, it is all distorted..I am afraid to leave the apartment thinking how unattractive I am...
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I have officially been diagnosed with BDD

Hey there! I have recently been diagnosed with BDD by a clinical psychologist. I have also taken two tests in BDD and one in how BDD affects my social life where I have scored 100/100 in both tests. To be honest, I was very happy that I was actually diagnosed with the disorder because it gives me hope that what I see in the miror may be imagined. I am wiring this because I am ...
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Photo phobia?

Hello all,

I’m new to this forum, so apologies if something similar has been posted already.

I think I might have BDD, but I’m not sure. My main issue is not being able to look in mirrors (apart from the mirrors in my house), and having my photo taken/seeing photos of myself.

The photo thing is really bothering me and has been for a while. I look hideous in almost all photographs, and although what ...
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Face length problems

So two nights ago, I came across a video about measuring faces/heads and was confused about the way he measured their faces II have always had a big head/face paranoia and i have been in an absolute despair/frenzy thinking my face/head is WAY oversized since watching this video and the confusion of whether he was measuring their faces hairline to chin or tip of their head to chin. When I measure hairline to chin, I ...
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BDD Ruining Relationshipd

I’ve had BDD (and BPD) since childhood and I’ve never had a relationship where I didn’t obsess over my looks, specifically my face. This year I started a whirlwind romance and got engaged to the man, but it’s mental torture for me. I obsess almost every second of the day about how he didn’t notice me at all for almost a year before we started dating. We were in the same circle and he even ...
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Is this BDD?

I'm 18, the obsessions with my appearance started when I was about 14 I think. I was really fat back then, about 115kg. Now I weigh 80kg but social anxiety and obsessions are still haunting me.

The severe symptoms of my obsession appeared about 2 years ago. I hate how my hips look, my nose is too big, my hair is thinning and overall I still look fat and unproportioned. I take photos of my ...
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Where can I post pics?

Hello. I know it is a rule on these forums not to post pics however I really need an outside opinion as to whether or not I look similar to someone. I had saved this persons pic to my folder because I thought he was “beautiful” ... then later I opened the folder forgetting I had saved it and my brain registered his face as my face for a split second so it made me ...
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Feeling trapped in your body?

I don't know exactly how to explain this. It used to happen every once in a while but lately it's been affecting me about every other day or so... I just can't stand being in my body. I suspect I have BDD though I have no way of getting it diagnosed. I was wondering if this could possibly have something to do with that? I'll try to explain the sensation...
I can really feel everything ...
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