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I have a question about suicide. I know that if someone has a bad disease such as cancer, and they are in more pain that they can take, and they kill themselves, it's not a result of mental illness. It just means that they were feeling so much physical pain that they didn't think they could stand it anymore. But if someone kills themself because they were in so much emotional pain that they didn't ...
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I have at least one question for you guys; maybe more.

Okay so here it is. Have any of you ever been treated for depression with that thing that shocks you or whatever? I think that sounds really scary. I couldn't believe they'd do that to people. How could it help. If anyone here was treated with that, did it hurt really bad and did it help you mentally?

Another thing. I'm constantly hearing bad ...
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The Poll on this posting is to help me understand bipolar a little better. Everything I have read only seems to deal with people who have either equal spells of mania and depression, or mainly depression with very little mania. Neither of these relate to me even minutely.

Thanks For Your Time,

Mitccy :roll:
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Bipolar and sleep disorder?

For quite awhile (over a year) since taking bipolar meds, I haven't slept well. Then about a month ago I started almost like passing out as opposed to sleeping at movies, during my daughter's christmas recital, and worse at work! So I went to my psych and he suspected a sleep disorder, reduced my lithium, neurontin, added provigil. He referred me to a sleep dr. I've had a night study where I never hit level ...
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the neverending list of meds...

so i've tried depakote, seroquil, clonazepam, wellbutrin (these in responsible combinations...) and i'm finally trying abilify (a new atypical antipsychotic just approved for bipolar mania). I just can't get over the nausea and vomiting (not pleasant side effects) and i'm still experiencing mixed moods.

my doctor has suggested that next we either try lamictal (spelling?) or lithium.

anyone have any experience with either (especially if you're prone to getting side effects like i am...)
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I would appreciate your help with my dissertation survey!


I am a graduate researcher at the University of Florida studying people receiving face-to-face mental health counseling. Specifically, I am examining how things in our lives (e.g., friends, family support, health, etc.) affect symptoms while in counseling. If you are willing to participate, please visit this web site:


The survey here takes between 20-30 minutes to complete.

I am willing to send an electronic copy of my ...
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Coping Resources

Hi all~

I'm just posting to ask for information about where to find support for family members of those who live with bipolar disorder. The person I love most in the world has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder by different psychiatrists over the years. Then he was told he didn't have it and went off all of his medications. He was fine for a while but all hell broke loose and now it looks like ...
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Interesting book on bipolar disorder

Surviving Manic Depression

Torrey, E.F. and M.B. Knable. 2002. Surviving Manic Depression. Basic Books, NY

The authors have crafted an excellent, complete book describing the many aspects of Manic Depression (now called bipolar disorder). Symptoms, risk factors for relapse, possible causes, and treatments are all covered in detail. However, the book goes much further by giving interesting facts dug out of history and little-known research studies. If readers think they know everything about bipolar disorder, ...
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Had my appt yesterday

Well doc is changing my meds around cuz just the depakote isnt working. I went from 2000mg to 1000mg of the dep, he added 5 mg of zyprexa and 25 mg for 10 days to 50mg of Lamictal. He's trying to cover both ends of my moods. I can slip into a deep depression and I have still have the manic tendencies, especially dealing with ppl. My husband also says he hasnt seen any difference, ...
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Just started Lithium - what to expect?

Hi everyone,
I just got diagnosed as bipolar 3 days ago and have started taking Lithium. I have been reading as much info about it as I can, and a lot of articles talk about Lithium as being a preventative treatment and something that makes the effect of bipolar milder, but then I read postings from people that are medicated and are still going through hell... so I'm curious as to how much of a ...
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