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Questions About Lithium

I heard from someone that lithium made him feel out of it. He said that Depoke (is that the right name?) made him feel better. How many other people feel the same way. I'm on lithium right now and I don't want to be on it if it makes me feel out of it. The problem is that I can't tell if the lithium is making me out of it because I felt out of ...
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Lamictal Dosage

I'm taking 200 mg of lamictal right now. My shrink told me that at 150-200mg I should notice the drugs effects. I don't notice them at all. I am a big guy 255 lbs so maybe i'm just not getting enough of the drug. I'm looking to hear from you if you've taken lamictal or know someone who has took it. If you take it or have taken it, how much do you weigh, and ...
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My Bipolar 2 story...<<<<<<<<<<<

I'm now 43 years old. I am Bipolar 2 (manic depressive). This page journeys my life history into the world of being bipolar.

As a teenager, I always knew there was something not quite right with me. At times I was shy, withdrawn, backwards. At other times I was outgoing, popular and thrill seeking. I would bounce back and forth between these two worlds. However most of the late teen years was spent in on ...
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Medications tried, symptoms ... what would work now?

My mother has been diagnosed (by many different doctors, many different times with varying disorders etc.) ....... bipolar, depression, ADD, PTSD, GAD, PD, BPD ... she also has psychotic features.

Symptoms shes told me or what I notice-

She has manic episodes and depressive episodes
(I'm sure you all know the details of .... acting like shes on top of the world, or won't get out of bed)

She has panic and anxiety attacks etc. ...
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Hardest thing spouse/loved one has dealing with

My wife has been diagnosed biploar as of 4 months ago. However, she's been swinging in and out of these episodes for about 10 years and I've been just taking it as it came not knowing what was really going on. I tried to get here to seek psyc help, but she denied having a problem. About 9 months ago I saw the worst of the worst with her being hospitalized 3 times in 3 ...
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is it bipolar if.......?

I'm wondering, after reading all of the articles and messages in the forums about the description of bipolar, it sounds like my mother has it. But the description talks about extreme highs and lows and it appears that these times wouldn't actually be able to be controlled.... which makes sense anyway.

But my mother seems to be able to control it to some extent when she has her high highs and her low lows. Outside ...
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Need help with this, still bipolar?

I've been in therapy so long I feel that all my therapist are a member of my extented family. Not really. (my sense of humor). After many years of going to ER's and saying that I felt out of control and than being told I was just a person with a bad mood and nothing was wrong with me. Please discharge this person. I finally found out that I had bipolar disorder. I've been on ...
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*Please Read* Coming to grips with my disease *Please Read*

Hello All

I decided to come to this board in an effort to find people who perhaps understand what I am going through and can shed some advice on how to better manage my disease, my current psychologist is about as helpful as a glass full of salt water when one is succumbing to dehydration. I am 22 years old and am 7 months sober. I was diagnosed as bipolar while in a psych ward ...
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a poem by me maybe triggering

I strive each day to find what is me
I keep digging deep inside but I can not see
I find all this pain deep within me
It's a shame that nobody can see
The only cure i've found for my pain
Razors I use to cut myself in vain
Somehow seeing my blood makes me feel so secure
Making my thoughts and feelings so pure
Cutting my body comforts me so
I'm told that ...
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What am I, when I can't be normal?

I am a 20 year old girl with AS. I am however wondering if I have have another disorder as well.
I think I am diagnosed with depression, I can't really remember.(They told my parents about the diagnosis, not me)

I know that I don't have Seasonal Affective Disorder, because I am depressed all year, not just in the winter, allthough the winter is my most suecidal and hopeless time of year.

I just feel ...
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