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secondary effects of bipolar disorder...

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could help me with some of the secondary effect of bipolar? I haven't really been able to find a huge amount of information in this area, so any help would be great
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Okay so I was wondering a few things:
1) Is it possible to be in one mood for a few hours then all of the sudden switch to the other extreme? Like, within minutes?
2) Is it rapid cycling if that occurs often? Or is even rapid cycling slower? Sometimes I will feel one way for days, in varying degrees- like if I'm depressed I always get much worse at night or if I'm alone, ...
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Lorezpam for Bi-polar?

Hi, I have yet to be diagnosed but my old psych Dr. said he believed I was bi-polar, I didn't think so then, but a couple months ago I "changed".

Honestly I was dealing with stress/paranoia at my home and at work and I felt like everyone was out to get me.

I had been drinking heavily for a couple of days and I noticed sometimes when I would drink heavily before I would get ...
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withdrawl from geodon?

My other took Geodon for about 3 years. @ weeks ago she stopped-cold turkey. She says that she feels like she has the flu. Are there withdrawl symptoms associated with this med?
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Is anyone out there a rapid cycler or know anything about it OR know some good sites to check out? I am a rapid cycler, always seeming to be in one phase or another with very little "free time" inbetween. Just keep jumping from one phase to another and anything in between seems to be a mixed phase. Does this sound familiar to anyone whose phases occur in this manner. Also, at times they can ...
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newly diagnosed

hi, i posted in schizoaffective asking this... but im probably headed for a bipolar diagnosis, i just want to know, if there's anyone out there with advice:

last yr i thought i was schizo, cuz im an artist but i was definitely doing work that wasn't art-like, it was more... my own delusional stuff, which everyone says is okay, cuz im an artist! this year i did it again, but it made more sense w/what ...
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Health insurance

Hi, I'm writing from the UK, where the National Health Service has payed for pretty much all of my treatment and consultations -- and I dread to think how much it's cost. Just glancing over this forum I see that a lot of people don't have this luxury.

In countries without a uniform state health service, what happens to uninsured people who are unfortunate to have bipolarism? Do you have to sell everything you have ...
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In Case I Should Ever End Up Bipolar or Depressed...

...God forbid that ever happens, I want to be prepared for it. So, I was hoping to get some recommendations from the forum-goers - books, articles, readings in general, etc.

I'm not going to worry that I have or will have it, but I can't just write off the possibilities either.
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new topic, I'm tired of writing on the suicide one

Well, I just thought I'd start a new thread to say this, because I've been writing on the suicide one for quite some time now.

I may not be going to public school next year. I may be homeschooled for one more year, but we will be doing it differently, so I won't get behind as much, and I won't have quite as much to do. So that's sort of good I guess. IT's my ...
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Uh-oh. (Unipolar Disorder?) More has come up from me.

I apologize but I am going to have to ask for some time from those who are taking the time to read this. But this time, I actually have something concrete. I would like those who respond or make the effort to read any of this, that they're greatly appreciated.

First of all, it may help to read my initial post: http://www.psychforums.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5669

And this is what I just read: ...
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