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do it sound like i bipolar.

hi every one i new here and hope you could help me.

im a 19 year old male. basicly my problem is this. i get periods where i really low and feel like i cont do anything and just want to lazy about doing nothing as i feel like i have no enegry at all. plus i dont sleep well i also made 2 attempts in commiting suicide but both failed and also cut my ...
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I've come to terms with it, now I need treatment...

Well, after finally coming to terms with the thought that i'm bipolar, I've finally decided that I may need help. Looking back, i supose I've been bipolar since my late teens (I'm 31 now), with dramatic swings the last 2 years or so. I'd say that my behavior the last couple of years would be classified as rapid cycle. With some cycles going from 'king of the world' high to thoughts of suicide in a ...
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Need Advice Please

I would appreciate any advice anyone out there could give me on how I can tell if someone I've just started dating (who is bipolar) is seriously interested in me or is just using me while he's on a manic binge. I was introduced to this guy by a family member and everyone seems to think very highly of him. Everything went fine for about a week or so and then he started displaying all ...
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does my husband have bipolar disorder

Hi everyone, I think my husband might have a form of bipolarism. He has terrible lows which last about one week, then he will explode with anger at me and accuse me of all kinds of invented things. When he has vented all his anger he will be wonderfully happy, even euphoric for a couple of days, then there will be a period of 'normal' mood before sinking again into what I can only describe ...
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quick question

Has anyone else experienced any of these symptoms? Do you think they're related to mental illness or should I get 'em checked out?

-daily tension headaches
-dizzy spells
-stomach cramps
-excessive need to urinate
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secondary effects of bipolar disorder...

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could help me with some of the secondary effect of bipolar? I haven't really been able to find a huge amount of information in this area, so any help would be great
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Okay so I was wondering a few things:
1) Is it possible to be in one mood for a few hours then all of the sudden switch to the other extreme? Like, within minutes?
2) Is it rapid cycling if that occurs often? Or is even rapid cycling slower? Sometimes I will feel one way for days, in varying degrees- like if I'm depressed I always get much worse at night or if I'm alone, ...
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Lorezpam for Bi-polar?

Hi, I have yet to be diagnosed but my old psych Dr. said he believed I was bi-polar, I didn't think so then, but a couple months ago I "changed".

Honestly I was dealing with stress/paranoia at my home and at work and I felt like everyone was out to get me.

I had been drinking heavily for a couple of days and I noticed sometimes when I would drink heavily before I would get ...
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withdrawl from geodon?

My other took Geodon for about 3 years. @ weeks ago she stopped-cold turkey. She says that she feels like she has the flu. Are there withdrawl symptoms associated with this med?
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Is anyone out there a rapid cycler or know anything about it OR know some good sites to check out? I am a rapid cycler, always seeming to be in one phase or another with very little "free time" inbetween. Just keep jumping from one phase to another and anything in between seems to be a mixed phase. Does this sound familiar to anyone whose phases occur in this manner. Also, at times they can ...
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