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I think I was in denial...

Well, I have done a lot of thinking and a lot of convening with a friend of mine who is also afflicted with Bipolar Disorder, and she thinks I am about as accurate a depiction of Bipolar Disorder as it gets. I think I may agree with her.

Here's where the problem was before. I, like Bipolars often are, was in denial about having it. This prevented me from seeing some things. I wanted to ...
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New Here

I think I'm new here. I can't even remember anymore. I was diagnosed Bipolar Rapid Cycler back in February at 45 years old. I've had a hard time accepting it. The PDocs have had a hard time controlling it. Sometimes I even feel like she's mad at me because of all the different meds she's tried, nothing seems to work. She wanted me off of the Klenopin because it's so addictive, but it's the only ...
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bipolar and alcohol.

do drinking alcohol make bipolar worse if u not taking medication also is it common for people who suffer from bipolar to turn to alcohol.
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hypomania turning into mania

was wondering bout bipolar 1... if u hav a manic/mixed episode, is it normally preceded by hypomania? if ur working intently on an idea for bout a month and then it escalates beyond logic for bout 2 weeks i mean.. or is that more suited for schizoaffective diagnosis?

im also worried cuz i didnt feel right for a few weeks afterward, but i was also freaking out about what had gone wrong with me enough ...
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I’m 17 years old and I had my first and only manic episode in mid-January when I was diagnosed with bipolar. I did not (and do not) feel like anything was (or is) wrong with me. I still don’t think I have any type of bipolar. I don’t feel depressed and I don’t have bipolar-like mood swings. But I am told there is a form of bipolar where the person doesn’t go through depression, just ...
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How to get a suspected bipolar disorder mother for help?

I'm a medical student who is confident to say that there's 80% chance my mother has bipolar disorder. I was searching online for the diagnostic criteria and realized there'r forum like this which probably can give me a bit of insights. It's always hard for an insider to deal the situation eventhough a medical student should know enough from the book.
My mother has recently been referred to a psychiatrist by her employer becasue she ...
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Hi I'm on 40mg per day of citalopram. I have been using the brand name cipramil since my diagnosis in 2001. This is the second time I have been given another 'brand' by the chemist and both times I have suffered anxiety and panic attacks and am unable to sleep. I am exhausted and tearful and have withdrawn. Has anyone else experienced differences after taken the same drug branded differently.
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hi i need someone to talk to. someone just please get on

it feels like whatever i do is not enogh. it makes me so made. i don't know what's wrong w/ me. i don't care. it's so confusing. i'm 14. i know someone in my family is bipolar. no one talks about it much. my mom hates syciatrist. i hate telling anyone anything. wrighting this seems so afull. i just want to not have whatever it is i have. i don't want to have to go ...
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Hi! My introduction as a Rapid Cycling Bipolar 1 Mom of 3.

Phew, thats a mouthful! Anyway, I've been catching up on the posts, but wanted to take a minute and introduce myself.

My name is Heather. As stated before, I'm a VERY rapid cycling Bipolar 1. I actually was diagnosed last week inpatient after a very scary low. I had known for a while that I was bipolar thanks to my counselor, but because of the SEVERE shortage of psychiatrists here, I had a 9 week ...
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Bipolar Wife and Child custody

Should a BP wife with a iresponsible tract record be allowed to take our children out of the house and manipulate a reason to justify it. I cant proove she does it but she lies and puts people against eachother all the time . She to my knowledge has never been diagnost . She swears she not ,but I think her whole family is . Mother and Sister help and corral the kids . What ...
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