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Hearing Voices

My boyfriend has been diagonsed with bipolar (im not sure which type) and tells me he hears voices in his head. He says they argue with him and eachother. There is one dominiant voice (other than his own) - an angry voice.

A few weeks ago, he was feeling terriblly depressed and the voices started to agrue with him. At one point i heard the angry one (in his own voice). He was whipsering "You're ...
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My boyfriend is bipolar. Recently, he's been going through depression and threated to kill himself last night. Although I wasnt there I called the police because I was really scared that he might actaully do it (1. because he tried to cut pieces of skin off earlier this week. and 2. becuase he was beyond drunk). Now, hes in a psych ward. I visited him today and he isnt angry at me because he understand ...
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bipolar and alcohol.

Hi every one i have posted on this forum before this is the link to it.

http://www.psychforums.com/forums/viewt ... 60f2640558

I've recently been digonased with alcohol abuse and i was wondering if this could cause the symptoms i mentioned in the pervious post.

thanks to all for your help.
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Hi, this post may be long so I apologize ahead of time.

I have been with my girlfriend for 1 1/2 years. When we first got together, she mentioned to me that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She has not taken any medication since we have been together except for a few times when she was completely stressed out. I was stupid and didn't do much research on the illness and pretty much ...
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I believe I may be Bipolar, perhaps cyclothymic. I have not seen a doctor yet but I will be doing this very soon. I have a very strong case of insomnia, as I am completely unable to sleep at night naturally unless I have been awake for at least 20 hours (it can go as long as 40+...I have never seen nor heard of such inhuman sleeping patterns, and to top it off it's in ...
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I'm new....hello.

I am new to the message board. I am a 26 year old male from North Carolina. I was diagnosed this past April with Bipolar Disorder 1 (mixed). My regular doctor put me on Lexapro which seemed to work great until I went to my first psychiatrist appointment a month ago. He said that antidepressants were bad for people with BP. He took me off Lexapro and placed me on Lithium. Wow talk about a ...
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insane jealousy

anyone here know of a cure for insane jealousy?
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Ex starting to scare me

HI there,
I need some advice. I broke up with my boyfriend about 4mths ago. Since then he has had a break down and starting getting help. He found out that he has Bipolar disorder. I don't want to be mean to him but he is starting to be obessive. He calls me all time, if I don't answer he calls even more. He calls my mom and brother all the time. He goes to ...
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What happens if someone Bipolar takes solely anti-depressants? Would it just take away the depression and not the hypo/mania, or would it be more complicated than that?
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Zyprexa? Going nowhere...

I've been on 10mg a day of Zyprexa for three weeks now and I've an appointment with my psych. tomorrow. I'm concerned about the fact that while my sleeping patterns have become more regular, the past week it's been getting harder and harder to sleep and harder and harder to wake up and I just know I'm slipping into a more depressive element of which the current medication isn't helping...

Long backstory warning:

I have ...
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