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*TW*Not sure if I have Bipolar Disorder/needing help*TW*


First of all, I will say I am undiagnosed but I do have a history of Bipolar disorder/schizophrenia in my family. I am seeking help at the moment for my issues but would like help from others who might be experiencing the feelings I have.

I will go through episodes that can last days where I absolutely cannot concentrate on anything, ramble on in conversations, feel extremely irritable and crabby and have animosity ...
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Coming off Latuda

I have been on Latuda for the past 8 months. I tried to stop it 6 months ago and had a psychotic episode. I know that it's risky to stop but I was wondering if anyone has successfully stopped it. I just can't be on this medication because it's ruining my life. I started making a lot of mistakes at work because of poor cognition induced by the drug. I have no concentration and don't ...
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Hi! New member here :) *TW*

Hi everyone!

*begin TW*
I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, together with Ptsd. The information came as a shock even though I think, I expected it. I've been reading this forum for last week or so (basically obsessing over the subject) and found great comfort in it. All of a sudden I didn't feel so lonely <3

My father was bipolar and untreated, well self-medicating with all sorts of drugs and alcohol, so you ...
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Over medicated or depressed?

I'm on a lot of "heavy hitters" due to treatment resistant mania/psychosis, but right now I'm struggling with something else. I sleep 12-14 hours a day and feel tired all the time. I'm lethargic, apathetic, and absent minded. It's hard to concentrate, and I can't read anything if my life depended on it. I feel emotionally numbed, not good or bad (well, kinda bad because I don't like feeling this way).
I see a new ...
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I was diagnossed with bipolar 11 with schyitzo tendencies. I see my therapist once a week,and my med Dr once a month I when I started out on meds I went h a whole slough of meds,you name it I was on it.eAfter many failed medications I seemed to be responding well to seroquel. But the side affects were extreme I gained 50 LBS and just slept and ate around the clock. And was then ...
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Still in denial

I'm still in denial after 4 hospitalizations within 4 years and 2 during my adolescent (group home) of having Bipolar. I don't have mood swings. I was depressed(dysphoric) for years and had extreme anxiety was diagnosed with GAD and my anxiety went away after a year in therapy( extremely Cathartic every time I went- I bottled everything) but I went Manic( diagnosed for the 1st time with Bipolar in 2015) for the first time in ...
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Weaning off Abilify

Im coming off this drug because I think for the 1st time while on it, my mind went into remission. How long is it, in your experience does this stay in your system( Ive read somewhere 21 days but not sure how long the adjustment will take)? I have stepped down from 10mg to 5mg by splitting the tablets in half and have been doing this for 18 days now and ive been feeling much ...
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What I wish doctors had told me about BD after first break

1.) The term "bipolar disorder" means, simply, someone who has experienced a manic or mixed episode that is not caused by drugs or organic disease. After one psychotic break the risk for a second, third, etc., is extremely high, so it makes sense to take antimanic drugs, but a significant minority of patients have only one episode or improve over time to the point that they may not need daily medication.

A lot of doctors ...
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Counteracting meds that you have to take

If you have to take meds for bipolar, sometimes they make you feel drowsy and anxious and what not. Are there any counteracting meds that neutralize the effect of say depakote or resperidol? I took a zantac to see if that would reduce the side effects of depakote because depakote is an acid. But it didn't really seem to do anything.
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LITHIUM Waight problem

Good day.

Hello, I am new on this forum. I recently starting on Lithium and I am putting on waight. I am eating a lot with out thinking mutch off it. The medication is doing well for me but soon I will meet my psychiatrist and I wanna talk about this.

Do you have something to say about this?
Do you know something that work for you with similar problem?
Have you any experience with ...
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