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I’m tired

The chronic nature of this stupid disorder may be less a trial then the will to maintain treatment. I’m tired of being this someone else, this person void of the joy that defines my favourite memories. I’m tired of the slog of forward momentum, getting through another day, then another. Believing that the dreams of others will bring me peace. I’m tired of that pain in my soul that is a true battle between life ...
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Do these symptoms sound familiar?

Hi all. I am new to this site. I am in between therapists so I was looking for some online support, but my new topic is actually for my boyfriend. He’s having these random episodes of anger, and everything Ive researched sounds like a mood disorder to me, but I’m not sure. So He’s always had a kind of anger issue. Not violent, but just has a quick temper, and if he gets mad his ...
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone I have a lot to be thankful for honestly life couldn’t get better I know now what it’s like to have nothing and now I have everything so merry Christmas everyone xxxxx
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Been going through a lot, separation, divorce...other things

I've been very quiet around the bipolar forum for a long while now. I know we don't have to explain our situations. I used to be here and raked over 3,000 posts just in this forum alone. I was very active here for the longest time. Lately, though, I've been going through a separation from my husband. We are getting a divorce. I also went through terrible dips of depression and a few manic episodes ...
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My Story of my Disorder, interesting!

Like the title says btw. Honestly, I think I have gotten a lot of help so far. I also have schizoaffective disorder. So, I have been paranoid or am. I used to think I didn't need any help and then end up having a bunch of episodes. But now, I realized and am more aware of my condition. I would constantly have all these problems and think people were out to get me. That was ...
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Bipolar wife, multiple affairs how to prevent in the future?


Recently I discovered my wife had an emotional affair. I already noticed she was being hypomanic (BP2) for some weeks now and I felt in my gut something was off. She was very hurtful when talking to and about me and told she wanted to end our relationship because she was never happy with me and that we are incompatible (because I have a mild form of autism).

A month prior she told me ...
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What Triggers Your Bipolar?

I wanted to create this topic for all my fellow bipolar strugglers and myself, so that we can all share our triggers and how we deal with those with no ridicule. So please share what turns your days from good to bad and/or from bad to good almost instantly.

Hopefully with what I'm going to share, it'll motivate some of you strong people to share some of your triggers and reliefs here because it'll be ...
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Introduction new member

Hi, I am a 42 year old man, separated from a 17 year marriage (although not technically married) with 3 children in 50/50 shared custody. The separation was decided by my ex-spouse. I have since then moved on and met my new spouse, we've been together 2 years, she has 2 children with full time custody. My new spouse has been diagnosed with BPD. It's been a rocky 2 years, most of the time everything ...
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Bipolar 2 and TMJ

I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Type 2 three years ago and of course the diagnosis helped me to understand myself and know my limitations.
However, beside being living most of my adult life, I am 35, with bipolar I am also living with dreadful tinnitus which started in 2006 before taking any mental health medication and even before I knew that I have a bipolar.
The tinnitus, recently, has made it very hard ...
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Upcoming hypomania

My husband says he can see me going hypomanic months in advance but I can't see it. By the time he confronts me about it I'm unable to be reasoned with and dismiss all his concerns. How can I stop this in its tracks? What can my husband say or do to help me get a grip?
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