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Hypomania with psychotic symptoms or mania?

I have recently been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder type 1 and I'm trying to understand it better. Basically, I get (what looks and feels like) hypomanic episodes (I'm definitely elevated but can function in social situations) but during these episodes I get psychotic symptoms (hearing voices and persecutory paranoia).
Is this technically mania?
Thank you for any info you can give me!
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Bipolar II maintenance therapy


I'm diagnosed with Bipolar II, two years stable now, and I was wondering what other people with bipolar II take for maintenance therapy. I'm taking 400 mg Lamictal (Lamotrigine), 5 mg Zyprexa (Olanzapine) and 150 mg Zoloft (Sertraline). The Lamictal and Zoloft are so highly dosed because I metabolizes medication very quickly.
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Mood Stabilizer Experiences

I've taken Lithium as a preventative measure for racing thoughts for years and found it helpful - unless the dose is too high which causes me to have almost no thoughts at all.

I'm wondering what people's experiences with medications prescribed as mood stabilizers are, and what they have helped for?

If there are ones, I'm most interested in hearing about people's experiences with ones other than Lithium, Lamictal/Lamotrigine, Valproic Acid/Divalproex, or antipsychotics like Abilify, ...
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I started on 150 mg. of Welbutrin a few weeks ago. I stopped because my spouse said I was irritable. If I took a higher does, would the irritability go away? Or make it worse. Has anyone else had this problem?
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I have been on Latuda and Risperidone before. Can anyone tell me more about Vraylar from your experience? Is it better than the meds I mentioned? In terms of like efficacy and side effects how is Vraylar?
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Combined Meds

Hi everyone I'm new to the Bipolar subforum.

I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and placed on 8 mg Risperidone and Depakote. Is anyone on this specific combination? How are the side effects? Does this combination suit you?

It seems to be working relatively well for me expect the risperidone causes some low mood or drowsiness. Like I don't like doing as much as I would usually want to do. It's nowhere as bad as ...
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Bipolar and Meditation

Hi. I'm interested in any connections between meditation and bipolar disorder, both out of curiosity and practical concern.

I've been diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder with psychotic features after a manic episode. I recently got a meditation app called Waking Up and started doing the guided meditation as well as listening to some of the theory behind the practice included in the app. The decision to start meditating was due both to curiosity as well ...
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Bipolar, and taking care of aging parents

SO i have bipolar and like most of us, im on a ton of meds, which thanks to pill pack, i am able to manage relatively well. THe true stress of my life is my aging parents. I have to cook, and try to clean, and do laundry, and other task that are like trying to maintain a job 24 hrs a day. My dad woke me up at 3am once because he couldnt get ...
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How to move forward?

Hello, I need advice.
I self-sabotage a lot, for many reasons. The current reasons are because: 1. using coping skills is difficult, 2. coping skills may not work and I won't be able to handle the disappointment. 3. If I use coping skills and they do work and I feel better, my life will still feel like it is not worth living.
I don't know how to handle disappointment, and I don't know how to ...
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My highs are great my lows..

My mania is the most amazing thing ever, i embrace these feelings i get now lets talk about my lows.
My lows dont manifest themselves as Depression or sadness., i hear about people in the low end that cant climb out of bed or lie facedown on the carpet not able to move or even worse wanting to hurt themselves and i feel sorry for these people BUT my lows have never and im 46 ...
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