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Quiet forums

Hi All - this may be in the wrong place! I was just wondering what other people thought but I find the forums very quiet nowadays. When I first arrived it was very much a saviour for me with lots of posts and support but nowadays it seems quiet.
It is still the wonderful place it was - something I have always put down to positive Moderation. Whatever, its still a safe place.
I have ...
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*mod edit*

*mod edit*

(A nice thought but that would destroy our number one mandate- anonymity, sorry)
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Oxcarbazepine discussion

I've been taking Oxcarbazepine for over two years now and it's been very good for my mania. I'd like to get others opinions on it as well if anyone wants to chime in.
A Youtuber named *mod edit* and I have been commenting back and forth about Oxcarb on a video about it a guy made a few years ago so I thought I'd start this thread here so we could continue our discussion and ...
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Gaining weight on abilify

I’ve gained 15lbs since starting abilify in April. I feel so disgusting & my husband is also getting worried about my weight gain. I don’t feel attractive anymore & have really low self esteem. It’s either be on the meds that keep me level headed & get fat, or change my medication again & do it all on repeat.
I’m hoping I can possibly be put up on phentermine again in order to lose weight ...
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I have great gaps during my manic episodes it’s like the memory doesn’t write properly and it feels like every manic episode damaged my ability to memorize past events further I know the gist of what happened but not details but the questions I’m asking are first is this bipolar to disassociate from manias and secondly do I even want to remember?
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Partner just told me diagnosed with bipolar

Hello, I've been with my partner for nearly 2 years and a few days ago he told me he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 18 years ago in his mid-30s. He was initially on meds for a few months but none since then. He self-manages with a healthy lifestyle and shared that he's been fairly emotionally stable for 15 years, and feeling more ok the past 5 years.

Just after we met he told me ...
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Unable to function


It's been a while that I'm unable to function like a human being should. I was supposed to be on my highest productive peak at this moment of my lifetime. I'm 28, still dependent on my parents, can't stick to a job or any solid activity for too long... I'm always in this process of social decline and can't see any way out of it. Sometimes it looks like it's all #######4, even for ...
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Bipolar mpd

if u see ur bipolar presentation of multiple personality disorder...

Anyone know about dissociative identity disorder

The main differences

The distractabilty mainly looking for something

Accuse to start a convo cause blame to heighten everyone...

Lift spirits the demonized presentations then
To cause to never see again stay away
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What is wrong with me? Do i have cylcothymia?

In recent years I have had a hard time with my mental health. Last year I had, what I and my parents suspect, a burn-out. For months I had no motivation, I cried every day, I didn't want to leave my bed. Nothing mattered any more. At school everything seemed normal, I tried so hard to seem happy, but as soon as I got home all my energy was gone. The thing is now, my ...
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Effexor XR withdrawal weird symptoms

Hello. I've only been on Effexor XR for a few months, but it wasn't working for my bipolar depression so the doctor agreed with me to taper off. I was on 150 mg, went down to 75 after one week and 37.5- for another week. Now- 3 days after stopping it totally, I'm noticing strange neck stretching- it feels like I need to move my neck to the left, several times to stop the feeling ...
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