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Does this sound like Quiet BPD?

I am a 38 year old male. My life hasn't gone the way I would have expected it to go by my age. For a number of years I have been trying to heal and understand what's been 'my problem'. I have had therapy for years and tried many different things like years of meditation (which has helped) among other things. But there is still something I can't seem to shake.

I have recently ...
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Am I on the Edge of an Episode?

My temper lately has been off the charts. I am in a horrible mood. I could just strike a match to the whole thing and never look back. I could just kill people with my eyes. I don't know what is wrong with me. Could I be on the edge of some sort of episode? The has been going on for over a week now. Any insight?
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Difficult to prescribe bipolar

Sever family members are bipolar; my sister is type 1, I am type 2. My son has been diagnosed and has been in and out of treatment for years. He is 34. Right now he is on lithium and the dose has been raised over many months. It is not 1800 mg. He is also on Haldol 1 to 2 mg. He has klonapin prn. Each medication seemed to work at first. But they all ...
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Last year I was diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder with signs of psychosis. How I found out is that at 41 years of age, I started hearing voices.
At first these voices were supportive. I had been praying a lot and the voice came to me as Jesus reminding me of all my great gifts. Telling me I was a fantastic actress, why don’t I act anymore? Reminding me that I used to love to ...
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Husband dealing with a BP wife who wants a divorce

I got blindsided by text messages on Nye saying she doesn't want to be with me anymore and she isn't in love with me. This just after we bought a house 2 months prior. I continued to get text bombs at work every day asking for a divorce.I finally got her to go to couples therapy twice where she's confessed to sleeping with people on and off through our 4 year marriage. This was registering ...
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have you meds stopped working?

Has anyone been on a med for a long time and then had it stop working? I've been on the same meds for 8 years (lithium is relatively new for me and we're still getting it into therapeutic range).

But the other two: Abilify and Lamictal, I've taken for 7 years. I remember them both pulling me out of mood swings and mania, but now its like they're doing nothing at all. I have had ...
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Thoughts on stigma

I just got off the phone w my Mom because I wanted to know if I have any family history of brain imbalances/mental illness. She said "No and don't you dare put ME in that category."
I was then thinking of how when someone is diagnosed with cancer or diabetes etc that people are more apt to show empathy and compassion compared to a mental illness. It might be because of the way it manifests ...
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Onset of mania when starting anti-depressant &/or Rexalti?

I saw a new doctor last week for help with symptoms of depression after trying to wean myself off of Cymbalta because I didn't have health insurance. He said he thinks I have Major Depression and PTSD and started me back on Cymbalta 60mg plus Rexalti 0.5mg. I was previously diagnosed w Bipolar II but this new dr thinks my episode years ago wasn't mania but was situational in nature as I had a ...
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Secretly Bipolar?

Hello all!

I’ve been stable for the past 2 years no episodes (I couldn’t be more thrilled thanks to my Latuda and very strict lifestyle).
The people who have met me in the past 2 years or didn’t know me very well when I was cycling like crazy have no idea about the life I used to live. In and out of the psych ward, psychosis, self harm, half way house,, etc)
I feel like ...
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Hey guys.

So for 12 years I have taken medication for depression/anxiety. On top of it have occasionally had treatment for ADD.

An stressful event happened to me about 7 months ago. In addition I graduated from a two year program and started a new job. Unfortunately I haven't stayed in great touch with friends from either last job or school. Only a couple friends and just occasionally.

So between being with friends less and ...
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