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Getting off Depakote

After a year or so I am giving my liver a break(vacation). I have gained weight lost hair and no visible effect. I am tapering slowly but surely. I am still on occasional thorazine to sleep and agitation (if).
I hope this is not a trigger, do not follow me cause people are different with different needs and severity of illness.
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Bipolar Disorder/ADHD or Both?

For the longest time I thought I was ADHD just because my brother was. I didn't want to accept the fact that I was Bipolar 1. We seemed to act the same way, like increased energy, doing a million things at one time. We both became easily distracted but I talked a lot and interrupted others.

The sound of being ADHD seemed to be more accepted in society than being bipolar. My symptoms were more ...
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Any one had akathesia


I wanted to get off the seroquel and my Dr prescribed me Latuda, thinks were going great, then I started to feel an 'uneasy' feeling in my stomach, it was tough to describe but 'uneasy' and 'soul less' is the best I can do, I think this is akathisia. after a few weeks of this I got suicidal and had to discontinue the Latuda.
Latuda worked so well at controlling my bipolor and I ...
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Hypomania episodes accelerated thinking nonstop talking

Being diagnosed with Bipolar 1 with hypomania episodes has always caused excessive talking but most people were interested due to the accelerated thinking. Conversation was interesting with new ideas and off the wall topics. This changed after being diagnosed with metastasized cancer. I thought people were avoiding me because I talked about my cancer too much which causes sensory overload. When a friend or family member calls to find out how you're doing? What did ...
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New User

I'm new to this forum. I lived all my life dealing with Anxiety and Anger management problems going from job to job almost becoming homeless a few times and I would have ended up either in Prison or dead had I not walked into a VA clinic when I was in my late 40's because I wanted help with my Depression. The doctor stated I was Bipolar and that I was an easy read. I ...
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New to Bipolar

I have just been diagnosed with Bipolar. I have been having cyclonic moods. Smoking seems to bring on mixed episodes. I do not want to go on lithium or psych meds. I think I can manage without it at this current point. Any tips on managing would be much regarded.
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Quiet forums

Hi All - this may be in the wrong place! I was just wondering what other people thought but I find the forums very quiet nowadays. When I first arrived it was very much a saviour for me with lots of posts and support but nowadays it seems quiet.
It is still the wonderful place it was - something I have always put down to positive Moderation. Whatever, its still a safe place.
I have ...
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*mod edit*

*mod edit*

(A nice thought but that would destroy our number one mandate- anonymity, sorry)
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Oxcarbazepine discussion

I've been taking Oxcarbazepine for over two years now and it's been very good for my mania. I'd like to get others opinions on it as well if anyone wants to chime in.
A Youtuber named *mod edit* and I have been commenting back and forth about Oxcarb on a video about it a guy made a few years ago so I thought I'd start this thread here so we could continue our discussion and ...
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Gaining weight on abilify

I’ve gained 15lbs since starting abilify in April. I feel so disgusting & my husband is also getting worried about my weight gain. I don’t feel attractive anymore & have really low self esteem. It’s either be on the meds that keep me level headed & get fat, or change my medication again & do it all on repeat.
I’m hoping I can possibly be put up on phentermine again in order to lose weight ...
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