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Re-introduce myself

Hello friends here in the Bipolar Forum,
If you'd like to also introduce yourself, that's great, but if you choose not to, that's ok as well.

I've been a member of Psychforums for many years. I joined in February of 2013, over 10 years ago. I came here to get support and share with "someone" about my illness that left me with few answers as to what it was, why I had it, HOW to ...
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How do occupational therapists collaborate with other mental

Hi, everyone, my name is Andrew, and I've been receiving mental health treatment for bipolar disorder from a psychologist and an occupational therapist. I'm curious how these professionals work collaboratively to provide more comprehensive care for individuals like me. I know each professional has expertise and focus, but I wonder how they can work together to support patients like me.
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Lithium toxicity long term symptoms

Just chasing some advice about Lithium toxicity. I'm Recently recovering from serious toxicity. It's been about 3 weeks bit I'm still feeling like $#%^, tremors have subsides but I still have some hand tremors, shakiness and weakness in my right wrist and hand. My doc said that it'd going to take time, especially considering my toxic levels.. but I'm becoming concerned that some of symptoms are still hanging around the shaking ttemor muscle weakness ...
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How do I overcome seeing negative outcomes?

I posted a similar post just now to Anger Management, but I can't find it. So I'll try here.

My sister and I have had communication problems for decades. We say something seemingly harmless and the other person gets their feelings hurt so bad it's unbearable. I have cut myself off from my sister at least three times, for close to a year each time.

Now we have cheerfully agreed to go to group therapy ...
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Trying to Cope with the diagnosis and my future

I've recently been diagnosed at 32 with bipolar I, after two strong manic episodes That required hospitalisation.

I'm currently on valproate, quetiapin and abilify.
It's been 6 months since the diagnosis and the manic episodes. I'm talking to my Doctor about getting off some of the medication but I don't know if it's even a good idea. I mean is this actually a manageable disease??

She says the idea would be for me to ONLY ...
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Trying to make sense of this illness

I've been diagnosed bipolar since 2012 where i got manic from a venlafaxine switch. Ever since that time i've been living under the impression that its not a moving illness, its me responding to medications, which lead to alot of questionable decisions.
Its become clear now that i do have a moving illness and that i get bad with or without medications, the medications only makes it less bad.

Im selftaught musician 3 yeards back ...
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Feeling like the universe is against me?

Just for the record...

I'm not a pedophile.
I'm not a rapist.
I'm not a child molester.
I haven't killed anyone.

I'm just a single mother with depression and anxiety.

I've made pretty "human" mistakes in my life and before the pandemic I thought I was improving greatly. For the first time I had a 40 hour week job, and I thought I was doing okay. Wasn't perfect, but okay. Well then got laid off. ...
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Bi Polar Depression Relapse After Breakup HELP!

I have recently broken up with my wife after a 6 year marriage, we have 1 child who is almost 2.
My wife suffers from ADHD and I have Bi-Polar I disorder. We are both on medication, my wife decided to stop taking her medication last year things slowly fell apart.
I left the house to save health and did not want my son to see us argue so we decided to co-parent.

I have ...
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I admire her...

Okay, so I watched this through for the first time last night, and I had a lot of feelings about it. First of all, I admire the performance of Charlize Theron, and second of all the raw emotion of this scene. The way you can feel sympathy for both characters, the wife, AND Charlize's character. The wife shows her strength by holding back (because we both know even though she's nice to her, she hates ...
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The loneliness killing me....

The problem with me is I know I have a problem but don't know how to express it. I am captured with so many thoughts and feelings at the same time that I really have no idea how to deal with this problem. At times I feel happy, then sad, angry, envious, irritating, high self esteem and then suddenly low self esteem. I have no one to talk to.. Or may be I have people ...
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