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Can you experience suicidal depression within cyclothymia?

These are what episodes look like:

1 week of cycling between hypomania, baseline and mild depression.

So like this: DAY 1: 1 pm; hypomanic, 2 pm; normal; 8 pm; hypomanic 10pm; empty, mild depression etc.
This lasts for a week then I crash into suicidal depression.

I found out this week that it’s not normal (in the context of BP), to cycle out of hypomania so quickly. I ...
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Rapid cycling or mixed???

So long story short, I was diagnosed with bipolar by two psychiatrists and a social worker. However I’m unsure about the type of episodes I experience.

My hypomania is essentially starting out the day normal then going manic then exhausted and mildly depressed to manic again, everyday for 1 week so I cycle between the 2 or 3 moods a day, everyday for a week. Then I’ll crash into suicidal depression when the week is ...
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Am I still depressed?

I have Bipolar II, and I have been navigating this condition ever since my teens, with it only getting worse as I aged.

I didn't start taking medications until about three years ago and even then I wasn't on bipolar medications until about two years ago (when we finally realized that I had Bipolar disorder). Once we discovered that I had bipolar disorder, my psychiatrist and I decided to try putting me on Antipsychotics. The first ...
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Seroquil withdrawls

So for the past year and a half I’ve been reducing seroquil in hopes of getting off of it. I was at 875 mg and I’m down to 175. The doctor really didn’t know how to practice medicine. I just reduced from 200 to 175 this week and things are going haywire again. Each time I reduce I’m like this but after I adjust I’m more well than I was at the higher dose. Things ...
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I'm Boring Now. Stable, but boring.

I feel boring now. I know that I need to be on my meds because it helps me not to have these screaming running fits when I get angry and look up to see everyone staring at me with their mouths hanging open. It’s just that before I became “stable.” I was much more outgoing and fun. Now I feel like I’m wrapped in cotton and almost as if I’m trapped inside myself. Sometimes I ...
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Im not sure what to say. I feel very scared because I feel close to the psych ward. Im depressed, having some level of psychosis, and I have suicidal thoughts running through my head. A friend asked if I was extra stressed out lately. Well, I've had the pleasure of fighting with state insurance to get the medication I need. For months, years, and also the past few days. Endless jumping through hoops. And here ...
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I began taking Cymbalta (to replace Lexapro) this past Monday. Since then I've had no appetite (which I appreciate), though I get ravenous at night; I've barely slept, leading to disorientation; and often I feel sick, though my pdoc told me that should pass after a week. I've been shaky (maybe due to waking up at 3am after 2 hours of sleep).

Does anyone else take Cymbalta? Are you having/have you had these symptoms?

I'm ...
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