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feeling out of control

i have gained 40 pounds. I weigh 190 pounds and feel like a slob. i went on the atkins diet about 4 years ago and felt great at 135 pounds. after i quit smoking 3 years ago i gradually gained the weight back -and then some! There is nothing phyically wrong me, i am just eating myself to death! it is embarrassing. i cant seem to stick to a diet- i loose ----binge ( and ...
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Interview for anyone to fill out!

1. How is Binge Eating different than other eating disorders?
2. What is the most common cause for Binge Eating Disorder?
3. What are some effects on people who have Binge Eating Disorder? How serious can they get?
4. What is the farthest you can let it go until you have reached a point where you can no longer receive help?
5. What is the best treatment for Binge Eating Disorder?
6. How exactly do ...
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Helpful workshop

I saw this I thought it might be helpful. I know my friend who is battling an eating disorder thought it sounded helpful. It’s a workshop called “Compulsive Eating as an invitation to Soulful Living”

“This one day workshop for compulsive eaters examines the truth behind the realities of appearances. The disconnection between the heart/soul and the mind supports illusions and tangled belief systems that often manifest in the physical as a disconnection from ...
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Gender/sexuality as applied to binge eating

Ok, so I have, and have had, binge eating disorder for 2 years. A lot of it dealt with the messages I was indirectly told as a child based on my family situation.
But now I feel I have another insight into my binging. I am a girl who's in a relationship with a girl, but the thing is, I'm SO afraid of guys. I hate the gender role men play in a woman's life. ...
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For Family/friends/lovers of an Eating Disorder Sufferer...

I posted this in the Bulimia, Anorexia and the Binge Eating board as it didn't seem right to just post in one place..

Anyway, a friend of mine has recently made a message board for people who know somebody with an eating disorder.
He made it with the idea of giving family, friends or loved ones of eating disordered people a place where they could come together and discuss things.
Its a Pro-Understanding, Education, and ...
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Wife's eating disorder

My wife is almost 50 and I am almost 60. We have been married for 3 years. We met at work and dated for a year before marrying. I thought I knew her bacground well. After we married she began telling me things I did not know. The first thing she confessed was suffering from depression. The second thing she confessed was having a sexual affair with a man I knew (this was before we ...
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what's wrong with me?

Hi, i kind of stumbled apon this site when i was researching eating disorders. Well, actually i think i might have one. Reviewing other web sites, i think i may have binge eating/compulsive eating disorder. Everything that was mentioned about it sounds pretty much the same as what i have. I sit at home alone, when my fiance is at work, and eat, eat, eat. Anything that i can get my hands on, even though, ...
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binge eating help

Hi, I am a 15 years old and am concerned with my eating habits. I have been researching eating disorders online and I have come to believe i have a compulsive eating disorder. ALthough i am not seriously overweight (5'4" and 125 lbs), I can not control my eating habits. I try to go on diets but by the end of the day i find myself binging on food. I am constantly embarrassed by the ...
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old rules

Welcome to PsychForums.com!

The rules here are simple, this is an open forum and we would like to keep it that way.

Watch Your Language Please. We understand the use of certain words, but please do not go overboard or we will need to start censoring those words.
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Be Respectful of Others. Please do not post hateful or ...
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