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recurrent binge eating

I'm new on this forum. 48 years old mother, I have binge eating twice a week for 6 months now. I had a few years ago and took 20 kilos, then I lost that weight with weight watchers method. 6 months ago, binge eating came back, and I have taken 3 kilos. I would like to stop it, but I can't find the solution. I just discover this forum.
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Breakfast/Lunch Routine

My weight has fluctuated a lot over the years and I've found that getting into a routine with meals is the best for my weight.

Breakfast: Oatmeal or eggs or granola/fruit
Lunch: Salad
Dinner: varies widely

I find that if I eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, I eat a fairly healthy dinner. I keep a routine for breakfast and lunch and use dinner as kind of a cheat meal occasionally (still moderate portions).
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Today is the day I admit I have a problem.

I have never posted in a forum before, but here goes. I have a binge eating problem. I have had it for the past 4 months or so. It all started 6 months ago when I decided to start a diet. At first I was doing really well. I stopped eating junk food and sweets, reduced meal sizes and begun exercising. I was eating healthily for once so, naturally, I started losing weight.
But, ...
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Recovery (?)

Hey everyone,

This is my first time posting here but I found this forum as a result of me struggling with relatively intense binge eating urges at the moment and looking for some help.

Though I'd like to think I've begun recovering from binge eating starting this year, recovery has presented me with an entirely different set of challenges. Recovery came about from me reaching a breaking point last year where I got so fed ...
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Mother's healthy food obsession triggering?

My family recently moved in with my mother temporarily (for the next 5 months). My mom is newly (past few years) obsessed with healthy eating, her vegan/vegetarian diet, and is making it a point to narrate what she is eating and how good it is for her. She brags about her new dietary lifestyle and tsks at those of us who dare not to eat just like her, since she's found the answer to healthy ...
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I need Help

Hi and thanks for reading my post.

I have been binge eating off and on for around 10 years. Even as a child I would hoard food and sneak it an night later. Now, I am miserable and unhealthy. My body and mind are suffering. All I really eat is fast food. I do cook on occasion after I get too disgusted with myself. I will meal prep and it all goes to waste because ...
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I Binged Again Today

Everyday I've been struggling with binging.. This morning I ate 2 bowls of cereal, several cookies, pieces of chocolate, bread, ice cream, half a plantain, some watermelon and cranberries.. >_< OK, I'll try my best to not binge in the future.. I just felt I had to vent this.
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This is my first time posting here, but I need help. I have always struggled with my weight and have had serious issues with binging for most of my life. However, July 1st was my 4 year anniversary of when I decided to make a change and I have mostly been successful with this. I have lost a bunch of weight in those 4 years , but I still don't quite have the body ...
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Need some guidance and advice (Newbie)

Hi everyone

Please excuse any typos or bad grammar! I am not a natural writer.

Sorry If I have posted this in the wrong session

I just need a little bit of advice, guidance or stern talking to!

My situation at the moment is not that bad! I come from a small island with close knit friends and family. I do not really have the opportunity to meet new people and I suffer from low ...
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Today I admit to myself I have a problem.

Hi everyone! So today is tbe day that I am admitting to myself that I have a binge eating problem. I am a 31 y/0 wife and mother of three. I am struggling with obesity.
I don't know where to start. I just ate an entire container of chips ahoy cookies-family size. In less than 15 minutes. I feel disgusting, depressed and hopeless.
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