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Delivery/Pick Up Grocery Services

I've noticed a lot of stores now offer delivery of groceries, or a service where you can order your food online and they will bag it up for you and you can just pick it up. I tried this last night. Still had some paranoia about the two interactions I did have but it was a lot better than I think it would have been actually going in the store. Prices vary but I think ...
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Hello please can I have some help

Hi , I am new here, I wasn't sure where else to get support from, I don't think I can bring myself to see my GP about any of this, I feel embarrassed and worry that it will all look very bad. But it is nice to read that I am not alone with this, I have been extremely shy all my life, but now I am even more shy and sensitive and care a ...
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Avoidant personality disorder with depressive symptoms + BDD

Hi. I'm 21 years old female and I got diagnosed with Avoidant Personality Disorder with Depressive symptoms + Body dysphoric Disorder.
I feel lost and numb all the time. I try to talk to people but I fear everyone will reject me, and feeling ugly and seeing only but a disfigured face in the mirror doesn't help either. My family are non-supportive and my father has anger issues and has neglected me for my whole ...
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Short Psychology Survey!

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Feeling a bit lost


I've been through a lot in the last few years. I've lost my mum, and my mother in law. My in-laws fell out with me at that most difficult time, even though it wasn't down to my actions. My step father has drifted away, which has deeply affected my daughter. I see much less of my brother - who I feel isn't all that bothered.

I've had friends leave me and lose touch - ...
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First post

Have you ever looked around a crowd or a store and wondered where are the "low functioning" people you hear sharing their struggles online, and why does everyone you see in real life seem fine and casual if someone talks to them and no one is in fight/flight/freeze? Many of the people who talk about their anxious/paranoid behavior online say they have jobs or graduated college, so they're obviously not all hiding at home. How ...
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Best friend of 6 years has AVPD and it's been causing issues

She's been my best friend for 6 years, and while she's had her times of being kinda distant, it feels like recently it's gotten worse. Last year she ghosted me for a couple months. When I confronted her, she told me she gets into a cycle where after being distant, she's afraid to come back because she's worried I'll be mad at her and stop caring about her.

So after that got sorted out, our ...
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The Courage to be disliked

I posted here a month or two ago about how I’m treating my avpd and I’ve been better than ever. I can’t stress enough how important self reflection and acceptance is when treating things like these. I’m not saying accept your situation since it’s not going to change for the rest of your life and move on. What you need to do is accept your fears and anxieties and impulses and when they come over ...
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How's life?

What you've got on your plate? What are you struggling with? Are you doing relatively well? Do things suck?
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rumination tics

I tend to ruminate constantly about my recent social interactions, whether my insecurity about it is real or imagined , it doesn't matter

the shame (I think) of my rumination builds and builds in my mind until I actually have a vocal or body tic

is this something anyone else experiences?
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