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I've been diagnosed with many mental health disorders over the years. Major depressive disorder on the bipolar spectrum, generalised and social anxiety disorder, ADHD, PTSD. I've always struggled to understand why I'm like I am and why I feel so completely different to everyone else.

My daughter is very mentally ill now and I have been reading everything I can find about different disorders to try and understand how she can get the help she ...
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Questions about AvPD, help?

Do those with AvPD idealize similarly to BPD?

Is it common for those with AvPD to be codependent on those they trust?

What is it like to date someone with AVPD?

How does those with AVPD handle conflict in a relationship?
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Effectiveness of CBT

Does anyone have any insight into the value of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) as opposed to the more conventional (usually psychodynamic) kinds of therapy? It seems to me that AvPD (and PDs in general) would be less amenable to behavioural treatment, but it's difficult to argue with its results in other fields.
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sick of trying

I'm feeling really depressed, life is completely meaningless and pointless. If I could click my fingers and I would be gone I would do it. 30 years, I have been battling this. never ending clouds with no rays of sunshine. I keep running into brick walls and I am just so sick and tired of it. Im sick of trying.
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Does anyone here feel the threat of others' judgement even

...even when they are at home, safe and alone?
Hello, I am new to the forum. I don't have an official diagnosis of AvPD - I am comorbid bi-polar and autistic. What makes me think I am AvPD is this relentless sense of impending, negative judgement from the people I know that spoils my safe, alone time (as well as the time I spend out and about).
I fulfill the requisite number of symptoms form ...
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avpd as a disability

I am 48 and I have had avpd since my early teens, it affects every area of my life. I have no friends, I am estranged form my family, (for the last 20 years) I am under employed, ive been on benefits my whole adult life, I have been single most of my adult life. I have put my self out there over and over with disastrous results. I get so frustrated because I feel ...
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rejection pain

When you have no social network or family and you are poor and struggle with social interaction if in desperation you reach out to someone and they reject you even though they are in a position to help it feels so bad. I want to put it into words but it is so hard. Not only are you dealing with the original difficult situation but now you have to also deal with the pain of ...
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I watched a programme the other day where these four guys were on a building site digging a trench, but the sandy trench began collapsing on top of them. Water began filling the trench and a bolder fell and trapped the men. The were up to their chests in the sand and water, and it was slowly crushing them. As fast as the sand was removed, more fell on top of them. One man got ...
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New Year


I hope you have a good year. With hope and moments of joy.
And take care of yourself.
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