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Well I'm Finally Getting Help...

But the circumstances are well, pretty horrific. Basically my inability to force myself to do my job has landed my boss in hot water and the business will probably be gone soon. He's an asshat but it's still going to be horrible.

Been under incredible stress of course. Have an appt to go see my dr. for depression because at this point I feel like I have no choice. Have considered some extreme options but ...
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I really need some advise, please


I realize this is really long and probably extremely boring to read, especially since it's just going to sound like I'm complaining, but I would be so thankful if someone could still read what I have to say and if possible share some kind of advise on what I should do.
My life is mess. I'm about to turn 40 and I've been suffering from anxiety my whole life, although it got really bad ...
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Hi everyone. 39 yo male from Melbourne with avpd

Hi peoples :) just wanted to introduce myself. I just moved to Melbourne and as someone with avpd am finding things extremely difficult. I have had what I thought was social anxiety since 14 years old, but it got better for a while during my 20s, then steadily progressed to avpd which I now have to deal with. I have tried finding specific help groups here in ...
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Are you missing a dead "twin?"

Although I was only diagnosed with AvPD 7 years ago, my whole life I've felt as though I missing a part of myself - it is a feeling that my 'twin' - a part of me from day one - died at birth. He is the missing part of me. In my youth I was so adamant in this belief that at age twelve I accused my parents of 'giving away (or killing!) my twin' ...
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I was talking online for long time
with a guy I suspect has avoidant personality acording what he was telling me about himself and his feelings. the previous week was about to see him for first time as he visited my country to meet his family, but he just disappeared and thats because we had a confict because i dated once a guy before ever meet him just for one time and told him ...
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Avpd is ruining my relationships and body

I have avoidant and dependent personality disorder with several other phobias. I let this go untreated due to anxiety. I can't stand the though of people not liking me or approving of me. Even as simple as random encounters. I want to be accepted so bad I actively do and say things to influence a positive reaction. If I recieve criticisms from other I become severely depressed, sometimes I might go as far as hurting ...
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AVPD - Questioning?

I’m 20 and my whole life I’ve struggled with social problems. I never rose my hand in class. I used to cry after every single school presentation. I used to love making friends in elementary and middle school but as I got into high school I began closing myself off. Two years into college and I haven’t made a single friend, even though in my head, I want many friends to hang out with. I ...
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feeling avoidant?or not?the reasons etc??

Hey...i lived a long life of good and bad feelings really..life seems to be such a struggle,or a battle of surviving?i bet i suffer from deeper OCD feelings which created a feeling of distrust in whoever i encounter..does this sounds familiar to anyone of you on here?if yes..elaborate..what did you do?or what can anyone of us do regarding this matter...is avoiding??just a way to become introvert?closed up?egocentrical?any answers,my friends? *mod edit- link removed*
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Is this the same as Experiential Avoidance?

I've bee struggling with OCD for decades. High does of SSRIs have worked wonders, but CBT/ERP never seemed to "fit." They require specific triggers/obsessions/compulsions to be listed and worked on, but I have a half dozen themes fighting for attention at any given moment. Someone on another forum suggested Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which I had never heard of. A bit of reading led to something called Experiential Avoidance (EA) and, for the first ...
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I am reaching out, please see me

I've tried my best to be strong, way more than I could've ever imagined, and now started to crack, so I'm reaching out to all of you, hoping to make some sense of what's going on.
I'm an anxious preoccupied, seeing a dismissive avoidant for the past 2 years. He's a DJ so spends most of his nights at clubs and bars for many years and that's how we hooked up first. He's also ...
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