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Subject(s) absent from therapy

Well. So I really like my CBT, I am extremely grateful to my therapist.

She has helped me a lot and I believe that with her I am able to progress further.

However. There is a subject or an area that falls through cracks. One of my problems, that I suppose is unsurprising for a person with AVPD, is that I have never been in any kind of ‘romantic’ (or whatever you call it) relationship, ...
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Social isolating

With the current climate with Covid-19, much of the rest of the world seems to be struggling with the idea of social distancing, or total isolation. Not sure about other avoidants, but the idea of shutting myself away for 6 months doesn't really bother me. Sure, I do need some contact with people, but keeping it to what I'm comfortable with is usually quite hard. I would like to go to the gym because it ...
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Feels like no one really sees me

Sorry this got so long, but I saw a psychiatrist who said I have traits of AvPD. Having a tough time and looking for advice, or even anyone who can relate and sympathize with my situation. Thanks <3

I've been feeling like no one really knows me. Through most of school, drifted between friend groups over the years, always getting bored or feeling trapped in a group after a year. Then finally found a stable ...
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Dealing with 'reactions' from strangers

How do you deal? You know feeling bad about yourself that day, and having other people stare at you a lot and looking at you a certain way, and anxiously judging the situation to think they're making fun of you.

Lets put out heads together to get over this.
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Avoidant perspective? Should I reach out?

My avoidant bf of 2.5 years and I (anxious) recently broke up 3 weeks ago. We have struggled with classic anxious avoidant issues during our entire relationship, in addition to being long distance. He finally broke up with me unilaterally (even though we planned to discuss the state of our relationship the day he did it) and refused to discuss it with me. The next day I desperately texted him asking to talk and asking ...
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Avpd and Social life

I'm new here, I'm so glad I found this forum. English in not my mother tongue, but I'm trying my best. :)
So, I'm not diagnosed, but I have most of the "symptoms", and I really believe this is it, since few years ago when I first read about avpd.
Well, I'm not sociable at all, I'm very shy around people I don't know. So the ...
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People make me so anxious that I can’t even watch tv.

If they’re not making me anxious they’re pissing me off because they’re so frikkin happy and normal.

Anybody else experience this?
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trying to get anything going at all?

I am 39 years old. From about the age of 12 or so I began having extremely debilitating anxiety. It peaked at about the age of 17 until about 28. I had horrible acne and I had a lot of cognitive dissonance for a long, long time, so nothing.. nothing ever worked out; from asking women out for dates, to working. I feel I am on the mend to a large extent, as my cognitive ...
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Recently diagnosed with AvPD. Tips?

I got diagnosed with AvPD today and I honestly feel really surprised. I thought no one would ever understand, that I'm an idiot for craving friendships and connections I will never be able to establish without tremendous amounts of help and will struggle to keep in contact with people even though I so badly want to. That I'm being overly dramatic for getting an anxiety attack before meeting friends I've subconsciously pushed away, that I'm ...
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Introduction and greetings from the UK

Hello everyone,

I wanted to write a quick introduction to you all. I've been intending to post an intro. on this forum for a couple of years. But somehow I've always managed to talk myself out of it... (Anyone else been here?)
I've read several posts on here I can really relate to.
So here goes:


I'm 38 years old, male and I live in Scotland. I've recently returned to working in mental health ...
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