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AVPD diagnosed,which therapy worked for you finally?

Hi,i've diagnosed with AVPD 3 years ago,i've tried schema therapy without success,i've got drugs efexor for 1,5 year and stopped them with success,now i'm doing group therapy,started a month ago.

I have most of the symptoms the disorder involving,lack of friendships,lack of relationships,social anxiety,it's hard to open up and talk for my self,introvertion and extreme shyness my worst issues i have to face. :|
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Addiction to Fantasy Life (Daydreaming)

I had no idea where to place this OP but this seemed like the most appropriate.

Since I was a child, I have had an ongoing habit of escaping into various fantasy worlds in which I'm both free from the pressure, anxiety, grief and discomfort of the real world and somewhat enabled to indulge in any and all of my heart desires (relationships, control, wealth, prestige, celebrity, admiration, etc - sometimes a combination of several ...
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AVPD: they have to have a code for what you already knew...

ive been thinking about why i find therapy so difficult after so many years. i imagine it's difficult for most people, but i have my particular reasons. 

the big one i think is that it is not okay for me to accept myself, which kind of makes therapy a challenge. it's not okay for me to accept myself because i am not acceptable. morally, socially, economically, i am unacceptable. 

it is not in reality good to be me. if ...
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Self Diagnosis?

Do you think it's stupid to diagnose yourself especially if it's a special interest?

Just wondering, because I'm almost certain I fall on borderline, narcissist, antiscocial, adhd spectrum and GAD...

I've only been diagnosed Bipolar and GAD, and as far as I know Add, but just confused why people get so mad about self diagnosis. Maybe not a full diagnosis but definitely on spectrum overlapping traits.

Is any of it even real?

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Avoidant Personality Disorder & Depression


After trying to manage this for the past 2 years on my own I am finally reaching out to people in similar situations for some guidance. I’ll keep it as short as I possibly can.

I’ve been married to my husband for 6 years, together for 10 years and no children.

I had a lot of love for my husband and I’ve always desired him. I’ve always said I wanted to be with someone ...
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Challenges at Work

I just had terrible few days at work. Basically, my colleague went to our boss to complain about me. I am still pissed she didn't have the guts to talk to me directly. I handled it the best I could by having a mask on, playing nice and not reacting. The problem though it still stings. I guess I'm posting to vent.

I've gotten to the point where I have to include myself in coversations. ...
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That's why

I was diagnosed as having AvPD by a psychiatrist back in 2008. I think I assumed that was simply descriptive: I avoid things, no kidding. I've only just found out that it includes a good deal of aetiology as well.

A few weeks back, my mother, amazingly, apologised for being very hard on me when I was little.
(This was prompted by her struggles to care for a close and currently very depressed friend who ...
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*TW* My life story rant

I'm a 27-year-old woman with AvPD and have never had a job and boyfriend because of my debilitating anxiety and fear of humiliating myself. I spent my early 20's in my house unbelievably and desperately depressed, and wouldn't leave my house more than 5 times a year. Even though I have always been inconsistent about seeking out therapy I have grown to be stronger and slightly confident. Growing up I was a very nervous quiet ...
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Unable to take a short break without falling into avoidance

Funny how I have been working on my AVPD for a few years now, analysing it through and through, and still it happens that I suddenly discover patterns that have been there all this time.

I was wondering if others notice this problem and have a way of dealing with it.

The thing is that I have a problem with 'taking a day off' - it's not that I can't stop working or don't get ...
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