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Hi guys

Why do I do this? It's like every time I'm about to reach a "breakthrough" I get this huge urge to procrastinate. For example I just found an article that could be of huge help in a new job I started but instead of reading it I get the overwhelming urge to "take a break". However when I'm just reading other articles that aren't that 'important' I can read them just fine all ...
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Is it ADHD?

Good Evening!

First sorry for my english.
Since I am kid I'm jumping and walking in my room thinking and imaginating things. I was a good pupils in elementary school thanks to my mom who made me works. I was bullied and I had no friend until I turn 16.
I failed at the Test of attention performance. I have a heterogenic hq 131 of verbal 128 in working memory 90 in perceptual memory and ...
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bein told you talk too much or make a big deal out of things

(I know the title should say "being told" but I ran out of space.)

Have any of you ADHDers been accused of talking too much, or making a big deal out of things?
Is this common?

I get it ALL. THE. TIME. I feel like everyone wants me to act like the things that are important to me are "nothing", and that when I try to explain myself, they don't want to read or hear ...
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ADD Help

Hello all,
When I was a child (looking back now) I had a high level of ADD but my father refused medication so I went through school and had a tough time. Now I'm 48 and find my ADD is out of control. I've been fired from jobs, pissed off family members etc as I cannot focus on anything. I do get spurts of attention but its never for what I should be doing. I've ...
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SSRI? ADHD meds? Overwhelmed

I know it's different for everyone. I just would like to get input from people here, if you all don't mind.

Quick background: At 7, we had a psychiatrist evaluate our son because he was having trouble at school, was endlessly fidgeting and active, and was angry a lot. He was dx'ed with mild ADHD, ODD, Tourette's, OCD. The psych didn't recommend medication at the time, because our son was so young and, like us, ...
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I finally decided to stop procrastinating and schedule an appointment with my doctor this week to discuss my thoughts and I'm just trying to get things written down so I can bring them up with him so that I don't forget. Any insight into this would be appreciated.

I've had focus problems all my life, but recently they've been getting more and more apparent and unmanageable(Not that they ever were). I've been doing some googling ...
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Does ADHD cause problems with forming emotional connections

This is something I’ve noticed in the past as a problem I have, and I’m curious if anyone else has noticed something similar.

I’ve just noticed that when I’m trying to gauge feelings and such or on a date I’m never gonna have that kind of connection. Ever. I’m just constantly over analyzing myself. The best first date - in this sense - that I went on was one where instantly decided there wouldn’t be ...
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How do I eliminate these life-threatening ADHD conditions? M

I'm a 24 year old male. I've been generally socially isolated (lack of consistent communication/barely-no friends) for 10+ years, and deal with various mental health issues because of it. The reason why this occurred was because of things that were out of my control that transpired at the age of 12. I was taken out of school for three years due to family abuse and negligent parents. Three years later, going back into school, I ...
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advice on medication for concentration for non-diagnosed

I am currently taking wellbutrin as antidepressant and for concentration (I was not able to read even one paragraph without being distracted mainly by my thoughts but really anything, not able to finish essays, making mistakes in simple tasks, forgetting something at home and having to go back four flights of stairs, losing focus even while having sex, losing things, cards, keys, locking myself out, etc.) but the psychiatrist decided to eliminate the possibility of ...
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what kind of ADHD is this?

I coped some years with this, never trusted that someone else could solve it for me, but as of lately I learned that talking to people can give you some great insights!

I think the problem could be nested under the psychological/mental problems. I believe that I am spiritually in a good place & physically fine except from a bad diet(& not as much exercise I would’ve liked). Socially/Family-wise I am also in a good ...
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