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Learning to Cope With Adut ADHD

Hey everyone. Greetings and thanks for stopping by for a read.

I won't start with my name yet until I get to know the site a bit better, but I'm in Eastern Canada and I'm 57 years old. Last year I got in trouble with the law when a lot of abuse from my past finally caught up with me. I did nothing to hurt anyone, I just had stuff I shouldn't have had.

I ...
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Just need a friend

I'm hoping to find here someone with whom I can relate. I just need to hear (or read) someone say, "I understand." The only family I have are a husband, an adult daughter who lives far away, and an adult niece who stays with me on and off. They are sick of hearing the word ADD. In fact they're rarely interested in anything I want to say. Now my horror story: I wasn't diagnosed until ...
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I love the edit feature on forums

If only there was one in real life so I could stop making stupid mistakes lol
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I suspect I have undiagnosed ADD?

I already see a psychiatrist for OCD and have an appointment itomorrow. I suspect I had ADD. I am very disorganized. I am late to things, forget things, lose things frequently, etc. I am bad at time management. I am currently involved with my state's vocational rehabilitation program. They send me to job club where you spend 2 hours a week at an organization looking for jobs. Otherwise I don't look for jobs on my ...
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Rejection sensitive dysphoria

Have any of you heard of rejection sensitive dysphoria and its affiliation with ADD/ADHD?

Interesting article about it. I definitely think I have this.
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Anyone feeling this way?

My whole life I had this personality of being clumsy, talkative, funny, positive, and distracted. People knew me and accepted me like this. Since I got diagnosed, and started medication, I totally feel like another person, i don’t joke as much as I usually do, I prefer to be on my own, and even people ask me if I’m okay, it’s like my emotions were silenced or flattened. However, it has helped me a lot ...
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What can I do for my coordination?

I don't know if any of you are this way, but I find ADHD has made me extremely clumsy and uncoordinated. I think I may have poor neuromuscular control, but I'm not sure if I can be tested or not.

I have always had trouble with holding or carrying things since I was a child. I also tend to stumble when walking.

Is there anything that can be done for this?
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Should ADHD be defined more specifically?

Fails to give close attention to detail, makes careless mistakes
Difficulty sustaining attention
Doesn’t listen when spoken to directly
Doesn’t follow through on instructions, doesn’t finish things
Difficulty organizing tasks/activities
Often avoids, dislikes tasks that require sustained mental effort
Often loses things necessary for tasks/activities
Often easily distracted

Six of these behaviours are supposed to show ADHD. Is this not too general. To illustrate almost every child has these behaviours to some degree.
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Have been officially declared as a member offline. Hi there

Greetings all.

This information as an official diagnosis comes at a time when I am pregnant and required to stop Ritalin LA I was taking.

Anything natural I can take as a stimulant and potencial harms?

(Doctors are also looking into this.)

Would appreciate your assistance.

Best regards to y'all.
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prescription issues

I have been on most SSRIs known to man and even a great deal of SNRI medications and currently am prescribed an antipsychotic which i am not doing well with. The dr just wants me to keep trying medications that havent worked over and over again. I have taken dextroamphetamine that i got from a friend at a very reasonable dose for a few months and ive never felt more calm, collected and stable in ...
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