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Can i really have aspergers pls help

Pls excuse my bad grammar, i am not a native english speaker. This will be a long post so i apologize in advance.

Hi, i wanted to ask for advice on this forum if i actually have aspergers or not. I was officially diagnosed as a child, but i don't think i actually have it. I am seriously confused about all this, going from thinking i might have it to believing i definitely don't. I ...
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i dont know how to act

ok i dont know if i have aspergers iv always suspected i might have anyways the problem iv been having is with socializing. for example, i would keep a journal and just jot down things iv learned in life. and i learned that your thoughts/mind controls your actions/behavior so im watching my thoughts (because iv been dealing with depression and i dont want a negative thought to influence a negative action and i also thought ...
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Pre-Invention Aspie

I'm self diagnosed and fit most of the criteria for having Asperger's.
If this diagnosis is correct and is something a person is born as then I was and aspie before it was invented.

As a kid the solution for a lot of the "issues" possibly related to Asperger's was "ass whippin". I was raised as an only child, not with my other siblings or actual parents, kept in, not allowed to interact with other ...
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Am I Autistic?

Hello, I am school teacher (I have schizophrenia and PTSD). I also tutor children with autism after school. I have been researching a lot about Autism as well as Asperger's, but was only interacting with boys for awhile. Now I have girls too. And I'm researching more and more on how it often plays out differently. I feel very much like these girls. For instance, I read excessively to learn how to behave. It imitate ...
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Anyone else hate people outside?

You know... when you're alone, in the woods and happy, but then you meet a family or some group of people and it really ruins your day? It is only me?
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Apologies to anyone I offended / brainwashed (8+ years ago)

I just came back here after a roughly 8-year hiatus, and discovered some of the stuff I had posted back in those days.

If anyone remembers anything I said back in the day, I'm sorry. Since then I have had a total change of ideology on account of some undeniable life experiences. Where I was once a super-religious conservative, I have since renounced religion and become the most liberal person I know. I was a ...
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Adult Meltdown - Your Experience

Please share the trigger, how long and how were you coping?

I need to figure it out and avoid this when I am with a good friend.

Thanks appreciate it.
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New Aspie here

Hello. I hope you all are well and healthy. Female in her late 20s here :)
I'm back on the forum after yet another period of severe anxiety and depression, resulting in difficulties with my husband. Because of this, I am once again in therapy, which seems to be going well. In a couple days, I'll be meeting with a psychiatrist for an initial intake and potential ...
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Do people with Aspergers grieve differently to others?

I've been told that my lack of grief may be the result of my Aspergers. I've had my grandmother die of old age, aunt of cancer. Also had a friend die by suicide. In all of these deaths, I felt shocked and sad, but never cried or felt devastated. I moved on quickly. My parents have always said that there must be something wrong with me in general because I don't show normal emotions and ...
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Female Asperger's and am gay

I am 27 and still struggling to deal with the world of dating, especially since I am also still struggling to accept myself and my sexuality specifically. Is there anybody here with Asperger's who has any advice or anecdotes to help me gain some insight and knowledge in this area, please? :?: :? ...
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