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I was diagnosed with Aspergers when I was almost 16, which is kinda late I guess, and it wasn't really that much of a surprise except in the beginning because I had always felt different in some way but could never really figure out why. For years I noticed that my friends and classmates could easily talk to each other, talk to strangers, ask for help and talk in front of the class, while I ...
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I hate my Asperger's - I'm a muppet

I was diagnosed Asperger's 2005. I hate this!

I'm not social, I only had a few longer relationship with girlfriends, which ended when I mupped away them... It seems that I like nuclear physics more than girlfriends...

How to be more normal?
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Aspie workplace question (sexism)

Greetings all,

I am 42 years old. It has only been within the last 10 years that I was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. I am Native American and gay....a triple minority as an aspie. I realize that is not the most political question I could ask...but what the hell. How many aspies faces greater discrimination from women than men?

I realize that there is a lot packed into that question. I know Asperger's syndrome has ...
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Is this woman real or not?

I messaged a woman on a dating site. My very first message was fine, but, after she responded, my next message was a big rant complaining about another woman that rejected me the previous day, and then a long rant how no woman ever gives me a chance. She said "hey I am giving you a chance". Anyway, to make long story short, we became official within a day. IF THATS TRUE that looks great: ...
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accidentally making fun of people I talk to

this may sound weird but sometimes I don't notice that I said something that could hurt someone, especially the person that I am talking to.
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i think i grew out of aspergers?

hey! i'm jack. when i was seven years old, i was diagnosed with asperger's syndrome disorder; it was completely justified. i had no social skills and yet was top in the class in almost everything, i had no understanding of social cues and couldn't grasp facial expressions and sarcasm.
i'm now sixteen, and i think i've grown out of asperger's syndrome? i'm still kind of shy, but i think that's just my personality. i'm popular ...
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How Can I Live Harmoniously With My Aspie Husband?

I really need for my husband and I to make changes before it's too late.
He's very fussy about small details, how can I cope with this? He's always trying to 'educate me' on better ways of doing things.
How can I make him understand my needs?

I want him to do things I like without complaining about it. How can we compromise?

Can anyone give some advice on how to live harmoniously?

What can ...
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Getting Stressed Out When Things Are Moved/Changed

This is my first time posting here, and I was hoping to get some input. I've been to multiple psychiatrists, and I've had so many different labels thrown at me (ADHD, OCD, Social Anxiety, ASD/AD, Depression, etc.). I feel like I have a bunch of varying/overlapping issues and no clear understanding of how certain symptoms correspond to a particular disorder. One thing that I often read about with ASD/Asperger's is a dislike for change. I ...
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Interpretation of Matt 24:17

I tried talking to other people about my interpretation of Matt 24:17 and they all disagreed with me, apparently not even knowing why I thought that way on the first place. So, this time, let me present it a little bit differently. Before talking about that verse, let me talk about my own childhood, and then you will see exactly why I read that verse the way I do.

I am originally from Russia (I ...
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Aspie BF with traumatized GF sex problems

Hi all. I hope this posts finds you well. I have a dilemma and no one to turn to really.
My boyfriend has aspergers and he’s very sexual which isn’t a problem except he tells me that’s like the only way to bond with him and me coming from a sexually traumatic background that’s the last thing I want to hear and as a result of my background I am not very sexual. The problem ...
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