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Aspie workplace question (sexism)

Greetings all,

I am 42 years old. It has only been within the last 10 years that I was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. I am Native American and gay....a triple minority as an aspie. I realize that is not the most political question I could ask...but what the hell. How many aspies faces greater discrimination from women than men?

I realize that there is a lot packed into that question. I know Asperger's syndrome has ...
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Is this woman real or not?

I messaged a woman on a dating site. My very first message was fine, but, after she responded, my next message was a big rant complaining about another woman that rejected me the previous day, and then a long rant how no woman ever gives me a chance. She said "hey I am giving you a chance". Anyway, to make long story short, we became official within a day. IF THATS TRUE that looks great: ...
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accidentally making fun of people I talk to

this may sound weird but sometimes I don't notice that I said something that could hurt someone, especially the person that I am talking to.
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i think i grew out of aspergers?

hey! i'm jack. when i was seven years old, i was diagnosed with asperger's syndrome disorder; it was completely justified. i had no social skills and yet was top in the class in almost everything, i had no understanding of social cues and couldn't grasp facial expressions and sarcasm.
i'm now sixteen, and i think i've grown out of asperger's syndrome? i'm still kind of shy, but i think that's just my personality. i'm popular ...
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How Can I Live Harmoniously With My Aspie Husband?

I really need for my husband and I to make changes before it's too late.
He's very fussy about small details, how can I cope with this? He's always trying to 'educate me' on better ways of doing things.
How can I make him understand my needs?

I want him to do things I like without complaining about it. How can we compromise?

Can anyone give some advice on how to live harmoniously?

What can ...
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Getting Stressed Out When Things Are Moved/Changed

This is my first time posting here, and I was hoping to get some input. I've been to multiple psychiatrists, and I've had so many different labels thrown at me (ADHD, OCD, Social Anxiety, ASD/AD, Depression, etc.). I feel like I have a bunch of varying/overlapping issues and no clear understanding of how certain symptoms correspond to a particular disorder. One thing that I often read about with ASD/Asperger's is a dislike for change. I ...
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Interpretation of Matt 24:17

I tried talking to other people about my interpretation of Matt 24:17 and they all disagreed with me, apparently not even knowing why I thought that way on the first place. So, this time, let me present it a little bit differently. Before talking about that verse, let me talk about my own childhood, and then you will see exactly why I read that verse the way I do.

I am originally from Russia (I ...
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Aspie BF with traumatized GF sex problems

Hi all. I hope this posts finds you well. I have a dilemma and no one to turn to really.
My boyfriend has aspergers and he’s very sexual which isn’t a problem except he tells me that’s like the only way to bond with him and me coming from a sexually traumatic background that’s the last thing I want to hear and as a result of my background I am not very sexual. The problem ...
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When NTs acts aspergerish about certain topics...........

Why isn't it criticized?

Some preliminary stuff. Read this link I found on reddit.

https://www.reddit.com/r/aspergers/comm ... in_topics/

With that said, I notice with those two topics, patriotism and religion, NTs act very ASPERGERISH. I'm not religious (at least not into the mainstream major religions such as Hinduism, etc). But I've been diagnosed as NT and I'm definitely a huge patriot who believes America is the GREATEST COUNTRY on EARTH ...
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I'm currently diagnosed with Asperger, I've been told I'm a high level one whatever that mean; by currently I've had other diagnoses and I'm awaiting another evalutation from a neuropsychologist, I might make an update (to this post) or a follow-up on this.

I'm purposefully omitting things trying to be as anonymous as possible while still getting help. I've been involved in a social activity for some time. I've been rejected by a good portion ...
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