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Brother with Asperger's, advice please

Hey everybody, has anyone had experience with Aspergic people and can help me?

Here's the issue, it's quite difficult, and I'd like some advice with it:

My brother's in his mid-thirties, never been employed, has no friends, lives at home with my mother & grandmother and spends his days reading, walking in nature or watching opera.

He finds social interactions outside of our immediate family very difficult, basically impossible. Unless it's a "hi" to the ...
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Having trouble at job

I just started working (and failing) as a lawyer and i am Having lots of trouble. Its too Fast paced and requires so much multitasking. I'm Having trouble remembering the 94737 things they tell me to do in five minutes. The other lawyer asked me twice whether i was always so absent minded and he seems distressed because of me. I just lied and Said im a very careful person but i think they can ...
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Benefits of Diagnosis

I have suffered from selective eating throughout my life (40 years), and promised my wife that I would disclose this to my GP to ascertain if I should be taking any dietary supplements.

I was somewhat shocked to be quizzed about autism traits and was referred to an adult autism clinic for which I am still waiting on an appointment.

I have since undertaken several screening tests online which indicate that some of my peculiar ...
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Group conversations

I was diagnosed with Aspergers when I was almost 16, which is kinda late I guess, and it wasn't really that much of a surprise except in the beginning because I had always felt different in some way but could never really figure out why. For years I noticed that my friends and classmates could easily talk to each other, talk to strangers, ask for help and talk in front of the class, while I ...
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I hate my Asperger's - I'm a muppet

I was diagnosed Asperger's 2005. I hate this!

I'm not social, I only had a few longer relationship with girlfriends, which ended when I mupped away them... It seems that I like nuclear physics more than girlfriends...

How to be more normal?
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Aspie workplace question (sexism)

Greetings all,

I am 42 years old. It has only been within the last 10 years that I was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. I am Native American and gay....a triple minority as an aspie. I realize that is not the most political question I could ask...but what the hell. How many aspies faces greater discrimination from women than men?

I realize that there is a lot packed into that question. I know Asperger's syndrome has ...
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Is this woman real or not?

I messaged a woman on a dating site. My very first message was fine, but, after she responded, my next message was a big rant complaining about another woman that rejected me the previous day, and then a long rant how no woman ever gives me a chance. She said "hey I am giving you a chance". Anyway, to make long story short, we became official within a day. IF THATS TRUE that looks great: ...
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accidentally making fun of people I talk to

this may sound weird but sometimes I don't notice that I said something that could hurt someone, especially the person that I am talking to.
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i think i grew out of aspergers?

hey! i'm jack. when i was seven years old, i was diagnosed with asperger's syndrome disorder; it was completely justified. i had no social skills and yet was top in the class in almost everything, i had no understanding of social cues and couldn't grasp facial expressions and sarcasm.
i'm now sixteen, and i think i've grown out of asperger's syndrome? i'm still kind of shy, but i think that's just my personality. i'm popular ...
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How Can I Live Harmoniously With My Aspie Husband?

I really need for my husband and I to make changes before it's too late.
He's very fussy about small details, how can I cope with this? He's always trying to 'educate me' on better ways of doing things.
How can I make him understand my needs?

I want him to do things I like without complaining about it. How can we compromise?

Can anyone give some advice on how to live harmoniously?

What can ...
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