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So I surrendered to OCD and this is what happened yesterday

So I thought to myself (after watching a Seinfeld clip about George doing the opposite). What if I approached this "bully" with tongue and cheek, head on?? Scared of the thoughts of suicide, depression, anxiety, worry.... And sort of approaching it as "yup, today's the day I'm definitely going to be afraid, yup, OCD you got me, I'm going to be SUPER afraid of my thoughts, I will probably actually do them and love them!, ...

Afraid that my ocd is denial because of my family

Hello, I have been having OCD with many themes such as harm, magical thinking, contamination, relationship and many more since I was 10 and hocd on and off since I was 16. But when it comes back it’s really bad with depression and mental pain because of all the Groinal response including unwanted climax, which really gave a hardest time in my life, now I keep checking what if someone in my family is gay. ...

anxiety over bothering others

I have schizophrenia and ptsd. That comes with major anxiety. I am terrified of emotionally-hurting, disappointing, bothering, or even angering the people I love. If I make a mistake, no matter how kind or gently someone tells me their feelings are bothered...my heart races, my mind tangles, and my stomach hurts, and sometimes I faint. This morning, I was trying to help someone I was worried about, but I was stupid, and ended up really ...
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It'll Get Better, ....

PURE-O, HARM-O, OCD, Anxiety and everything else in between. From everything that I read, the content doesn't matter. What matter's is how WE react to it. So for two days, I've been feeling like my "normal" self, Praise Jesus Christ, but I'm staying on top of it, per se, and by that, I'm reading up on how OCD/HARM-O/PURE-O/Anxiety works. I think it's important that when once of us are feeling better, we post about it, ...
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Am I recovering?

I'm feeling normal and different at the same time. The possibility I could think of is that my false attractions are getting less stronger. Has anyone ever felt that way?
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HARM-O, Suicidal OCD < (that's even hard to write) **TW**

**trigger warning**

Hey guys, I'm very new to these forums. Way back when, I was a member at *mod edit* because of my 2nd round of intrusive thoughts. So, NOT to get into the weeds, my first episode, was back in 1990, I was a Junior in high school. I specifically remember watching Oprah with my mom and the topic of being "gay" was introduced. I started to ruminate on the topic and before I ...

Ocd testing checking

Hi, I don’t want to be graphic but I have been testing myself if I can get aroused by looking at a trigger, because of getting Groinal responses while I was masturbating . I have been looking at a trigger and I have been getting Groinal responses while being aroused which elevated my physical arousal and I felt emotionally numb which scared be because I thought if I don’t feel strong anxiety I must liked ...
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