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24/7 symptoms-PLEASE ANSWER

Hello everyone, I'm currently 19 years old and in college. My name is Kasey and I'm a male. For the past 4 years (since about sophomore year in high school) I've been dealing with these weird 24/7 symptoms, literally they do not go away. I noticed it really bad in stores or wherever there is overhead lights. My vision does not seem right, its very weird like I can't see everything at once but can't ...
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Hair loss due to antidepressants

I'm on 100 mg Pristiq and 300 mg Wellbutrin, plus 1-2 mg klonopin for sleep. They work well.

However, after 6 years of this, I notice hair falling out (I'm 65). Very disappointed but I'm sure it's either the pristiq or wellbutrin.

Does anybody else have this experience?

Also, I'm about to taper the pristiq from from 100 to 50. Any ideas on that? (It's been some 6 years on that).

Thanks for any help.
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Feeling bullied at work

Hey everyone!

I don't think I've ever posted in this forum before, but I've been going over the same situation all day today in my mind, and I feel like I need to get it out of my head. Any advice or words of support would be really appreciated. I am feeling really upset today and I need to gain some perspective :(

I just started working ...
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Help BF has Relationship Anxiety

Hello new to the forums. I've been reading on the above topic because I believe my boyfriend suffers from this. He has all the symptoms. We have known each other 3 years and have been in a relationship for 8 months and during that time when things were going good out of the blue he would disappear. After a few weeks or months would reappear. I never put it together until today. Everything was going ...
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Unusual Daydreams

Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forums, but have a question that I've wondered about for a long time.

Ever since I was about 11 or 12, I've had daydreams where I am injured. I don't focus on the injury or the people who are around, but I focus on the feelings of shock that my body would experience in that moment - being unable to speak, move, or breathe. I'm present, but not responsive ...
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Noise pollution driving me insane! Zero peace & quiet!

I'm 22 years old, male. I feel like I need to provide some context & background info, cause I have no idea where to start. A decline began when I was around 17 where I had social anxiety, dropped out of high school to take online courses (never ended up finishing). Then depression came a factor. I thought it was already a factor at age 17 but it only got worse around 19 and until ...
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A bizzare story that always gave me anxeity please help!

There has always been a "True" story that had always gave me anxiety and I don't know why please I hope for some answers here!

Its about Johanna Michaelsen, she is a evangelical author that claimed she had worked with a "psychic" surgeon in the 1970s before becoming a fundamentalist Christian. The stories she told were outrageous, yes I know psychic surgeons have been constantly debunked over the years, but this, this one was not ...
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Missing my Anxiety or Depressed?

Hello, I am new to this forum and i'm hoping someone can help me or at least that someone out there has felt the same at some point.
I have recently been diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and depression (which at the time i wasn't sure i had) and have been taking medication for these. The anxiety has improved substantially but it feels like this has revealed the state of depression underneath. Before i was ...
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Hi I'm looking for some help figuring out what is going on with me recently.
I've been having these alarmingly agressive thoughts coming into my head, really drastic mood swings, found myself sort of having to do things in 3's otherwise I think something will go wrong, and now I've been seeing things that I'm not totally sure were there. I was alone for these weird occurences but they were all so weird and they ...
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Just need a little reassurance from people who understand:)

Hey All, new to the forum, I am 35 and was diagnosed about 10 years ago and took medication until a year ago. I was doing really well anxietywise (I suffer from both panic and anxiety attacks and crohnic worry) made it through the terrible twos..and threes with my first born and thought "hey let's see if I can do without this" (I have crohns disease and after my second resection almost a year ago ...
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