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Antisocial Personality Disorder message board, open discussion, and online support group.
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Attention Please. You are entering the ASPD forum. Please read this carefully.

Given the unique propensities of those who are faced with the issues of ASPD, topics at times may be uncomfortable for non ASPD readers. Discussions related to violent urges are permitted here, within the context of deeper understanding of the commonalties shared by members. Indulging these urges is not what regular users here are attempting to do.

Conversations here can be triggering for those who have suffered abuse or violent encounters. Respectful questioning is welcome from non ASPD members.

For those who have no respect for either this illness or for those who are living with it, please do not enter this forum. Discrimination of Personality Disorders is not tolerated on this site.

Moderators are present here to ensure that members treat each other with dignity and respect. If topics become overly graphic or drift from having a healthy perspective, moderators will intervene.
Please feel free to contact a moderator if you have any questions or concerns.

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Charles Manson final words to the WE-ARE-OLD!


System Down???????????? did this first? I am blown the fuk away at the HUM.

Anyone got an ATWA copy>?
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Living With AsPD and/or Psychopathy

Share your story on what it's like to grow up with and live with a disorder/condition that is viewed so negatively in society.

Tell us...

If you were clinically diagnosed, self-diagnosed or suspect you have AsPD/psychopathy
If you showed any early signs of your disorder/condition
The first time you became aware of your disorder/condition
The impact it's had on your life and your family
Any interesting experiences that were caused/influenced/affected by your disorder/condition
How your ...
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AsPD Forum Award Nominations

It's that time of the year again, folks, where you all nominate each other for the AsPD Forum Awards.

I know how excited you all are...


*crickets chirping*

Try to control your excitement. I need you to be calm and collected, and clear-headed enough to make the right choices.

In each category you are to nominate a member of this forum that you believe belongs in that category (someone other than yourself). You may ...
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What do you feel?

What emotions do you experience besides rage? People say aspd means you don't feel emotions. I believe this is a misrepresentation. Everyone feels something otherwise they would any sort of motivation. The inmate who stabs another inmate with a shiv because he cussed at him is feeling anger which is an emotion.

Rather, one could say that they don't feel for OTHERS not that they are devoid of emotions.

So what sort of selfish emotions ...
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Anti Social mindset

Something I’ve been debating with a friend over, I’m not talking about criminal activity specifically, more about living your life to your own standards that go against the societal standards.

To be considered by a productive member of society in a lot of circles and from the governments point of view. It should look something like work most of your life away, get married, have a few kids buy a house pay taxes pay into ...
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Value Judgements

We all judge motives and the value of others based on things we see or know about them.

Sometimes it's a simple, like whether they're wearing glasses or a certain types of clothes, their speech, short, tall, black, white, class etc.

Sometimes it's based on their behaviour, either over a single event or a series of events over time. We can see this when we see how much a judgement can arrive over a single ...
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I noticed that for very little things people do that only slightly make me angry or annoy me I curse them to death. They only have to say one little thing that upsets me and I can change into rage mode and talk to myself about how I want them to suffocate on their own disgusting puke and die a horrible death. I hate most people and I hate the way they behave. I don't ...
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Criminals and Victims of Crime

First of all, let's look at what constitutes a crime:


To help answer the questions below, here is a list of Common Criminal Offenses Defined:


List of All Criminal Offences – A to Z:


These are Australian offences, but many of them also apply in other countries.

If you are someone who has committed crimes that either did or could have sent you to a juvenile detention center or prison...

- How ...
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The Opposite Of You

- What would someone who is the opposite of you look like?

(I'm more interested to know what the opposite of you would look like in personality rather than gender or physical appearance, but you're welcome to include those as well)

- What kind of job or career would the opposite of you be suited to and what kind of lifestyle would they be living?

- What kind of person would the opposite of you ...
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Thrill seeking

So I recently did something stupid, equivalent to russian roulette, won't go into detail, but it was an amazing high, so to speak. Since I'd rather live, I won't be doing it again though, nor do I feel it would be exciting enough to warrant experiencing again.

My question is, what's next after risking death as a one time thing for the thrill? I've seen elsewhere on the internet that someone that commits homicide for ...
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