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Open discussion about the Anti-Psychiatry Movement and related topics. This includes the opposition to forced treatment and hospitalization as well as the belief that Psychiatric Medication does more harm than good. Please note that these topics are controversial and therefore this forum may offend some people. This is not the belief of Psych Forums or Get Mental Help and this forum was posted to offer a safe place to discuss these beliefs.

"Traumagenic Neurodevelopmental Model of Psychosis"

I wanted to post the following PDF download link because I thought people here might find it interesting.

It's different than the typical medical model's view that things like psychosis and schizophrenia are primarily organic structural abnormalities or degeneration - and/or due to some unsourceable problem with one's neurotransmitters or neurochemical imbalances (or that they're things that can be addressed with just the pop of a pill).
It looks at how neglect, maltreatment, and ...
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Need Advice

So long story short I believe in anti-psych and have been between different meds for the past 5 years. This all started when I was first diagnosed with psychosis and placed on Invega shots. This is the worst chemical lobotomy anyone can go through as can be seen from many testimonies. I came off this medication eventually but was later on placed on Latuda because my symptoms came back. I was forced to take risperidone ...
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Environmental causes of OCD

OCD can be caused or worsened by multiple environmental factors.
20% of people who take an "anti-psychotic" will developed OCD from the drug while another 20% will see significantly worsening OCD symptoms. Stimulants such as meth, cocaine and ADHD drugs also cause OCD in around half of people taking them. "Anti-psychotics" result in 200%-350% more psychotic symptoms and half the recover rate. While long term studies on stimulants such as ADHD drugs find they cause ...
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The increased death rate from Psychotropic drugs

"Antidepressants" increase your death rate by a third or 33%. SSRI's the most used "antidepressants" increase your death rate by 49%. For comparisons sake this increase in death rates is similar to if you were addicted to alcohol.
"Anti-psychotics" are even worse for your health. They double your rate of heart death.
Some of the ways these drugs harm your health are by causing obesity, diabetes, heart disease, brain damage, and even by increasing suicides. ...
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Charlie Manson isn't dead, and he makes a cracking lemonade.

Charlie Manson isn’t dead, and he makes a cracking lemonade.

Charlie Manson isn’t dead, he’s perfectly alive and living a life of quality. Collecting accolades, enjoying regal dinner parties, going on luxurious and extended holidays. Works for a generous salary for offering subjectivity and prescribing grip-fast drugs and life changing treatments as a result. Yeah Charlie is doing just fine and has not a care in the world about the work that he does to ...
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The Chemical imbalance myth causes harm

Probably everyone has heard the myth that mental illness is caused by a chemical imbalance and drugs correct this. Polls find 80% of people believe this myth. The fact is no study has found that non-drudged depressed people have less serotonin or that schizophrenic people have too much dopamine. The non-drugged part is important because the drugs actually create a chemical imbalance. You don’t start with a chemical imbalance you are given one by the ...
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Antipsychotics worsen outcomes long term

Let’s start with the evidence for antipsychotics and move to the evidence against them. There are two types of studies touted showing the benefits of these drugs. The first kind is short term studies that look at a period around 6 weeks. These studies find that 1 out of 6 people put on the drugs will have a reduction in their symptoms from the drugs. This means you have a 5 out of 6 chance ...
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psychiatrist blames client for their incompetence

during the past sixteen years, i've moved home 34 times

and immigrated back and forth between two countries for 12 times in total

all the sockal workers and psychiatrist did nothing to stop my parents from moving around so much

not only that, but they blamed me for being the cause of my parents moving around so much

so those idiots figured that, by giving me counseling services, i would naturally stop moving around.

it ...
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The Rosenhan Experiment

The Rosenhan Experiment is to me one of the most significant studies done on the validity of psychiatric diagnosis. The study was actually conducted by a psychologist David Rosenhan. What he found was that even ordinary behavior can me labeled as symptoms of mental illness under certain conditions. He sent 8 psuedopatients, 3 women and five men, to different psychiatric hospitals all faking so called symptoms of mental illness. All were admitted. Once they got ...
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The mental health system is dehumanizing

In my view what leads to abuse and dehumanization in psychiatry and the mental health system (should be called the mental illness system) is the whole concept of mental illness, it stigmatizes vulnerable hurting people simply looking for help. It’s cruel and heartless. Everything about this system is evil as far I’m concerned. On the surface they talk about compassion, unconditional positive regard, blah blah, blah, but its all #######4. The reality is they take ...
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