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Open discussion about the Anti-Psychiatry Movement and related topics. This includes the opposition to forced treatment and hospitalization as well as the belief that Psychiatric Medication does more harm than good. Please note that these topics are controversial and therefore this forum may offend some people. This is not the belief of Psych Forums or Get Mental Help and this forum was posted to offer a safe place to discuss these beliefs.

Brain Damage from anti-psychotics


I believe I am experiencing long term side-effects from a year of anti-psychotic meds. I am not clear if I ever should have been on these meds. I unknowingly took these medicines for a year thinking they were keeping me from a manic episode. I few months ago I began to notice severe cognitive deficits. These deficits are so striking I thought I had suffered a stroke or developed a brain tumor or premature ...
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Coming Off my Meds

Hey guys... I'm brand new to Anti-Psych (obviously). I'm on different meds for Bipolar and I've decided that if the latest cocktail doesn't work, I'm going to ask my pdoc to wean me off all my meds. I want a "baseline;" I need to know how I am off my meds for a while.

I'm just looking for some support.

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i wished i never taken clozapine

back in august, i had a clozapine induced priapism which i did not treat...i was too embarrassed to seek a medical emergency.....

now i don't have erections anymore...can't afford ED drugs right now..

about in april i quit using that drug when my heart felt like it was about to burst.....i decided not to take it....every doctor i came across told me i needed to take that drug...

even my cousin i have not seen ...
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How To Tell If Your Therapist Is Crazy

I found a funny article about therapists and how often they suffer from more mental issues than their clients.

https://docsmith.co/2007/08/how-to-tell ... -part-one/

It kinds of reminds me of my prior therapist who was also in therapy himself. When he stopped seeing his therapist, I noticed a drastic change in him. He tried to make me one of his victims by calling me vicious names in therapy, to the point ...
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Psychology denies reality

400 years ago Galileo promoted a view of the world that contradicted the one that the authorities were enforcing, so he was labelled a heretic. Today we have accepted his view. But we have not moved past the worldview that allows false views of the world to be enforced en masse to the world by authorities who refuse to accept contradictory view points.

Take psychology for instance. In psychology (and psychiatry and so on) a ...
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The Agonizing Nightmare of Drug-Induced Akathisia

When I tell doctors I have drug-induced akathisia, and that it's incredibly painful, they do not believe me. They say my pain is a mental health issue, and they have all methodically undermined my credibility in my permanent record. https://www.madinamerica.com/2018/11/drug-induced-akathisia/

Has anyone ever heard a mental health "professional" even use the word Akathisia in groups or an office visit ? I never have.
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Finding Myself, Helping Others After Psych "Adventure"

Hello everyone!

I'm Tyler. I'm 20 years old, living in the US, currently out of school and work, being financially supported at home. I haven't had the energy, motivation, or ability to do much more than rest and learn about myself at home. I'm a creative person and a musician, and I hope to invest time in that, as well, but currently, I've been investing most of my effort and resources into taking care of ...
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Is Psychology A Huge Failure?

The most contradictory fact in the U.S. right now is that the suicide rate is going up, despite the growing number of available anti-depressants and mental health professionals.

One would think that with all the support and knowledge in the mental health field that the suicide and depression rate would fall dramatically, but the opposite is true.

So is Psychology useless? Why do we have all these breakthroughs in the field of psychology, yet the ...
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Leaving Countries to Escape Community Treatment Orders

Leaving Countries to Escape Community Treatment Orders (CTOs)
By Christina | Oct 11, 2018

Fleeing the country to escape community treatment orders. It happens for those who can gratefully escape CTOs by getting out of their jurisdiction. CTOs are what they are called in the United Kingdom.
VIEW ARTICLE >> https://www.psychvictims.com/articles/view/leaving-countries-to-escape-community-treatment-orders-ctos

I have seen many posts about this topic over the years so I thought I would share.
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Psychiatry Destroyed My Life

Apparently I signed up here years ago, but I'm not sure if I posted an introduction. If there's a place to put an introduction, it certainly is here.

Back when I was a teenager in the 1990s, I was feeling suicidal due to bullying. The world seems to want to all of a sudden come to the rescue of a person once they hear "the s word." I was flat out lied to by my ...
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