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The weight is never low enough

Target goal

Target goal

Target goal

I hoped to find happiness but it never comes. I find new things to hate about myself.
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OCD and ED Recovery

I'm excited to be here again because this forum helped me so much when I was in the throws of having intense OCD. I'm happy I've decided to pursue recovery from ana - but it has not be easy in the slightest. I wanted to ask if anyone has had ocd thoughts in relation to recovery? I'm trying to listen and respond to extreme hunger, which is challenging because I'm actually at a "normal" ...
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refeeding and i hate me , advice

i wrote a post over an hour opening up and going into detail and went to submit but lost it all .

so___i want to die . i 'm crying . i 've been in in the hospital for five months . my weight increased by 1 /4 of my beginning weight in a month after i stopped fighting them . sorry if that 's too much detail ,i 'm worthless

but i don 't ...
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Restriction, weight loss and binge


I've gotten into restricting my intake. I still have 3 meals and two snacks, but restricted. I've seen weight loss and felt good about myself. Then, I every now and then, I binge on sweets, and it worries me that I'll gain, and I just feel awful afterwards, like I just undid all my progress.

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TW x Living with Ana x TW

I was reading my personal file that contains all my health documents and going over the various psychological reports given to me over the years. Through this I have realised that I have lived with Ana for nearly 14 years of my life from official dx and probably longer. Since the start, the past two weeks have been the longest that I have ever gone without acting on ED behaviours (not including clinics).

I don't ...
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Beginning refeeding on Monday

I have organised meal support and I have spent today organising my meal plans.

I am looking forward to having the energy to be more physically active again. Right now I can barely stand for a long period of time and I can only manage moderate pace walking. I miss going to the gym and doing sport. I really want to take up dancing again. I'll keep that as my goal.

I know it might ...
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Want to stop feeling guilty of feeling full

I'd been in constant state of denial that I could possibly have an eating disorder . This started in around April this year. I was always a fussy eater having a long list of foods i dislike and don't eat. But I wasn't BMI obsessed . I have always been a good BMI and never close to over weight . But it all changed in April and I got obsessed with weight loss i wanted ...
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Horrified That I Will Be Forced To Eat

I have intrusive thoughts and images. An image keep entering my mind that I will be forced to be around people who want me to break my strict diet and won't take no for an answer.

For example, in the South, the culture includes eating a lot more. Big breakfast, big lunch, big dinner. Some old fashioned Southern women see cooking as a form of love. They show love through feeding people. It's almost spiritual. ...
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an eating disorder other than bulimia or anorexia

i have always been afraid of eating since i was a little kid. i was afraid of food. i didn't want to eat because i was afraid of throwing up or getting food poisoning. i never ate at restaurants or if i ate at friends i avoided meat.

my thought was if i didn't eat and i had the stomach flu i would not throw up much. this is very unrealistic and stupid but it ...
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Restrictive Diet

I don't eat after noon. It's about control. I have no control over any aspect of my life, not my actions, not my emotions, not even my thoughts (I hear abusive voices). The voices harass me to get married, have kids, etc. I can't get away from them, even if I were able to avoid people.

Can anyone relate? Will I become anorexic?
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