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Yelling at complete stranger

This is out of curiosity, 10 years back my sister (8 years old at that time) while cycling around she complained about a woman yelling random things to her , she told whenever she sees her she yells. So I tracked this, watched this many times only when she sees my sister she tells otherwise she is okay, probably working lady. The thing is she is a complete stranger to us. It's weird at that ...
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I'm an abusive boyfriend.

My name is Koda. Before I begin, I'm going to present some background information.

skip if you don't want to read this section

I'm 16 years old and severely depressed. Have been since the summer of 2017. I have a girlfriend of nearly 2 years, and at first we were in a very healthy, supportive relationship. I had no feelings for her whatsoever for the first couple months, but once summer hit, it was like ...
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I'm new here and I'm 100% sure I have anger issues.

I get overly angry at everything and when I do it leads to more arguments and fights. None physically, except between me and my sister who is a year older than me. We fight almost all the time and just 30 minutes ago we fought over a silly thing like the Xbox controller and I said that she could go kill herself once I got in my room, separated from her. Am I a bad ...
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Parent Style leading to emotional neglect and anger

The root of anger is hard to pinpoint, all I know is that I feel angry but I don't know why. As a child, I was angry, as a result of pent up emotional energy, an inability to express needs, take care of own emotional needs. I did not feel comfortable with my emotions, my needs, I felt like I should hide them. The result was anger, frustration, poor behaviour.

The anger was triggered by ...
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Random Outbursts

I'm not a very angry person day to day, but I have odd outbursts where I get very angry for little to no reason. For instance, I woke up this morning was perfectly calm, stepped out of bed and put 3 holes in my wall then right after I was completely calm again. This is something that happens 1 to 3 times a week, it's been a concern recently because recently it's becoming more common. ...
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Anger issues- don't even know why

Hello all,

I'm new on this forum. I need some help. I often get vary mad and/or upset, I dont even know why. the only thing that i can guess is stress or when things don't go my way. Like today 12/23/18 my wife gets home from work and she is happy but when I know that shes in a good mood i get mad and start a fight over a guitar. Lets back up, ...
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Angry friend. But why????


I'm not sure if this is the right board to post but hoping this would be the place to shed some light/help with what my best friend and I have gone through. I'm baffled, hurt and angry at how things have gone down and just don't know and can't understand why he has acted like he did. But here's the bones of it below:

So, the background is that we have been best friends ...
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I've realized the root of my anger

this is probably not much a light bulb moment to others who have discovered this already, but for me it was a big sobering realization. I often thought that others actions, quirks, comments, character traits, etc were what was causing my anger. That it was OTHER's fault that was triggering me.

BUT- I've come to realize that ultimately I'm furious with life in general because I"M just not happy. I think I'm in a deep ...
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issues about anger

O.K..I do see a lot of self conflict or conflicts in relationships,family matters,self loathing,lack of confidence in most peoples lifes..therefore i wanna start a discussion here about the why?why not?coping mechanisms,solutions etc...feel free to enter this thread and say what you have to say.....anger for me is often an emotional feeling I mostly cannot get directly under control..I have been angry at people,in an abusive relationship towards an ex partner,angry at myself etc,anger showed me ...
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I need anger management.

I wrote some words on another forum that had to be edited by a moderator, rightfully so. I was discussing bad choices I might make because of my anger. That is, actions I might take in not dealing with my anger proactively, but rather letting it bubble to the surface unintentionally. :evil:

Anger is energy. It must be harnessed for good & channeled positively. ...
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