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Free aims anger mgmt app tool

I got the aims for anger mgmt app a little while ago but didn’t use it until now. I reduced my anger level from 5 to 3 using thought stopping. Thought stopping counteracts angry thoughts. You identify phrases you can say to yourself in the heat of the moment.
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Angry husband. Advice needed.

I'm tired of living with a constantly angry man. I want to know what kind of help we can seek and how to make things better. I want to know I don't have to live with this forever. I feel that as a wife, there's only so much i can do, I can't be his constant cheerleader, not when he is screaming hate at me.

My husband has an equally angry father. He was ...
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Revenge on Ex by reporting her for Unemployment Fraud

Hello, so my ex was very much a user/abuser. And even though it has been many years since we broke up, I still have unresolved anger issues towards her. In fact I still feel like I’m damaged from the relationship. She’s a gaslighter, she caused thousands of dollars in losses (I paid for her and her fam’s debts), she’s selfish/conceited/needy/insecure/ungrateful/irrational, attempts to sabotage your relationships with fam and friends, attacks your vulnerabilities, dismisses your own ...
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New Person

I’m new to this forum and I’ve been struggling with anger and becoming overbearing and sometimes nasty with other people. Thank god most of the extreme behavior (loud verbal fights) seems to be behind me and I pray it remains there and I don’t experience this type of extremity anymore.

I’m also looking for help to identify triggers which are legitimate because the other person/people are playing games or have an agenda.

I’m on a ...
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Hi. I am new to the forums and have a general question. I've only recently discovered how much repressed anger is deep within me having been built up since being abused as a child. This was not known until lately as because of an addiction I have always struggled with. The addiction has controlled me for so long. Part of that is being focused on it rather than anything else. I have hurt so many ...
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To a "woman" at a support group

Dear specimen of a human being,

Eighteen years ago I was in a different support group with you. I don't think you realise how much about you I remember. I remember you were nasty to your children and I remember how the group facilitators had your children removed from you. I remember how you blamed your behaviour on being treated badly yourself. You expected everyone to feel sorry for you.

Eighteen years later you're children ...
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Just got a very angry and my story.

So I'm a very weird guy and I'm sorry if my post is going to be a bit longer.
Currently I suffer from a very mild autism, serve anxiety and rational but paranoia.

I have very bad experience with the people from the past and I'm very cautions when it comes to dealing with human being.

My personality types were considered as 4 of them (by psychologist), so I'm also Choleric, at least now.

I ...
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Working on my triggers.

One of which is a sibling & sibling-in-law. Limiting contact as much as possible. Doing the 2 million + things which constitute self-care. Motivation for cleaning up my hiding place. It’s a work in progress. I can stand these people, but it’s a lot of work. I’m sure it’s no picnic for them either.
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I go from a 1 to a 10 so easily, and it's scary

I haven't struggled with something like this until recently in the past few year, and it's been getting worse. I'll get worked up over something small emotionally. Whether it be me spilling a drink or something irritating like that, and I used to curse to myself. This sort of behavior has evolved where my thoughts get more violent and the thing that sets me off gets ever so smaller. It's to the point where somebody ...
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I get angry in an instant and I want to stop

I've always had issues with anger, ever since I was young, but it wasn't until the last year or so I considered it to be so bad I might need some sort of anger management. I've read a few articles, listened to a few podcasts, and tried reading a few books but I almost feel like things I'm reading don't quite apply to my form of anger and therefore the solutions aren't quite right (I ...
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