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Not emotional, but considering the worst though.

Okay so today I made an attempt at least at googling for help. I didn't know something existed for the thing I'm experiencing.

I am uhm...

I am not like emotionally angry quickly. But there's this thing that has been going on in my mind for a long time already. I don't know if I can post about something that bad...

I literally think about probably the worst thing you could do. Actually going for ...
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I need help

Ive had this problem since childhood. I get so angre at times that I break or throw things. These emotional outbursts have become more frequent after my marriage. If I am having an argument with my husband things will break around the house for sure. Both of us get angry at the same time and none of us knows how to calm the other person down. After a fight , both of will regret the ...
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Severe Anger advice


For more than a year, I have been facing major problems in my psychological and social life.
Problems had been going on between my family and my wife for several years and I tried to solve the problem. But to no avail, I never tried again because I did not want to lose any of the parties ... and this matter made my wife very angry with me because she wanted me to confront ...
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What is this?

I have to interact with a person in his 60's, who when angry or upset or unhappy with someone, repeats back what that person has said or written, only with the meaning reversed.

For example, if you describe a problem in a particular topic or behavior, he repeats the words but reverses the context so that he is always right. if you say "The weather forecast was wrong today, it was much colder than predicted", ...
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Anger & unresolved trauma

Hi everyone. TW: family, violence, trauma, grieve. So this is about my dad. When I was little he seemed normal. He was kind, he asked for forgiveness... Then he became Mr. I'm always right or Mr. Everything goes as I say or I'll be upset. More than once he made hurtful comments towards me, but not to anyone else.

My mom used to say all the time that he was actually a good person, who ...
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I Hate Being Angry

Hello there, you can call me SilverSpoon. I'm new here, new to "forums" in general, so I'm just going to start by detailing my situation, why I'm here, and what I hope to get out of it. If I'm posting in the wrong place, or going about this the wrong way, I sincerely apologize. Like I said, I'm new.
I'm in my late 30's, and I wouldn't describe myself as ever being an "angry" person, ...
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Weird anger-related phenomenon

I am 34, male, single. I've been diagnosed with "emotional immaturity" and very high agreeableness.
Since the age of 16 I have experienced a weird kind of anger attacks. Sometimes I go through entire months without having one, but this month I already had two.
During the attack I start seeing reality as very ugly and experience a lot of aggression and destructive thoughts. This thinking can have strong religious components. I'm not currently religious, ...
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Collouege running away from anger instead of facing it

I apologize in advance if this is wrong forum to post it.

I have a question about interesting behavior, certain things at work make me angry or unsatisfied and recently i started expressing it with one of colleagues because we started getting closer but noticed as soon as I would start get angry or start talk about certain things that need improvement she would turn off and get angry because i am angry and not ...
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I'm not sure what this is called but I've had it since a kid

Sorry, I don't see any "general" forum thread so I chose what I thought might be closest.

I've had this way of behaviour since I was a kid. I don't know what it's called or if it's even a mental illness or whatnot.

Basically they way it goes is like this: when I'm treated above and beyond and I feel really happy and really grateful like I am in debt to you, the best comes ...
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Boyfriend with uncontrollable anger outbursts

We have been dating for 1 year and a half and I have been 3 months of the time super depressed and he has always been by my side helping and being hopeful. I got better by getting help and found the right medicine for my mental health.
He always had anger outbursts but not as bad as they are now, he has seen many therapists and tried multiple medications but they only seem to ...
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