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Need help/guidance with my specific anger management

I have just totally destroyed my relationship with the woman i love due to anger issues. I seem to escalate things to a point they shouldn’t reach verbally. I have never laid a finger on my partner, and we honestly never even fought that much. Maybe 2-3 arguments in the last 2 years. And i mean not even small arguments otherwise. We both are pretty quiet people. We have severe social anxiety and i have ...
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My Depression Making Me Abusive

I think the last 7-8 years of my life my depression has turned me into an abusive monster sometimes. Mainly verbally and emotionally.. sometimes I get a little physical.

I am hurting emotionally inside and so I seem to snap at family members, my wife, and friends over nothing. I will say very hurtful things to them to hurt them emotionally. I will yell, scream, show anger, destroy objects, push things and sometimes push people. ...
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Looking for some advice

Hello All,

New member here. I am looking for a little help and advice. I get frustrated to the point of losing my cool a lot at inanimate objects mainly. If something is on the floor and I lift a leg to hop over it, you can guarantee i'll probably still trip over it. It's completely my issue and I know that but it feels like the object is at fault sometimes. I could open ...
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Good Examples

Does anyone have any good examples of people that handle difficult situations well? Ben Carson seems to have a bunch but other than that the main other one is Dolly Parton's interview in 1977 with Barbra Walters. It seems like if anyone gets antagonized they retort back with anger.
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Rage or Misophonia?

I know this Topic is about Anger Management, but I didn’t see one listed for Rage unless I just missed it. I do actually have anger issues due to childhood trauma. I think that’s a separate issue than my rage. Noise seems to set me off in a rage. Uncontrolled fury type of rage where I can become violent. It seems to be noises that I can’t stop…persistent noises. I am very noise sensitive. My ...
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NHS and Anger Management?

Does anyone know what the standard NHS reaction to anger management is at the moment?

I've come across Secondary Care and inpatient based professionals who seemed to have no knowledge/reaction to the idea of providing e.g. a course to persons who have problems with anger. (No reaction whatsoever/no knowledge of.) The teams concerned seemed willing to treat for completely different disorders instead of paying attention to the fact the individual had actually lost their temper. ...
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How bad is my anger?

How bad is my anger?
I need some help understanding how bad of an anger problem I have. I think my main symptom would be impatience. I get easily frustrated and impatient. Probably mostly when I’m waiting on some thing. Standing in the queue, waiting on other people, waiting in general it just pisses me off.
I have noticed that I get very impatient and frustrated by small things that don’t go the way I ...
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When someone says something very mean-spirited to you, I think it would be perfectly normal to get a little upset about it. But I would imagine that most healthy, level-headed people would get over it sooner rather than later. In fact, I believe that most people would get to the point where they rarely ever think about the mean things someone said in the past.

Unforntunately, I am the opposite. I cling to hurtful words ...
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Not emotional, but considering the worst though.

Okay so today I made an attempt at least at googling for help. I didn't know something existed for the thing I'm experiencing.

I am uhm...

I am not like emotionally angry quickly. But there's this thing that has been going on in my mind for a long time already. I don't know if I can post about something that bad...

I literally think about probably the worst thing you could do. Actually going for ...
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I need help

Ive had this problem since childhood. I get so angre at times that I break or throw things. These emotional outbursts have become more frequent after my marriage. If I am having an argument with my husband things will break around the house for sure. Both of us get angry at the same time and none of us knows how to calm the other person down. After a fight , both of will regret the ...
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