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role of confabulation in alzheimer's or dementia?

does anyone know how much of a role confabulation plays in alzheimers, dementia or any other similar disease? is it an early warning sign of that type of disease or an indicator of a different type of disorder?
my mother, 69, tends to fabricate complete stories or parts of stories and i just wondered if she does it to over compensate for failing health or if there could possibly be a problem she isn't aware ...
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alzheimer and dementia

my grandpa had Alzheimer and a little bit of dementia. But he didn't seem that out of it mom said he had only mildly. But I thought alzheimer was supposed to get worse he seemed perfectly fine when i saw him
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question about alzheimer

Hi, my name is Michelle. I have a question about Alzheimer's. I read that there is a new product for Alzheimer's which is based on the results from the nun-study. They say it does not fight plaques but inflammation of the brains, which is, according to the nun study the root cause of Alzheimer's.
The medicine is called OCW for Alzheimer's. Does anyone has any experience with that? Did someone try this OCW medicine? The ...
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Alzheimer's and L-Carnitine ?

Are there any claimed uses of L-Carnitine in relation to Alzheimer's? If so, have any studies been done in this area? L-Carnitine (sometimes just called carnitine) is an amino acid, and it's often used as a supplement for a variety of claimed benefits.
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Independent Bathing Walk In Tub Solutions For Alzheimer's

I am a caregiver take care of my Uncle who suffers from Alzheimer's.
If you are a caregiver, while you might not be personally dealing with a family member, When you show as much love and patience as you can, even in such personal matters like bath time, you are showing your patients that you care.  As the caregiver are the one required to set up the schedule of bath time.  my Uncle with Alzheimer's ...
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Alzheimer's with grandma

HI people,

I just wanted to share a bit of my experience with people who have had alzheimer's. My grandma had it, and she lived with us. Over the course of about 7-10 years it kept getting worse. At the end, she was mute and bedridden. Before she got so bad she used to argue with me and my parents about everything. She despised me though, since I lived in the room right across from ...
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Are hallucinations common in people with Alzheimer's?

My mom, she 78, insists that she saw a some animal(wild animal) in the backyard yesterday.
So is it cause of Alzheimer
I did found a similar question here
but still wondering if i can get some more advice.
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Husband obsessed with having Alheimers

My 68 year old husband has had memory and cognitive problems for as long as I have known him. He had a couple of traumatic events in his childhood and has very low emotional/social intelligence. He takes meds for ADD and depression. A year or so ago, he became obsessed with the idea that he had Alzheimer's. He finally went to a mental health professional (whom he had had no previous interaction with) who talked ...
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I am dealing with my husbands illness. He has good and bad days. I am finding it so hard to be patient and understanding with him. I pray for kind, loving and patient heart. I remember our love but he sees me as a stranger and no longer can meet my needs. I know his are greater and I see seconds of his former self. It hurts so much when you've shared 24 years together ...
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Are there any ways to prevent Alzheimer's disease?

They say Alzheimer's disease is incurable, but are there ways to prevents its occurrence? Just like there are carcinogenic agents in case of cancer, have any possible factors that contribute to this disease been detected?
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