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My son is 15 years old. He has always been anxious and the last 2 years has also battled depression. He has always been a loner and kept to himself. This past December he began getting debilitating migraines with dizziness (vestibular migraines). The florescent lights in the school and all of the loud commotion just made them worse so while trying to get him better he has been doing his work at home and turning ...
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Extremely Worried and Seeking Advice

Hi everyone,
My name is lukas im 19 years old and i have severe anxiety and depression, have done for many years now and ive always struggled with it and battle it everyday. For Example: I worry about going to shops or i worry about be outside where i can be seen or where i can be judged.
Despite my age i have never had a job and this due to my anxiety in past ...
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how do you fill your day?

Within your walls?

Finding it very hard lately, I have my usual routines, but lately can barely muster the energy to bother moving off the sofa :roll:
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amygdala surgery for agoraphobia (and bipolar)

14 April 2016

dear Friends,

I just introduced myself in the Welcome section. Nice to meet you!

I thought before to write you about my experience and after some days I decided to share it with you all.

I suffer of sever Agoraphobia + Bipolar Disorder since 2008. Since 2012 I cannot exit home independently. I tried 10+ therapies with 0% results (drugs, psycho, holistic, everything..).

The disease was always getting worse, so, I decided, ...
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Fear of confrontation

I was on my way to catch the bus. I saw a guy outside my apartment building who looked like he was urinating on the building. I said: "Are you pissing on the wall"? I didn't wait for him to turn around and answer. I had to get to the bus stop.

After I got to the bus stop, the guy comes to the bus stop too. He said: "Yeah, I was pissing on the ...
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I really want to leave the house again..but I don't know how

Hey guys! I've been suffering from anxiety and depression for about 6 years now. I know thats quite long and I know I should've gotten help a long time ago. Things got awfully bad over the last two years. I thought things were looking up, I graduated, I was actually quite happy. Thats when the panic attacks came back. I went to a new school (you graduate twice here) and had one hell of a ...
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Bladder issues

About 4/5 years ago my doctor told me I was agoraphobic. I denied medication and felt I could deal with it without, it got better but in the last year i've been having bladder problems more than having anxiety leaving my house. I have to pee all the time, i can't go anywhere where its difficult to use the bathroom, concerts etc. Its really bothering me now and even my friends just think i have ...
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Home bound

Love being home never leave my house. What adults are house bound?
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It's that time of year

So Christmas will soon be here, and family obligations call. I was just wondering how you all deal with the pressure of having to attend family gatherings when suffering with agoraphobia. I dread the holidays and I feel panicky about trying to force myself to go (family is about 4 hours away by car) or making an excuse not to go. My family is aware of my problems but I don't think they realize how ...
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feeling like i am out of options

I have Agoraphobia and depression for years now. Let me start from the beginning in school i was very shy i was the kid that never talked to anyone always had my head down walking to class never asked for help so what did the school do they put me in special ed classes where i had 2 or 3 people in my class i missed so much school they were going to fail me ...
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