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Can't wear bras anymore..?


So for about 2 months now I haven't been wearing a bra because the last times I tried, I got huge panic attack on now my subconscious associate panic attack with wearing bras.
Problem is, I can't always wear baggy t-shirt so it wouldn't show my nipples...
Anyone have that problem too?
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Tired of being alone

Why isolation has to be a permanent thing? You don't make friends in your youth because of bullying, ridicule, developing avoidance and agoraphobia. You try to 'get help' but you are further ridiculed and belittled, treat like dog $#%^ and basically told to go away. There is no help or change for someone isolated. Denied everything including work, friends, relationships. Only old age pensioners get help and pity for being isolated, otherwise nothing. Just more ...
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Hey everyone, I have been joined to this forum for quite a while, but never really used it much, but recently I have been feeling really lonely with my agoraphobia/anxiety/depression. I've been put on ativan for my panic attacks and take olanzapine for psychosis. The agoraphobia started when I got assaulted last year by a woman in the streets, she random;y came up to me and punched me in the nose and pushed me over. ...
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23 years old, scared to leave my house/scared of strangers

I'm a 23 year old woman & I'm scared to leave my own apartment. I feel so pathetic. I live with a roommate around my age who is still a relative stranger to me as I don't really make an effort to get to know her/don't know how. Anyways, I run a little webshop & I have orders to send out, groceries to get, supplies to buy. But thinking about leaving my house & going ...
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A healthier version of herself...

Before anything, I'd like to say that I've never been a part of any forums or discussion boards because for a long time I felt as though I didn't want anything to interfere with my perception. I didn't want to start pointing fingers or blame based on general information. But, reading forums like these whenever I felt alone, lost or confused have helped me to come up with ideas or take information into consideration that ...
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I was agoraphobic! Had severe agoraphobia and got ''cured''

Hi, i lived in Mexico almost al my life and
when i was 11 i was bullyed by teachers and kids, one day my neighbors who where Teens bullyed me and kick me in my coxis, after that i cudn't sit for long periods of time so i had to drop out school

After that i never came out again, since i was 11 to 16 i didint go outside NEVER, not even to shop ...
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To start going out again

A technique I first use to start going out again was to avoid making eye contact with anybody when outside. 'Out of sight, out of mind' This prevented feeling socially rejected, which was manipulating me to remain in the house.

Also, knowing where things are in relation the house helps, as you may fear getting lost, so being able to walk to places and back to home is also a good start being able to ...
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Frightened to take this step

I have had periods of time where leaving the house has been terrifying. I am especially scared of unfamiliar places. I feel safe when I am in control and can choose to go home when I want. Over the years, my comfort has increased again. I am actually very proud of myself because life is normal. Getting a car is what really changed my life because I can easily get home rather than need to ...
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Amber The Homestuck Panda

Hi There!!!
I have dealt with agoraphobia since i was in 7th grade. As you could imagine, that made school very rough for me. It has lessened and intensified over the years.

Im currently 25, married, & stuck at home due to my agoraphobia.I hate it because my husband the only one bringing in income & its hard to get all the bills paid. I want to help, but my agoraphobia prevents me from being ...
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Utterly hopeless.CRY BABY!

I'm sure some of you can relate.
But I'm a coward of the highest order.
I rarely stand up for myself because confrontation is sure to induce shaking,tears,and if dangerous enough urine.
I don't know why people and life in general scare me but I recoil out of fear at almost anything difficult.

The worst part is that a big strong guy. People expect me to this tough guy but I can't be. Fear pervades ...
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