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Thoughts of a dreamer...

Do you ever believe yourself to be more happier in the dream world than you are in reality? The people you meet there don’t seem to abide by any conventional standards of what is considered “normal” or “correct”. They are a reflection of everything you’d truly like to find in a person. They are the exception to every carbon copy of what is socially accepted as ordinary or popular, and as unique as you could ...
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I don't know if this is the right place but...

ok so i got logged out because i spent too much time writing this and lost all of it so heres what i want to say in short

this is very small compared to what thousands of other people go through :( im very sorry
but im very scared to go to the dentist im not even sure if that was an anxiety attack or not

when ...
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Driving Panic Attacks

I'm new here. Suffering from debilitating anxiety and panic attacks while driving. Becoming agoraphobic. My panic attacks are so scary I've called 911 on several occasions and even gotten out of the car on a busy interstate and waved down cars so someone could help me. When im at a red light ive sometimes almost gone right through it because my panic worsens when I feel stuck. Im depressed because I cant really drive ...
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Sick of my life

I'm so sick of living my life. I've been dealing with having panic disorder for almost 3 years now. I can't ever leave my house because when I do I feel like I'm going to vomit. Yes this is not a made up thing.. I haven't hung out with any friends in almost 6 months and everytime I'm asked to, I make up an excuse because I don't want to tell them what's actually going ...
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alcohol as self medication

hi everyone i am 35 yo i have anxiety and major depression since i dont even know and i started to self medicate me with alcohol which only led things to worse i became alcoholic i lost all my friends my only brother hates me and i live with my mother, who cries almost all day. sorry for the bad english i am from Brazil. And i only get this outta my chest.

any1 with ...
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Hi- I am new to this forum

Hi - I am new to this forum. Looking to interact with other people. I actually have monophobia which is fear of being alone which is part of the agoraphobic group. Looking to connect with people who understand .
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2017 officially marks 20 years since my diagnosis

Hi Everyone,

I am a 42 yr old wife and mother... and I have struggled with anxiety - both "rational" (ie worries about money or my kids) and "irrational" (fear of throwing myself off balconies or driving off a cliff) - my entire life. However, I was first diagnosed with a Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia in 1997 after my first full-fledged, I think I'm dying, what is happening?! panic attack while driving on the interstate. ...
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The sound of 2017 scares me. It's so futuristic.

Hey guys. This is super random and just occurred to me while I was in the shower, and I'm feeling a bit better but I wanted to just put this out there and see if anyone else gets scared about this too. Isn't it so weird how we're living in the 2010s? I was born in 1997 and I've pretty much only known the 2000s and have written it down my whole life but it ...
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Separation Anxiety

Hi, my family is taking a 9 hour trip for Christmas, I basically have the choice to go with them or stay home alone and I don't know which is worse. Any tips for dealing with separation anxiety?
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The lack of responses

The few responses with many posts and some without any makes me miserable. I guess there is little to no help for agoraphobia/isolation. In the real world I don't see any solution to being alone, unless you have people there for you already, and then if you do they may not care. I guess the only people that can help agoraphobics and with similar issues are those who also have it. I tried to go ...
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