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Severe agoraphobia. Help!?

So basically for a little background info, I am on disability and have been for 6 yrs due to bipolar, borderline personality disorder, agoraphobia, ocd, addiction, and an eating disorder. I am in and out of the psych ward constantly and have been since I was 16. At this point my agoraphobia and anxiety in general is SO severe I cannot go past a block away from my house unless its by ambulance. I am ...
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Online ongoing surveys/studies/call for participants

Current Surveys / Studies / Call for participants going on.

Social Experiences Online Study.
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Only: air; and i

Catch me, as i fall: say you're here; and it's all over now.. i'm so tired of fear- like open doors, you give me all but the reason why.

If only for a day; although you're still with me- a breeze will help clear: speaking, to the atmosphere.. No one's here and i fall into myself (trapped by these childish reasoning's).

Hiding behind the mask- the betrayer, this air around me.. Never was; never will ...
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Wrong Town

A bit over two years ago, I moved to a small town in a regionally distant area from the city I grew up in. At first I thought people here wouldn't be so unpleasant to interact with. Was I wrong. Not being a local, I am consistently scrutinized for any action I make, word I utter or expression I make. And news really does travel faster in a town in contrast to the vast, impersonal ...
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Want to go to college and succeed, but I'm scared?

Hi... Um, so I'm new to this, but I really want some thoughts from others who may have similar issues.

To start, I have a loving husband at home so I feel like I should be alright with moving forward. I stay at home and talk to basically no one unless he's with me. If he goes, I go. If he stays, I stay. I'm terrified of being alone, or of being with people that ...
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Can anyone relate?

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post.

I have difficulty leaving my house. I can leave but it's easier if it's at a time of day when it's not very busy outside. I can't leave if I can see anyone in my street though. I can go to places that I've been before or places where there will be someone I know but can't go anywhere outside of that. Sometimes I ...
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F/20 - Severly agoraphobic and housebound. Looking 4 friends

I'm 20 years old and I've suffered with anxiety since I was 9. At 13 I was diagnosed with depression and dropped out of school. From 13-17 I've been on/off agoraphobic and 18-20 (now) I have been completely housebound, sometimes I can't even leave my room.
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Crossing Streets/Open Spaces

Hi all,
I am new to this forum but grateful that it is somewhere to get info. Would appreciate any insight. I have been doing research/reading. Not sure if I have general anxiety or a specific phobia. I have been a developing agoraphobia for years now but it seems to be getting worse. My problem is that I get very anxious when crossing streets or open spaces. If someone is beside me, I'm generally ok. ...
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Fear of Doctors Exam

I am a 40 male and I have developed an irrational fear of being seen by any person within the medical industry. Each year I go to my physical (mandatory for work) my hear rate and pulse jump to levels that cause alarm.
When I was a child (late 70's- early 80's) I remember going in for physicals and a random nurse would stick her head in the exam room and say "strip to your ...
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Has anything helped?

Has anyone done anything that has improved there anxiety and help them get out the house? I've been stuck for so long is there anything that will help?
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