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Fairly certain I'm agoraphobic

I do leave the house but rarely. I goto work and sometimes I make myself go see a movie a few times a year. But I hate leaving the house and I have very poor social skills like I'm terrified of people and I'm cynical so I avoid them if I can. At the same time I wish I had some friends to talk to and hang out with but I'm a poor person and ...
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Can people with agoraphobia talk freely over the phone?

I think I have agoraphobia, I only left my home 1 to 3 times avg in last few years.

I have a question, I can feely talk to people over the phone, I have no problem with it at all, just wondering is this normal?

Do you have problem talk to people over the phone with agoraphobia?
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Agoraphobia or Social Anxiety?

I thought that I have social anxiety disorder but now I'm not so sure. Now I'm wondering if I have agoraphobia. Is there a way to tell the difference between the two?

It looks like agoraphobia is more of a fear, while social anxiety is more of a fear of embarrassment.

A few things about me:

I certainly have a comfort zone when it comes to the areas I drive in. I don't mind driving ...
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I'm new to this forum, and have been agoraphobic for about 4-5 years now. I've tried all therapies with exposure therapy being the only one that's worked to some extent but some big set backs and panic attacks have made it increasingly difficult recently to a point where I haven't really left the house for around 2 years now.

I'm quite anti medication because of the side effects, its a shame because if there ...
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Agoraphobia and Coronavirus

My friend says the lockdown has been convenient for her since it didn't cause much of a change in her life pre-corona, and she doesn't have to explain herself every time she didn't want to come to meet with people. I was wondering how you did during the lockdown? For some, this would cause further anxiety due to the uncertainties.
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Hate going out

I wouldn't say I'm agoraphobic but I hate going out.

It started about 4 years ago when I started at my present place of work. Before then I used to socialise quite regularly.

I've never been the type to stay in contact with people when I move on so when my old company went out of business I moved on but its as though I took a completely wrong turn and I'll tell you why; ...
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Agoraphobia and being forced to move house.

Any advice for someone that hasn’t left the house for a very long time but because of circumstances out their control has to move house? Feeling very suicidal because of this.
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Life seems pointless

I’m hoping to find some people to connect with on here because being agoraphobic can feel so isolating and sometimes life doesn’t seem worth living anymore.

Anyway I’ve been suffering from this for many years and all the help I’ve tried to get only served to make things worse. I live with my mother which feels terribly embarrassing especially at my age. This is one of the problems that can also compound agoraphobia and low ...
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This new development

See this site not very active. But will post anyway. This is a new issue for us. Thought it happened suddenly but after reading posts, see it's been developing for awhile. Just recently became an obvious issue. Was laughingly blaming it on Amazon. But there are things Amazon can't do. Like put gas in the car. Passed many gas stations on way from T's. Had urgency to get home. In spite of absolute unviable rule..gas ...
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My situation

Hi everyone, my name is Dave, I am a man of course, im new here, id like to share a little of my life here and meet some people who are also dealing with similar situation as me so I dont feel like im the only one in the world who is like this, which I feel like I am the only one in my area thats like this, I live in Los Angeles, im ...
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