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Am I immature or emotionally weak for having AD?

When I was a preteen I was diagnosed with situational depression, now I see it is identified as adjustment disorder. I had depressive symptoms for several months, even to the point of self harm or wanting to die. I was constantly sad, hopeless, and lonely. The event in question that triggered this was a falling out my best friend / crush, which evolved into thinking nobody liked me when it separated me from the rest ...
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Looking for some diagnostic ideas

If someone were to ask me, “What do you do for fun?” My honest answer would be: “Avoiding people on Adderall while perusing through online psych forums and self-diagnosing myself through the process of elimination – whilst simultaneously diagnosing all of those of which I interact with, and to mix it up, a bit of mild obsessive ex stalking afterward.” I am not even sure if I am stalking - or if I'm addicted to ...
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pushing people away

i have been under a lot of stress and to a lot of people this seems normal life issues but my mind makes my issues into an apocalypse like episode. my counsellor is on holiday until end of august and my back up counsellor is not replying to my phone calls and emails. im starting to miss shufts atwork and push away friends i feel like im spiralling. ive been trying to follow the advice ...
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AD and dating

Hey folks! I'm brand new here. I work at an environmental non-profit in Philadelphia and I'm in school part time. My official diagnosis is Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety and Depression.
I'm a month into dating someone, we'll call him Tom here. He is awesome and supportive and actually deals with some of his own mental health challenges, so he is able to relate. Anyway, I have huge anxiety flare-ups when dating someone new. It is ...
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Panic attacks caused by my pets.

/Why is it the thing I love the most in the word cripples me from functioning? Many people think its funny that a picture of a cat in a litter box causes nausea and triggers flight, but it is seriously effecting my day to day health.
It all started when my cat fell ill with struvite crystals and I went through with his treatment, however for the past 9 yrs I became obsessed with his ...
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Request for employment ideas?

I believe that my treatment would be a low stress job as I have financial problems and no regularly budget refill just from time to time.
Would you like to think a list of this kind of jobs for me?
I am diagnostified with by-polar disorder and psichosys by a Roumanian psychiatrist, I used their medication but It doesn't stop the phenomenon.I went to many theraphysts but same.
I believe that some money would make ...
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Counselling for AD?

The last few years of my life have been very up and down, in terms of events that have happened. Some good, and some really, really bad. The last year especially has been traumatic for me emotionally. No one's died thankfully, so i know it could 'always be worse' but that's not making me feel any better. I was at my lowest after a very stressful and upsetting earlier on in the year. Just when ...
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Job loss. Not coping

About a month ago my husband (sole bread winner) lost his job. He is doing well, being patient, understanding that things will take time and getting out and about meeting people. I am a total mess, everyday is a struggle, not being as patient as i should with the kids, bouts of tears and hopelessness. So scared for our future, even though his employment prospects are probably quite good. Just feel like exploding with the ...
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I'd Like to Stop Being Incompetent, Please

I really want to tell myself that I've just been having some bad luck lately.

This past summer has been full of changes. I've gotten out of a bad relationship with a friend (who thought he was my "boyfriend"), only to have my friend call me selfish for not wanting to hang out with him anymore. This is the same friend who previously told me to stop being such a doormat around this guy. My ...
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Being honest with my physician

I am 22 years old, and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder NOS around six months ago after a suspected manic episode, triggered by the initiation of an SSRI.

Unfortunately, nothing has improved thus far, and I'm actually tempted to say things are getting worse. However, I can say that I have not been very forthcoming with how I've actually been feeling. My family seemed to expect a complete 180 degree change after the start of ...
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