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Trauma symptoms

I was abused in every way by my partner last year and initially, I was suffering extreme anxiety (PTSD prob) where I was barely functioning due to the level of nerves and anxiety until I went on some medication.
I have been going through a divorce now and find that whilst much of the time there is absolutely nothing inside of me even though 'I may laugh or talk as normal on the outside', ...
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Prostitution Ring *may trigger*

im Going to keep this post minimal because this is very hard for me to talk about, I’ve never told anyone and I feel very vulnerable but I do feel like I need to say it out loud and hopefully I get a response because I feel so lost in it all....
Here it goes
I grew up in a privileged part of town, I had good friends or so I thought... when I was ...
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Image on the internet -- help

I'm having severe difficulty in overcoming an image in my head that I was tricked into viewing on the internet. The image is of a former friend of mine smiling disturbingly (imo) in the darkness while holding a baby pig. It's complicated, but he tricked me into viewing the picture and made me think that I represented the pig.

It's been over five and a half years since I originally saw the photo, but the ...
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Do I have PTSD?

I've been thinking alot about this matter for quite some time.
I do not know much about PTSD and it's variations, so please forgive me if this is completely irrational.

I've always felt uncomfortable around people who raise their voices, but it's gotten worse with the years. Most people are uncomfortable around yelling people.
However, the last two-three years it's gotten to the point of me getting panic-attacks because of it. I feel like ...
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Acute Anxiety Disorder?

Hello all. I am a first time poster. I returned from Afghanistan about 10 months ago after serving a one year tour (non military) and experience anxiety and possibly PTSD like symptoms. I sometimes feel short of breath and feel like I could possibly pass out. This specific symptom has gotten better over the last several months but it happened quite a few times while driving which was very scary. When it happened I had ...
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Meditation and Stress

Trying to control my stress, I have recently exercised Meditation and what I found out is that Meditation calms me down, but I don't want to meditate. I don't want to do it. It is like, I don't want to be calm. I reluctantly do it but I don't go to meditate full-heatedly. Why is that? Because I think I have made an unconscious choice to be uncalm and uneasy with everything in life. I ...
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Therapy for cPTSD vs depression?

I've been in therapy for a while for depression and it really hasn't been helping. I got perscribed cymbalta and it also hasn't helped that much either. Broke down and tried medical marijuana and it helped the cptsd but it's hard on my heart so I need to stop.

Is there really anything different with therapy if you are being treated for c-ptsd/ regular ptsd than just depression?

After cymbalta I'm really not ok with ...
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help with PTSD associated w/ heart!

Hello, Im on my iphone browser but i decided to post this topic,
My names john, im 19 years old and i have had PTSD since around thankgiving.
I dont want to get into details because the topic is sensitive but i Overdosed heavily on a combination of heavy CNS stimulamts and had to go to ER for 2 days (At which my resting BPM Raised to up too 194-197.) 4-5 days after that event ...
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I think this is ME!

I suffered a lot during my life from Narcissists, who were emotionally/verbally abusive right from birth from a close family member. Then from a couple of others, it involved drugs, alcohol, verbally humiliating me infront of other, and threatening to kill me in not so direct words over and over again.

Now at 40, I have tons of issues with hypervigilance, and PTSD like reactions, maybe social anxiety.
And when I have interactions in person ...
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PTSD from extended exposure to a stressful lifestyle

Greetings ; I'm seeking assistance regarding a type of PTSD which is NOT from one experience but a prolonged lifestyle of high stress. I'm retired US military reserves and retired police officer from a major law enforcement agency in the US. I'm not a combat vet however have been in numerous military operations in hazardous areas around the world. I do have guilt from not participating in certain combat operations with my unit. As a ...
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