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Anyone else draw pictures of abuse?

I was abused by two teenage boys when I was 11 to 13.They had me and a friend engage in all sorts of sex acts.I found out later that the older boys had learned about sex from a man in are neighborhood.Anyway I have been straight my whole life,married and 6 children and 6 grandchildren.I have through out my life drawn pictures of my abuse explicit pictures of boys engaged in sex acts.This only happens ...
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The memory is vivid but also fragmented TW COCSA

I was molested when I was 4 by a family friend's 13 year old son. I remember him putting me onto a bed and then doing what he did. For a long time I wasn't sure if it was a dream or not. It felt real, it felt vivid but there were bits in pieces rather than a full blown memory. I had many strange sexual dreams as a child but one thing I do ...
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Did my first interview yesterday

A local online news source was doing something on Child abuse and they got in touch. I sent them a synopsis first, with obvious questions and answers, like: "why did you not run away ?" It cuts down the early questions and lets them draw their focus.

It was very interesting, had some expected consequences (first nightmare in a year and a half - they have morphed and although troubling they do not terrify like ...
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My Story - TW *graphic*

Hi there,

I am new to this site and this is my first post. I needed somewhere to share my story, anonymously. I don't expect anything back, I just hope that a little weight will lift off my shoulders by knowing the words are out there, or else I hope someone else may be able to make sense of this mess. It is quite long, I apologise. Names have all been changed.

So here goes: ...
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Is this the best forum/subforum to discuss cPTSD?

Sorry if this is a silly question. Is this the best forum/subforum to discuss cPTSD? Especially in the context of complex trauma rather than PTSD itself. If this is not, which one is?

to put the question in the bigger perspective, i just discovered that all my mental difficulties that are very difficult to classify (ADHD, BP, BPD, atypical depression, dysthymia, adjustment disorder, PTSD, anger management, anxiety, social phobia, emotional overeating, addictive personality, ASD, etc) ...

If you have been abused - please read this

I am new to this forum, and I was shocked to the extent of the abuse certain people had, and managed to survive and cope, and didn't take the easy way out. You are the bravest people I've had the chance to meet!
I've had brushes with abuse, fortunately I wasn't abused myself, at least not sexually.
But here is what I have to say to anyone who was abused even slightly.

1) It is ...
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Embarrassment or Overreacting?

So I am married to a guy who has been abusive in the past. After a close call with child protective services when a therapist I was seeing decided to make a report, he has made what appears to be an effort, or at least a decision to refrain from physical violence and overt name calling for the past year. I have also seen an improvement in his overt dishonesty and inconsiderate behaviors that ...
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Interrogations as presentation

I guess everyone is special, but still, I don't feel quite at ease asking the questions I am about to ask.

I have been sexually exploited by my mother when I was a teen-age boy until It decided to stop seeing her when I was 18. I completed wiped out any sort of memory of my early childhood and I remember almost nothing from my later childhood until I was 15. Even then, my memory ...
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I do not know where this new feeling of snobbiness came fro?

I was happy and confident for a while before I started grad school. I also lead a life alone without a social life because I just never made any friends in high school and in college I got busy. I am that quiet person. Also suffered PSTD from high school so now I have avoidant personality disorder. When I went to grad school, I had the idea that I would be able to start over ...

Is there any light st the end of this darkness? *TW*

*Trigger Warning*

*mod edit*. I am 47 years old and have just survived the most horrific event of my life. I waited my whole life to get married as I only wanted to do it once. I found the man of my dreams in. October of 2018 and was happily married soon thereafter. My happy marriage took a very swift turn for the worse about a year in when my husband lost custody of his ...
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