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I believe my mom sexually abused me. I remember when I was around 4 or 5 she would play this game with me that she called The Rain. It was always after my bath. She would put a towel on the bathroom floor and have me lay on it holding my legs up behind my knees. She would put a washcloth in hot water and lather it in Irish spring soap. She would clean my ...
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Sexually abuse formed me


Im new to this forum and english is not my first language and it may be hard to express with right words for me.

When I was little my mother worked alot and she alos had her own issues and I used to be alot with an older couple living close to us. Normally after school but even evenings and nights when my mother had to work and it all was ok. I have ...
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Male, raped by my older brother from 6-10 years old.im 34 no

When I was around 3, my older brother became a type 1 diabetic and I remember clearly saying I want to be just like my older brother.. 2 years later I became a type 1 diabetic myself.. super rare for siblings to both get it when nobody in the family has it (including all relatives) . I can't believe I said I wanted to be just like him.. the memory of it starting, or how ...

Abused and control by my mother for years

Starting at a very young age and lasting until I was 15 I was sexually abused by my mother. It started out during my bath time and then later on at bed time. There was inappropriate touching and kissing of my body and I was, from time to time encouraged to do the same to her. This slowly escalated until sex was taking place by the time I was 14.
My parents had separated when ...
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child abuse

well after reading some of the story's in the forum, make's me feel like i can tell mine.
when i was 6 my older brother used to let me sleep in his room, he was 16 at that time.
he let me play with his cool toys and stuff, but it was just a way to keep me quiet while he touched
me. not sure how graphic i will be, but he touched me between ...
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Hard for me to believe this is "real" sexual abuse

I'll cut right to the chase.

When I was 14 I met a 17 year old boy at my school. We developed a close bond over mutual interests.He was obsessed with me, but I wasn't that interested. On his 18th birthday, I had turned 15 by that point, he followed m around all night, getting closer and closer. I didn't want to kiss him. I hid and dodged, but never said no. I felt magnetized ...
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tips for going to sleep?

so, long story short, my trauma involves beds and being asleep, along with being in a house setting. though im sure other people also struggle with going to bed. the whole sitting in place, waiting to go to sleep thing, only leaves me open to think, and it usually spirals from there into flashbacks and intrusive memories that keep me up all night.
i've struggled with this for a long time and i find that ...
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Maternal Incest Of Son

Hello Everyone,

My partner was raped by his mother throughout his childhood. he told me this a few months into our relationship. He didn't like to talk about the abuse when I attempted to bring it up, after that.

He began to spend more and more time on the computer, what seemed like a distraction and blocking me out. I felt he was beginning to resent me and our relationship for what it forced him ...
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cannot stop obsessing over urges today, *trigger warning*

Hi, im new here, first time posting. Today I am struggling... guess ill start with a bit about me.
I am 30, I was groomed by father to be sexual with my younger sister. Ended up with a few times during our childhood between 8 - 10 and 11- 13 with situations that turned into me touching her and her not wanting it... so I was the abuser and she was recipient. Flirtation and body ...

Are relationships better with a fellow survivor?

As a newly single man (47) who has recently come to terms with how childhood abuse experiences have affected my sexual past and present, I am concerned about future relationships. For instance, I'm reticent about becoming involved with someone who might not be able to understand how my childhood affects me. I'm sure they would be outwardly supportive but are partners who haven't been abused really able to relate or do you have to keep ...
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