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Dont know how to progrrss

I am in to 3rd session with this therapist and I just not sure how to bring up my issues as I am feeling less safe in that presence like I was thinking too much magnifying things and what not I have lots of cognitive errors as well.I just try practising all self help methods and I follow the things my therapist said so that next time I will not appear as a lazy person ...
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A bowl of soup.

Sharing the words of the mind.

I'm beginning to think there is no seat left for me online, but a lot of mirrored minds exist here, so I'm sitting on the floor.
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I guess I should start by saying I have no official diagnosis in regards to dissociative disorders. I had a psychologist (who I unfortunately had to stop seeing) acknowledge that I have dissociative parts and that she had talked to some of them. I don't know exactly what is causing that and I'm not trying to claim a particular label. If it's not okay to post here because of that please let me know! I'm ...
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Zelda breath of the wild

I've decided that I'm going to stop asking so many questions and just go with it:

Zelda breath of the wild is the best game I have ever played I don't know why it just is ( well I guess I do know why I just want to create a somewhat good post lol) I love the sense you f adventure that I got in the game I love that I can do and go ...
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People Are Not Responding Like They Can't Everywhere I Go!

I don't know know what's going on but people are acting out of character, they don't respond or speak, or return my text. It doesn't matter if I'm in person or over the phone. I went into my bank 30 minutes before closing just to ask a few questions. I was not greeted he just looked at me. I stopped made eye contact and stood there and looked he didn't talk, like I a mind ...

What are my limits on "off topic"

I'm not saying I have any plans to intentionally be edgy or to spark controversy (I want to do quite the opposite of that) I just want to know what qualifies as just for fun is it limited to jokes or can we have a light hearted conversation about video games and anime and where does it go from being "fun" to unenjoyable?
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Maternal Incest Of Son

Hello Everyone,

My partner was raped by his mother throughout his childhood. he told me this a few months into our relationship. He didn't like to talk about the abuse when I attempted to bring it up, after that.

He began to spend more and more time on the computer, what seemed like a distraction and blocking me out. I felt he was beginning to resent me and our relationship for what it forced him ...
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Erectile distinction and Kink

Hi all

I am male in my early 40s. I have been in a monogonous relationship with the mother of my two children for more than 20 years. She is a beautiful woman that l am still very attracted to.

The recent pandemic and associated lockdowns here in Australia took its toll on is both mentally. After speaking about this together about six months ago we both realised we needed more intimacy in the relationship. ...
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Masturbation and Testing

I’m so exhausted I just keep testing and testing it feels like I can ejaculate quicker with a gay thought and this bothers me so much it doesn’t feel like Iv anxiety over it either so that worry’s me too. I’m literally testing twice a day now to see if I will ejaculate to gay thoughts. I’m starting to worry I’m subconsciously attracted or something I’m just so tired of this
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Arousal ocd

Hello, can someone explain how ocd creates arousal non concordance ? For example while seeing a picture or a video that triggers Hocd or POCD or any other sexual ocd? And Why does it make unwanted arousal stronger while being aroused? Any good links and some explanation ?
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