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Do you alter your persona to gain validation? How conscious of an agenda is that? How do you feel if you catch yourself?
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Permission to remember...

As you may or may not be aware I'm seeking help at the moment for childhood trauma.

I've only been having the anxiety about this trauma for the past couple of years and it's been almost debilitating and caused me many problems in my personal life.

Anyway the therapy is still in the early stages but I've already started have memories of things that I really couldn't remember before. In fact it's been interrupting my ...
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Experiences with Gabapentin?

I don't know much about Gabapentin as a mood stabilizer (or any people who take it), so I'm wondering if anyone here can share what mental health symptoms it has been helpful for?
Read more : Experiences with Gabapentin? | Views : 133 | Replies : 2 | Forum : Bipolar Disorder Forum



So I have taken sometime of forums for a while to get better through therapy.

From my understanding of Hocd is a person has unwanted thoughts that plague you everyday. Many therapists have told me that Ocd thoughts aren’t true but I get the impression from people on here on there replies about Hocd that they can realise they are Gay.

I just don’t know how this is possible with all the therapy I ...
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I feel like I had done something terribly wrong

Hello. I am new here on the forums. I decided to make an account so I could make this post, but I wasn’t too sure which sub I should post under so I decided on this one. If what I am about to talk about belongs in another sub feel free to move this.

So I am writing this post at a 21 year old gay man who lives in a country where the legal ...
Read more : I feel like I had done something terribly wrong | Views : 145 | Replies : 1 | Forum : Remorse

off topic - move threads here

hey moderation staff hope this helps.

im a sr moderator on a drug harm reduction website, not trying to micromanage, but i think this thread might come in handy.

we usually only merge threads into MEGA threads, but believe me when i say this will become a MEGA thread.

hope all is well.

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Seymour Cox

Talking to my colleague today and she was talking to a guy named Mike. She got all the way to the end of the sale before she realised that his surname was Litoris.
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Dealing with demands of 'friends'


Hoping someone on here can offer a few specifically avoidant perspectives as I'm kind of stuck in a rut? :?

I was dx with Autism many years ago so relationships and social rules aren't a strength for me anyway. But as a part of this I can be very avoidant particularly when challenged.

Basically I had a 'friend' from years ago when I was in a ...
Read more : Dealing with demands of 'friends' | Views : 169 | Replies : 1 | Forum : Avoidant Personality Disorder Forum

Something strange happened (Kinda like a flashback, BUT not)

Something weird happened last night.

Maybe it was some strange side-effect of our severe headache we had (but I don't think so, being that we tend to get that kind of headache at times). It was almost like a flashback, but I have ABSOLUTELY NO clue who those people were. I don't even know where I was (I mean, if it was some kind of memory.) It almost was like I was dreaming, but how ...

Dissociation Caused by Triggers?

So a while back, someone here said EMDR can sometimes be contraindicated in people with cPTSD because they experience a lot of dissociation.

I've been asking around, and now I have some extra questions.

I was told elsewhere the reason why it increases dissociation is because people with severe trauma already have a very narrow therapeutic window (between hyperawarenes and hypoawareness/dissociative states) - and the EMDR process would have to be very closely monitored or ...
Read more : Dissociation Caused by Triggers? | Views : 189 | Replies : 2 | Forum : Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Forum


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