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Reliable tests

Hello OCD community,
I am looking for a reliable scientific DSM based test for OCD. They are some really good ones for cluster B people, which I am, but I can't find somes that seem reliable for OCD, do you know of some?

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rejection pain

When you have no social network or family and you are poor and struggle with social interaction if in desperation you reach out to someone and they reject you even though they are in a position to help it feels so bad. I want to put it into words but it is so hard. Not only are you dealing with the original difficult situation but now you have to also deal with the pain of ...
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I watched a programme the other day where these four guys were on a building site digging a trench, but the sandy trench began collapsing on top of them. Water began filling the trench and a bolder fell and trapped the men. The were up to their chests in the sand and water, and it was slowly crushing them. As fast as the sand was removed, more fell on top of them. One man got ...
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An explanation of hate crimes by request of my voices

Recently I have deduced what orthodox clinicians would reject, but my voices have in the past month or more, failed to repudiate or reject. This seems to be a first for them, with the repugnant hatred and indifference that leads them to hate crimes resulting in multiple suicides, that I call murders, given their expertise.

They (he) said, and I know this mans name, "scott, I killed (presided over) a young man last night. He ...
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Parents were cousins...and sexual abusers

I used to post on this forum several years ago in what was then the Adult Children of Narcissists board. Back then I posted alot about the emotional/psychological abuse I went through as a kid. and my escape from my psycho family. I didn't post much about the sexual nature of some of the abuse. For one, I wasn't ready to deal with it. Secondly, the sexual abuse really was less frequent and very much ...
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Worried for my kids.

Hello, in the past year or so, I have noticed that youtube stopped recommending me random content and that content has become very watched history related, and very rarely for example recommending random videos from the subscriptions playlists.

Now I was looking at a definition for stalking in the American Journal of Psychiatry and I have noticed very worrying similarities in Youtube`s recommendation algorithm.

Although I know it`s supposed to be marketing, there`s a point ...
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You all can call me Eli

Im a 16 year old diagnosed boy, and my life has already gone to $#%^. I feel trapped in the three letter word "bpd". ive been hospitalized. i hardly recovered and im still sick. dad wont take me in, nor will mom. they only care about money. (i am safe, they wont hurt me) all i do anymore is talk to others in the online world, its easy to ...
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Scary guy in inner world (*****TRIGGER Warning)

So there is a guy (inner world) who told me he goes by the name "Terror Stalker of Doom". I was wondering if anyone has any ideas what this might mean. He won't say. All he says is "Isn't it obvious?" He is super scary. Some kind of shadowy fog-like creature, or even like black fire. I have no clue, but he is being super scary.

my story, opinions?

hii, i don't know if this is the right place to tell my story but i wanted to share it somewhere. I have to tell my therapist next tuesday and i'm terrified and i want to hear some opinions or just talk about it with strangers first. It's about sex so it can be triggering for some, sorry <3

As far as i know i was never sexually abused, and i think everything started because ...
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need help with abusive neighbor

I need help with the upstairs tenant, a large, malicious and vindictive homosexual, and his boy friend (whom I'd probably get along with under different circumstances).

My background:
I'm an older male with PTSD from childhood trauma. I'm a recovered alcoholic with almost ten years of sobriety (meaning I haven't had even a sip of alcohol in almost ten years). I've been without a single family member for over ten years but, considering the family ...
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