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Changed alter

I'm questioning the change in my alters behavior. He started changing when I was re-traumatized, last year. He wants to now be in charge. Which he says, but lies. He's himself when I'm in the house. But not outside. He likes to spend money, when I need essentials. But is ok otherwise. He started liking chocolate more, for his coping mechanism. And he uses it as treats as well. But I'm questioning why he does ...
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Schizoid Personality that destroys my existence

Hello! Apologies in advance for chaotic message
I am 25 y/o, never been in a relationship, I am an extreme introvert, don’t like to socialise for a long period of time unless it’s my sister (I live with her and we do almost everything together) I have become aware of my personality disorder, however what’s weird to me is that 5 years ago I wasn’t like this. I have long history of eating disorder. I ...

"Educated fools with money on their mind"

Lyrics from a song I have just plagiarized however as some of you know my little obsession is "child abuse Cushings syndrome -- yes it does exist - just look at me from crying out loud, human bodies don't look like mine without a reason.

Okay got that off my chest - now for the laughs ..

This is a quote from a scientific study of children with Cushings Syndrome, which is actually very rare. ...
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New to trimix

Miracle drug, just 8 units and rock hard for hour and 1/2. Orgasmed after about 5 minutes, Next time took about 5 shots of Wild Turkey. Rock hard but couldn't orgasm after 45 minutes, Going to try about 2 shots of turkey next time. Has anybody tried trimix and alcohol to get everything dialed in.
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Hi is anyone taking Phosphatidylserine with antipsychotic? Please let me know your experience.

Thank you!
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I wanna possess my girlfriend's sexuality

Hi everyone,

In every relationship I have been, I realized I wanted to know everything about what my girlfriend was doing with her body. This is a terrible feeling, and I strive so hard to keep me far from those thoughts, but it keeps coming back. I can feel that it is part of being unsafe, I feel like she would/could replace me by doing it by herself, not because she don't want me but ...
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Is this a sign of undiagnosed Scrupulosity OCD?

I think I may have a form of scrupulosity OCD (Pure O) due to my religious upbringing. Ever since my mother brought up the topic of hell and demons and being saved, I developed a fear of it and of straying away from Christianity.

I was a complicated child who wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD until around the age of 8. At 13, I was given an official diagnosis of High Functioning Autism and Auditory Processing ...

Not remembering a split/switch? More questions.

Hoping everyone is doing well today.

Last night my S/O and I were talking and they can remember a period of a few months (several years ago) in which she says, "You acted really different and everyone noticed."

I do not remember anything from that time period short of a notable period during a couple hour event when someone asked my S/O, "Is she OK? Did you break her?" (This was meant in jest, I ...

Our thread sorta kinda (jessica6 journey thread)

So like in the DID forum we seen people got their journey thread and so we guess its like having a blog or something but you get to use your colors in the DID forum? So if I put something in that forum Snaga will KILL me but maybe I can put it in OSDD? Is that okay?

So okay this is our silly thread blah blah its us journeying about what we feel sometimes ...
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medical alert systems

I had an accident a few months ago when I was alone at home. I was in the middle of cleaning my kitchen; my phone rang, and I ran to attend the call, but I slipped and fell, dislocating my shoulder, and my ankle was also in pain. I couldn't move for about 2 hours as I was in a numb state. Somehow I got up and reached the phone to get medical help. Help ...
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