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Never fit in anywhere

One of our system (can't work out who exactly) feels we have never truly belonged anywhere, regardless of which alter we had been or what world we had tried to be a part of.

In our young years when hearing we didn't belong because we were more autistic but didn't know we had autism.

Thea emerged to join the deaf world thinking a sense of belonging would be found there it was initially but we ...
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Caught in the Lie

Reality is something formed from perception. I'm lost in the web. Am I okay? Am I not? I ask the slit licker and he says I'm sane. Over and over. It's his official opinion. What a laugh. Because I'm not. I keep concocting these lies from my head. One because of porn addiction. One because I'm bored. One because I want more money....and one because I'm one with the hoard. I don't know. rhyme rhyme ...
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I need advice from my fellow Sociopaths.

I'll try to make it short to not bore you, but this is the thing:

I've been "dating" a girl from around a year now, met her online and she casually was coming to my country, so I met her in order to ###$ her and add another country to my list, little I knew where I was getting in.

It was too good, she literally payed for everything, even allowed me to stay at ...

Mom's driving making littles anxious

So I am supposed to go to my mom's tommorow. Last time she picked me up she fell asleep driving and the littles are scared. So far in response to it they have thought. Please dont hurt me and I love Pikachu's. Not sure who it is. Not sure why they are thinking about Pikachu's when I get nervous about it. I really hate to put them through it but what do I do? Never ...
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I have burning questions that require extinguishing

Dear PsychForumers,
I've been having a lot of trouble and, I know this is not a place for a diagnosis ... but I'd like to at least narrow down what my problem may be. In the interest of time, here's an itemized list detailing in chronological order my history of issues.

I began experiencing symptoms of OCD at a very young age - one incident involved me having an intrusive thought about breaking something expensive ...

*TW* Part wants to die.

How does one console and comfort a part who wants to die, but does not want to kill the body. She's upset about an outside situation which has triggered her, and has determined that she does not want to exist anymore. None of us know how to help her. She's not thinking logically, she can only focus on her negative emotions. I (we) feel physically ill. No one inside or out knows what to do. ...
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fed up of work and everything

im so depressed at the moment, all ive been doing is lying in bed all day and im meant to be going away tomorrow but I dont want to see anyone or talk to anyone, or carry on.
I got emails from work - I have adjustments for having bipolar disorder ( dont work nights) and for arthritis, and they are basically accusing me of making up the fact I have adjustments and saying they ...
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I was diagnossed with bipolar 11 with schyitzo tendencies. I see my therapist once a week,and my med Dr once a month I when I started out on meds I went h a whole slough of meds,you name it I was on it.eAfter many failed medications I seemed to be responding well to seroquel. But the side affects were extreme I gained 50 LBS and just slept and ate around the clock. And was then ...
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Outside leaking into inside / How to help inner parts

This is a quote from another thread, written by Pixie (under nickname Zor in here). Everyone is welcome to comment on the subject, and I'd really appreciate insider's views. Simply because they know stuff I can't know, since I'm a part who stays outside. But if you're a main front with same kind of questions, that'd totally be cool too. We can try to guess together.

Our lives have been almost entirely internal, most of ...

Compensatory Narcissistic Personality Disorder questions

i'm new here and hope this post is OK with the rules.
i just learned about this CNPD from: http://www.ptypes.com/compensatory-narpd.html
it a very interesting read and makes a lot of sense and sounds a bit like the covert narcissism, i've heard about.

even though it's not an official diagnostic entity, it appears to fit very well my whole life story, even including my childhood:
Overprotective, insecure, socially ambitious mother; ...


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