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TOCD or Autogynephilia?

Hey all,

I guess I had OCD most of my life, but like many others, my OCD really manifested when I was about 18. It started with somatic obsessions about urination, to obsessions about intelligence, then diabetes and kidney failure, then homosexuality, and now these autogynephilia/trans fears.

I saw a therapist for this, she was a licensed psychologist, and she diagnosed me with OCD. I told her about all of my obsessions, but I do ...
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Help From Rock Bottom

How do I get help? I think I am avoidant, possibly with ppd misdiagnosed as borderline. Of course group therapy (DBT) ended up making me worse and compounding my issues. I dropped out, and still use some of the skills I've learned to help cope with the hallucinations, extreme paranoia and all else but the experience of opening myself up to these people and having it go wrong has been horribly crushing. I can't be ...
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** TW ** Indirect affects of intimacy with host on a little

Writing this because… I need to, it might help others, and possibly advice. I know this can be a common concern/issue, so I thought I’d share as this develops.

** TW ** Indirect affects of intimacy with host on a little.

First, this is not a pedo post. :!:

Sunflower has begun thinking intimate time with me might be a positive thing. ...

Always hurting people's hearts in relationships

I think I can never break this cycle.

As stated in other threads, I have rage problems, but in relationships/affairs I am the opposite.

I always make people fall in love with me, and always break their hearts. I get enchanted by the person, say romantic things, sing them songs, and the sh*t is done.

When I get the person to fall in love with me, I start to think "this is not my true ...
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Extreme Disappointments?

I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for here, but I guess I'm looking for some perspective from anyone who might be able to offer some? ^^; Maybe if anyone has had any similar experiences.

Firstly, I've posted here before but I'm making a new thread for something specific and new. I'm also not certain what I have, although it has been suspected I could be borderline, possibly bipolar, possibly autistic... and I have never ...
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Should I give my ex another chance?

Basically we were together for 2 years. She is in her mid 20's & I am in my late 30's. She broke up with me over 20 times. I believe she may have been slightly narcissistic. She could be very clingy & in the begining verbally abusive although this did stop. She broke up with me a month ago saying that she didnt love me. She said that sje loved me but not in a ...
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How Does your Condition/Disorder Affect Your Work

I asked jomp these questions awhile ago because I was curious how he's able to maintain a career with his 'condition'.

Reaper wrote:
justonemoreperson wrote:I've lived most of my life taking stuff now instead of thinking of the future and it's not as great as it sounds. Consequences last a lot longer than what you did; I'm still experiencing the consequences of stuff I did decades ago.

What stuff did you do decades ago that you're still experiencing ...

Do you attract narcissist ?

Hey all

I'm curious about some pattern i have to deal with
What your ratio of npd in your life ?
My ex was npd or bpd, my friend and roommate was a selfish whinny egocentric guy and one of my friend right now act like one too.
I know i usually attract people but the narcissist one seem to stick easier around me.
They are easy to deal with (unless in a fight, where ...
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The Agonizing Nightmare of Drug-Induced Akathisia

When I tell doctors I have drug-induced akathisia, and that it's incredibly painful, they do not believe me. They say my pain is a mental health issue, and they have all methodically undermined my credibility in my permanent record. https://www.madinamerica.com/2018/11/drug-induced-akathisia/

Has anyone ever heard a mental health "professional" even use the word Akathisia in groups or an office visit ? I never have.
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