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need help please!

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need help please!

Postby bunny23 » Wed Aug 03, 2011 3:59 pm

Hi Everyone,

I just had a sleep study last week after dealing with sleep paralysis, sleep attacks, sleep during school, activities etc for the last 15 years. I'm now 30. Like everyone here I was labelled as lazy or depressed.
I had an episode where I was banging my face against the wall in my sleep, and that finally had my call my doctor.

The sleep study went fine, I was doing things in my sleep, such as pretending to smoke, throwing a book around etc. The naps went fine also, I slept through all 5, and had a hard time staying up in between.

Here is where I need help- I don't go back to the doctor for another 2 weeks to get my diagnosis and things are getting worse. I can no longer drive, I carpool (probably good idea!), I can't concentrate at work at all, I just want to sleep, when I get home I end up falling asleep during any activity- I walk around with an alarm just in case, in the mornings I can't get u. I set 11 alarms- not even that helps! I know I am doing things at night - I find things all over the house that have been moved etc.

My question- could this be getting worse? Why? How do I deal (any tips) until I see the doctor?
I feel like have gained 15lbs since this started getting really bad, I sometimes don't have time to shower/wash hair.. put on make up.. and I am LATE for everything. I even missed my 3 year wedding anniversary because I slept!
Tips? Thoughts??
I am surprised I was not given any medication to start on.. the sleep doctor said I have every single N symptom- is that typical?
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Re: need help please!

Postby Chucky » Wed Aug 03, 2011 8:49 pm


Can I suggest that you call the doctor and erquest an earlier appointment. If they say 'no', then inform them that it is quite urgent as the problem is severely interferiing with your life. If they still cannot accomodate you sooner, then ask to be referred to another doctor or counsellor in the mean time.

You could also arrange to go to a group meeting (if you can find one in your area). You have to get into the feeling of doing something productive with your problem.

Take care
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