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Sounds like Narcolepsy, But...(Question)

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Sounds like Narcolepsy, But...(Question)

Postby Orderly Disorder » Wed Feb 27, 2013 6:24 am

I have a question about Narcolepsy and wanted to hear from some people who have it or have experience with it.

I'm wondering if the "sleep attacks" have to be happening regularly (like say at least 1 a day for the rest of your life) or if you can have long periods without them.

Long periods in this case would be at least two years.

Here's the full story if anyone's interested. It might help clear up what I'm asking if there's confusion.

Since my senior year in High School, I've been almost always tired. I can go to sleep at any time of day or night and sleep for at least 4 hours as a nap, though even 5 minutes is very restful. At night I sleep for 12-14 hours a night and cannot function on less than 10 hours unless I pump myself full of coffee. If no one wakes me up and there's no alarms, I'll easily sleep for 16-20 hours straight. I have had some cataplexy, but only a few times and only when laughing really hard, which up until reading through the DSM I thought was normal. I also experience hallucinations when going to sleep and coming out of sleep, but am not otherwise psychotic. There is also no paralysis with the hallucinations. I am not doing drugs and have been on some medications but not anything with hallucinations or extreme drowsiness as a side effect. I am also not depressed.

So far, I meet all but one of the criteria in the DSM (The criteria being either cataplexy or hallucinations, or both, plus the lack of drugs/conditions)

So here's the problem:

In high school, I had what were determined as "fainting spells", but they eventually stopped on their own. Now I think they may have been sleep attacks since I was typically out for a while unless someone woke me up. But I no longer have them, so if to be narcoleptic I have to be having them regularly I guess that rules that one out.

However, I do still fall asleep if I sit still long enough, whether I want to or not. And I do get "irresistably tired" meaning that I have to go sleep or I feel dizzy and unhappy and like I'm dying.

So yeah, that was a really long explanation and if you read all of it you're quite awesome.

If you have any questions about clarifying what I said, please ask.

Otherwise, any help would be appreciated, and I'm trying to see a sleep doctor sometime soonish, but I don't know when.
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