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The BPD forum is going downhill so here I am...

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Re: The BPD forum is going downhill so here I am...

Postby AProphet » Mon Mar 09, 2020 11:56 am

justonemoreperson wrote:"Trusting the universe" is a phrase people use when they can't find a solution themselves and give up to blind faith. It's the metaphysical version of burying your head in the sand and hoping everything works out in the morning.

And ofcourse it does. :)
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Re: The BPD forum is going downhill so here I am...

Postby HSS » Mon Mar 09, 2020 4:23 pm


sorry, my post wasn't clear. What I meant it's that self-understanding is hopefully interesting for everyone on this forum, considered that we are on a psychological forum; maybe it's not totally true, but I hope it's that way for the majority of people here.


justonemoreperson wrote:i think this is being overly complicated. I don't see that happiness causes sadness, neither does sadness cause happiness. It's not a cause and effect relationship.

I wasn't clear with you too. I was answering to your observation that we enjoy much more things we have fought for. It's true, but it's the observation of a cause and effect relationship:

Winning effort → satisfaction.

Satisfaction is a particular feeling, with a particular cause; however, our usual “happiness” is always an effect with its starting cause:

- “I am proud of myself” → happiness
- “I believe that God exists and loves me” → happiness
- “I am doing something new and I am excited” → happiness
- “I am alive” → happiness

All these examples are caused by something (positive thoughts). They last until their cause lasts: if your Faith stops, your happiness stops; if your excitement for something new stops, your happiness stops.

Unconditioned happiness has no cause. It's an identity. You are happy, at the same way as you are you. You don't stop to be you. You don't stop to be happy.

It'd just that if we maintain a feeling for any length of time, good or bad, we become numb to it and need something to change.

When we become numb, we don't perceive that particular feeling, and our excitement or pleasure stop with it. Unconditioned happiness doesn't stop.

Think it this way: you are flying. You see a wonderful landscape, then a war, and finally a desert. The wonderful landscape is the happiness; the war is the pain; the desert is the boredom. Unconditioned happiness is the fact that you are flying.

You are experiencing unconditioned happiness while you are numb. It's independent.
A Buddhist would perhaps say: “why do you think that you can't be happy, simply because you are feeling numb? You are limiting your happiness with a condition: “I will be happy, just when I am excited or surprised, when I feel”.

Numbness doesn't touch your unconditional happiness, at the same way that boredom doesn't change the fact that you are you.

That written, and as I wrote to AProphet, I think that the methods to successfully improve our self-understanding are different for everyone. I wrote about Taoism for an attempt to clarify, but we don't need to discuss about it :D I guess that you prefer more concrete subjects. Also, I am doubtful about the way you conceive and perceive your identity, and about your same identity, and this comes before, I guess.
“Humor is reason gone mad."

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
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