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Magical thinking

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Magical thinking

Postby SelfSerf » Fri Nov 22, 2019 10:42 pm

Do you engage in it and to what extent?

Maybe it’s a manifestation of OCD or just weird beliefs/jinxes, anything goes. Even paranormal theories if it comes to that.

Like, as a child I used to count my steps while out walking. It was kind of something to ruminate on. It did not involve any beliefs about the steps necessarily but I felt compelled to count to 5 on certain kinds of pavement, then start from 0 on a different path. Things have escalated from that quite a bit.

To the dismay of Akuma here :lol: I engage in a variety of frequency programming stuff, i.e listen to energy centred meditations every night and hypnosis from time to time.

Until I discovered this...which freaked me the ###$ out. Will refrain from describing exactly what I felt while using this video, as I’ve engaged in many a long rant about my supernatural experiences in prior threads. I do urge any you to give this a try though.

“Should I kill myself, or have a cup of coffee?”
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Re: Magical thinking

Postby AProphet » Sat Nov 23, 2019 2:14 am

Nice synchronicity selfserf. Ill just add that Ive been temporarily cured from NPD (true self revived at full capacity and in control) by my twin flame (same soul in two different bodies) being in love with me.
I felt her fall in love telepathicaly and that gave me narcissistic injury and a psychotic epsiode.
Im cured as long as she loves me. She doesnt know Im cured yet and I got fired.
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Re: Magical thinking

Postby covertunsure » Sun Nov 24, 2019 11:55 pm

I engage in magical thinking constantly. I have OCD, I believe, never formally diagnosed because it doesn't fit the classic hand-washing or checking (although I do get the latter to some degree), but is more pure-obsessional (pure-O) OCD.

For instance, if I'm an airplane, I'll have a positive, optimistic, yet intrusive thought like "we won't have turbulence." I then have to neutralize that thought by thinking "we might have turbulence," which leads to me obsessively focusing on and looking for any signs of turbulence. I feel like there is a true connection between thought and the real world (thought-action fusion).

It also ties heavily into my narcissism. For instance, I'll have the thought, "I'm gorgeous," which makes me mentally cringe and feel the need to immediately resist and counter that thought with "no I'm not"." Because if I think I'm gorgeous, I'll walk around with overconfidence (grandiosity) and inevitably be shot down by the real world and my actual attractiveness level (vulnerable narcissism).

Magical thinking also occurs for me in perhaps non-strictly-OCD related ways and more narcissistic/borderline. For instance, I'll split into two fragmented "personalities" of sorts, where in one split I'm perfect, everyone finds me attractive, no one will reject me, etc. And in the other split, I'm disgusting, repulsive, no one wants me, etc. The magical thinking is that each split actually creates its own, independent reality, if that makes any sense.

Very strange and very disturbing. Torture actually.
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