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I think I'm a narcissist

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I think I'm a narcissist

Postby Magicman4321 » Sat Mar 16, 2019 1:06 am

I've cheated in nearly every relationship I've been in.
I've cheated on my wife recently and got caught out. Now I'm seeing a counsellor and it seems as though I try to blame everyone else but myself. Like I talk about how things have been for me and how much I'm struggling to cope with everything instead of talking about the reason I'm there.... Because I can't control myself and Ive destroyed my wife's mental health and confidence but its like I didnt talk about that in counselling today. I just told her that It bothered me that my wife stays in bed a lot of the time while I have to look after the kids. She's in that state because of me though!
Is this the narcissist in me trying to make me out to be the victim?
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